Parent Advisory Councils and Community Update #1, February 13, 2012

Hello PAC Presidents in the Esquimalt Group Schools ~ L’Ecole Secondaire Esquimalt High School, Rockheights Middle School, L’École Shoreline Community Middle School, Craigflower Elementary School, École Macaulay Elementary School, Victoria West Elementary School,View Royal Elementary School

School Board meetings coming up:

Tonight, February 13, 7:30 pm: Operations Planning and Policy (OPPS), Board Room Tolmie Building: 9 motions for discussion; public participation on welcome and invited. Agenda:

Monday February 20, 7:30 pm : Board meeting, Board Room, Tolmie Building. Motions discussed at the standing committees and passed in votes there will be voted on here, and if not passed at the standing committee meting (Ed Policy or OPPS, a trustee can still bring the motion to the agenda for debate and vote). Board meetings are quite formal. Ed Policy and OPPS are where public participation is invited and the discussion is more freewheeling. Agendas and minutes:

March 5: Education Policy. These meetings are held at a different school each time. Public participation is excellent – please come if you can, and add your thoughts to the discussion of motions and ideas. Agendas and minutes: Last meeting minutes, January 9:

Trustees across BC are all considering the upcoming budget reviews and motions that will come for votes in April. You might find The Budget Begins With You, a Cowichan District group, interesting if you are on Facebook. Staffroom Confidentialis an interesting blog written from the employee perspective, by Tara Ehrcke, president of the GVTA teachers’ union local.

I attended the BCSTA / BCPSEA New Trustee Academy in Richmond from February 9 – 11. It was an informative two days plus evening plenary. The agenda and presentation titles are on the BCSTA website. Updates on negotiation for a new collective agreement with the BCTF were provided.

This was an excellent extension of learning after the first BCSTA Academy I attended in December, and the BCPSEA AGM January 20.

I’m the board liaison for Success By Six and attended a SBS meeting along with District Principal Janine Roy on January 23 in Colwood.

Other events I’ve attended (informal meetings with District senior administration not listed)

December: Vic West Winter Concert, Landowner Winter Concert
January 7: SD61 New Trustee Orientation Meeting
January 9: Education Policy / Operations Policy and Planning meeting (combined)
January 14: SD61 New Trustee Orientation meeting part 2
January 16: Board meeting
January 17: Initial Success By Six liaison meeting
January 24: VCPAC General Meeting
January 25: Meeting with some of Rockheights teachers and EAs; Shoreline PAC
February 1: SD61 Public Budget Round Table meeting
February 3: Craigflower parent social
February 6: Education Policy, Oak Bay East
February 7: Craigflower School Community meeting re Craigflower Bridge 

Some of the PAC meetings are scheduled on the same nights as Education Policy (1st Monday of the month), Operations Planning and Policy (2nd Monday), or the regular Board meeting (3d Monday). I hope to connect with parents at those schools at a school event soon.

I’m planning to attend :
February 23: Music By the DockYard at Esquimalt High
March 7: Esquimalt PAC
March 8: Macaulay PAC
March 9: Craigflower parent social and PAC

I look forward to meeting you soon. Next updates will be shorter!


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