SD61 Greater Victoria WiFi Information Links Updated

More about WiFi in School District 61, Greater Victoria: K-5 WiFi has been a polarizing issue. A couple of points: 

  • A “face palm” is not generally accepted as an argument in physics.
Cute, but no points.

Cute, but no points.

  • “Because our kids need it” is not a conclusive argument.

At the November 19, 2012 Board meeting, the following motion carried:

That the Board [etc] direct the Superintendent to ensure that no new routers be placed in any school until such time as the board has changed its present direction.For: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, Nohr, Orcherton Against: Loring-Kuhanga, McNally  [This motion does not address the unauthorized routers / hotspots that have not been installed by the District but that have brought in individually at 11 sites by school district employees. All secondary and middle schools are WiFi’d.]

  • No new routers.
  • Any school.

Despite this motion, Orcherton brought a motion to wifi Victor School which carried at the March 4 combined Education Policy / Operations Policy and Planning meeting.

Orcherton: That the Board [etc] allow WiFi to be installed (or used) at Victor Street School, since it is a unique school within the district, as per the request of the PAC, parents and professionals that work with the children at the school. For: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, Leonard , Nohr, Orcherton Against: McNally   Abstain: Loring-Kuhanga

This motion will come to the March 25 Board meeting as a “recommended motion” from a Standing Committee.

A concerned grandparent  has recently checked the links that were  posted on the SD61 website on the Committee on WiFi page after the final Committee meeting in October 2012 and has found many duplicates and dead or broken links. Those are listed here, with an updated live link list following.

1.The Paw Paw Program – dead link
2. Smart Meters Site
3. – dead link
4. –was redirected to RF meter products
7.  –dead link
8. link
10. duplicate
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19. duplicate
20. 21.link – dead link
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Updated links:

Health Canada

BioInitiative Report : The Bio Initiative has reviewed over 4000 studies (2007 & 2012) and summarizes for the public their findings

WHO : World Health Organization

AAEM : American Academy of Environmental Medicine

International Doctors´ Appeal 2012

Martha R. Herbert, PhD, MD, Harvard Medical School: Wireless vs Wired  in Classooms

Safe Schools Report 2012: Medical and Scientific Experts Call for Safe Technologies in Schools

Journal of Integrative Neuroscience:  WiFi Alters Brain Activity in Young Adults

National Technical University of Athens Study 2011: Working Memory

Citizens For Safe Technology: Gender-related Effects

Parliamentary Assembly of Europe- Potential dangers of EMF and Effects on Environment

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities (Margaret E. Sears (M.Eng., Ph.D.)

European Environmental Agency: Radiation Risk From Everyday Devices Assessed

The Independent : EU watchdog calls for urgent action on Wi-Fi radiation

Dr. Christine Aschermann / Dr. Barbara Dohmen Wi-Fi Adversely Affects Our Health (trans. K. Gustavs)

ICNIRP : International Commission on Non-Iodizing Radiation Protection

EHS: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (group page)

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP)

Cell Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions: Prof. Girish Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology,  Bombay (Powai, Mumbai)

Olle Johansson, Assoc. Professor Karolinska Institute, Sweden to Dr, Perry Kendall (two letters)

Dr. David O. Carpenter: Growing Concern the Wi-Fi Radiation Impact on Children (DefenderPad site)

Safe In School January 2013: Biologic Effects of WiFi and Cellphone Radiation

US National Library of Medicine

Journal of Heredity: Effects of 2.45 GHz microwaves on meiotic chromosomes of male CBA/CAY mice

Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry Journal: Effects of microwave at 2.45 GHz radiations on reproductive system of male [Wistar] rats

International Journal of Current Research: Effects of exposure to 2.45 GHZ microwave radiation on male [Sprague-Dawley] rat reproductive system

Avendano, Mata,  Sarmiento, Doncel (Argentina / Virginia):   Wi-Fi Decreases [human] sperm motility & increases sperm DNA fragmentation

Fertility and Sterility (American Society for Reproductive Medicine, September 2010): Laptop expositions affect motility and induce DNA fragmentation in human spermatozoa in vitro by a non-thermal effect: a preliminary report.

Fertility and Sterility: Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation (see Avendano et al, above)

Rainbow Consulting

Ontario Catholic Teachers: A position regarding the use of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation, including WiFi, in the workplace

  Electromagnetic Health Org. (citizen group)

Workers Compensation Act, BC: Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

University of Washington Department of Bioengineering : Henry Lai, PhD (last updated 2006)

CTV News: Wi-Fi danger in schools overblown: CTV investigation

Safe In School: CTV Disguised Infomercial as Investigative Report

CBC News – Cellphone brain cancer link still open question

CBC News- Cellphone use may be linked to cancer: scientists

Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski’s Blog “Betwen a Rock and a Hard Place” : Implications of IARC Classification

The Times of Israel: Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman: Stop Wifi in Schools

Letter to Dr. Perry Kendall from Director of the UK EM Radiation Research Trust

Letter to Dr. Perry Kendall sent by S. Foster MSW, Advisor, Radiation Research Trust (U.S.)

Toronto Sun: Physician group [The American Academy of Environmental Medicine] adds weight to warnings of Wi-Fi in schools

Toronto Women’s College Hospital :The effects of invisible waves

World News Independent Media Source: City in Normandy Removes Wifi From Schools

The Scotsman:  ‘Wi-fi in schools may give children cancer’

Sebastopol Wireless disruption

Daily Mail (UK) Online: Suspend wi-fi in schools, says union chief following reports it causes ill-health

Los Angles Times: Who really benefits from putting high-tech gadgets in classrooms?

New York Times:Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

New York Times: Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime

Suite 101 Mobile Technology: Teens Addicted to Cell Phones: A Growing Epidemic

New York Times: Pogue’s Posts: A Parent’s Struggle With a Child’s iPad Addiction

New York Times: Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain

New York Times: The Risks of Parenting While Plugged In

New York Times: Attached to Technology and Paying a Price

New York Times: An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness

New York Times: More Americans Sense a Downside to an Always Plugged-In Existence

BCCPAC: The British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (2012) (via Safe In School)

Citizens for Safe Technology

Safe in School

Skeptic: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? [Says “no”.]

Citizens for Safe Technology: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: Smart Meters and Electromagnetic Radiation

Magda Havas, PhD: Wi-Fi health hazard for students

Heart MD Institute:  Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Olle Johansson,PhD

Olle Johansson, PhD:  Announcing Seletun Scientific Statement

WiFi In Schools Proven Dangerous: Carol Jarvis

Citizens For Safe Technology: Wi Fi Technology Explained in a Simple Manner

Resonance: Beings of Frequency: a documentary which reveals the harm we are doing by existing in an ocean of man made wireless frequencies.

Burgerwelle News: Wifi Health Hazard For Students

IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer / WHO World Health Organization: Possible 2B carcinogen

IARC Announcement

Electromagnetic Fields and Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier: Dr. Leif Salford, neurosurgeon

WIFI In Schools: The Facts (Australia) [Typo alert; dramatic music alert]

International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety: Cell Phones: Just Like Cigarettes?

Safe School (video selection)

Electromagnetic Health Org: Audio Archives

Safe Living Technologies: RF Meters

ERAC (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers




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