October 21/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: 3.5% For CUPE, 10% For Trustees?

In Camera meeting before the public meeting: 6:30 – 7:30.

Board Meeting October 21, 2013

Bylaw 9368: Procedure of Board Meetings: “100.00 In all meetings of the Board of Trustees, procedures shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, except where provisions of the bylaws of the Board or the Schools Act may conflict, in which case the latter shall prevail.”

A. Commencement of Meeting: Chair: Orcherton
Absent: McEvoy

Recognition of Songhees and Esquimalt  Nations’ traditional territories.

A.1. Approval of the Agenda: Approved, with addition of Trustee Reports at A.7 and E, and referral of motion “Trustee Remuneration” (Ferris) to the November Board meeting, by Ferris.

A.2. Approval of the Minutes
a) Minutes of September 16, 2013: Approved .

A.3. Business Arising From the Minutes: Loring-Kuhanga questioned the statement at D.2 in the September 16 minutes “questions of clarification being answered’ regarding the June 2013 Audited Statement of Financial Information (the 2012 Statement is posted on the Ministry of Education website; the most recent Statement will not be posted until December) and provided a list of questions and dollar amounts that Loring-Kuhanga determined need more time to be asked and addressed in public:
1. Travel Expenses of Staff $78,355.73)
2. Community Associations and the VNFC ($1,535,328.33)
3. Legal Fees ($358,202.07)
4. Worksafe BC ($726,225.68)
5. Transportation Costs ($1,442,455.74)
6. BC Ferry Service ($73, 642.77)
7.Chevron Canada ($241,132.54)
8. Food Costs in the District ($1,441,057.52)
9. Monk Office Supply ($583,215.89)

  • Orcherton: These questions should go to the next OPPS meeting.
  • Leonard [OPPS Chair] : They will be on the next OPPS agenda if the Chair refers them.
  • Orcherton: Referred Loring-Kuhanga’s questions to the next OPPS meeting.

A.4 Student Achievement: A decision was made via majority vote of the Board to discontinue recording of students who present at Board meetings, although those students are at a public meeting. Photos of students and on occasion their first names along with their school appear on the District Board Highlights page. Recording begins when student presentations have finished.

a) Truth and Reconciliation: Nearly 5,000 students took part in the BC National Event Education Day during the Vancouver event that ran from September 18-21. Students from SD61 secondary schools who attended related what they had learned about Residential Schools and the destructive legacy of residential schools that persists  today.

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