The Record, Off the Record: #1 Board Meeting April 16, 2012

This category, “The Record, Off the Record”,  provides  an unofficial record of Board votes that take place in public meetings of the two standing committees, Education Policy and Operations, Planning and Policy, as well as Board meetings. Most motions are brought to one of the standing committees first, and then taken to the Board meeting for approval if passed, or may be brought to the Board again, even if the motion fails in a standing committee vote. (That was the case with my motion to record all votes – it failed at subcommittee, but passed unanimously at the Board meeting). Those two meetings are more open in  format than the Board meeting, in terms of interaction with the public.

Of course, I am forbidden to report on anything that takes place in a secret “in camera“meeting. Some institutions, in the interest of transparency,  move items from the public meeting agenda where the topic is  stated in general terms, to an in camera meeting by a motion of the whole Board. SD61 has  in camera meetings set by the Chair before most open meetings.In camera items are generally limited to issues of land, legal, and personnel. SD61 policy stated in  Bylaw (9360.1) states these matters as “legal, property, personnel and privacy matters as defined by provincial legislation“. If I hadn’t already written a Master’s thesis I could probably get one out of exploring the current implications of and issues relating to  that statement.

But then I’d probably need to do a law degree. Hmmm. I did get accepted at that school in the NE US…

You can find the agendas on the SD61 website. Minutes aren’t put up on the SD61 page until they are approved at the next Board meeting. Thus, this account is  “Off the Record”.

(Motions had the name of the mover and seconder attached until c 2007. then that just stopped. No idea why. Didn’t  find any motion to that effect  as I read old hard copies of minutes pre-2008.)

Board Meeting April 16, 2012:

Recommended from Ed Policy: That the Board of Education School district 61 (Greater Victoria) adopts [sic] the revised Policy 6141.1, Board Authority Authorized courses.
Carried unanimously.

Recommended from OPPS: That the following Professional Development dates for the 2012-2013 School Year be approved: 1. Monday September 17, 2012   2. Friday, October 19, 2012 (Province Wide)  3. Friday, November 23, 2012   4. Friday, February 15, 2013   5. Friday, May 17, 2013   6. To Be Chosen By Each School    and further, the VPVPA, Exempt Staff, ASA, CUPE 947, CUPE 382 and VCPAC agreed that the dates for the Two-Week Spring Break be approved as March 11th to March 22nd, 2013.
Carried unanimously.

Under Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: Recommended motion: That the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) apply the $349,541 projected surplus to class size and composition. This motion was amended as I recall by Trustee Horsman, who specified amounts to be used for additional psychologist time to assist with the significant backlog in assessments for students who have been wait-listed, amounts for speech and language pathologist service, and additional EAs. Trustee Alpha had a similar motion on the agenda, which was rendered moot by Trustee Horsman’s amendment to Trustee Leonard’s motion (as were Trustee Horsman’s three motions that originally followed Trustee Alpha’s motion o the agenda. Trustee Horsman moved her three motions in effect ahead of Trustee Alpha’s by stating them as an amendment to Trustee Leonard’s motion  as I recall. (Trustee Alpha’s motion that did not get moved: That the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) use the $350,000 surplus to support classroom needs in September and October 2012, as follows: $100,000 for psychologist time to provide psycho-educational assessments for students in Grades K-3, and $250,000 for additional educational assistants, speech and language pathologists, and teachers of the hearing impaired.)
The motion was carried as amended, after discussion. You will have to wait for the published minutes for the exact motion. I’ll take better notes from here on! And let’s talk about how there can be a “surplus” while carrying an $8.5 million structural deficit.)

2012/2013 Annual Budget Bylaw: Upon completion of the budget deliberations, in order to pass the Annual Budget Bylaw at one reading, the Board must unanimously agree to give the Bylaw all three readings at one sitting. It is therefore recommended: That the 2012/2013 Annual Budget Bylaw be given all three readings at the Board meeting on April 16, 2012. (Motion to be carried unanimously).
The motion failed as I cast a negative vote, in order to allow my motion further along in the agenda to be considered: that the Board submit only a restoration / needs budget. (Update: The Cowichan Board has passed two of three readings to do exactly this. The  third and final reading and vote will take place on  May 16.) Because the vote was not unanimous, the third vote would  be taken as an email “poll vote”. The third vote was put out in email that same night and passed with a majority.

Budget motion: That the Board of School District no. 61 (Greater Victoria) 2012 / 2013 Annual Budget Bylaw in the amount of $194,366,227 be: Read a first time the 16 day of April, 2012; Read a second time time the 16 day of April, 2012.
(The remainder of the motion came into effect when the third vote passed by email poll vote: And that the Secretary-Treasurer be directed to place the 2012-2013 annual budget in the format prescribed by the Ministry of Education and to submit all forms required.)

Needs Budget Proposal- Moved Trustee McNally: That the Board of Education of School District 61 (Greater Victoria) submit only a needs budget reflecting remedies for the ongoing structural deficit, and reflecting the costs for restoration of all service levels to the levels of service that existed in 2001.
Defeated: In favour: McNally, Alpha, Nohr, Loring-Kuhanga
Against: Ferris, Leonard, Horsman, McEvoy, Orcherton

Letter to the Minister of Education – Moved Trustee Nohr: That the Board of Education of School District 61 (Greater Victoria) write a letter to the Minister of Education calling on the Government to repeal Bill 22, and instead, have an independent mediator appointed through the Labour Relations Board.
Defeated: In favour: Nohr, McNally, Loring-Kuhanga, Alpha.
Against: Ferris, Leonard, Horsman, McEvoy, Orcherton.

Motion to adjourn: Trustee Ferris.Carried unanimously.

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