Jan 19/15: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record:Concussion Policy, FSA Opt Out, More


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We need to believe that parents know what they are doing when they send in the FSA opt out form, and that if they want more information they will call the school. To believe and to act otherwise is condescending. Continue reading

June 2/14: Ed Policy: The Record Off The Record: Culture and Community, French Immersion, Achievement Contract


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Notice of Motions for Board meeting June 16: a) Alpha: That the board direct senior administration to consult with school communities to explore the possibility of an elementary school site that could be designated wifi free so the rents requesting accommodation for tier children will have a public school option that meets their needs. b) Alpha: That the Board provide a written rationale of the Board’s decision regarding designating an elementary school site as wifi free to the parents requesting accommodation for their children after the board has made that decision. Continue reading

April 23/14: The Record Off The Record: Special Budget Meeting / Final SD61 Budget Vote


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Following the budget vote is a vote on the official Budget Bylaw so the budget can be sent to the Ministry of Education. I voted against all three Bylaw readings in one meeting, which needs unanimous agreement, so the final vote went to an email “poll vote”. I voted no in that final vote. I do not agree with closing a school this year, or with the cuts required since 2001 (which included closing many other schools). The cuts are direct results of underfunding and offloading of costs to School Districts by the Province. Continue reading

October 21/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: 3.5% For CUPE, 10% For Trustees?


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The growing emphasis on “school choice” is marketization of public education, creating a retail model that encourages and demands competition amongst schools just as any retail operation competes for customers. Continue reading