October 21/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: 3.5% For CUPE, 10% For Trustees?

A.5. District Presentations:

a) Cultural Heritage and Diversity Award Recipient: Nella Nelson, District Coordinator, Aboriginal Nations Education Division

It was a wonderful surprise to this Trustee to see this recognition on the Board agenda. Nella Nelson has worked for over 34 years in SD 61 and has raised the profile of Aboriginal Nations content in education in SD61,  undoubtedly contributing  to the rising Aboriginal graduation rate in SD61. During my 22 years of teaching in SD61 I received significant encouragement and support from Nella in becoming more informed, in integrating more Aboriginal content in my teaching, and as Aboriginal Education  contact person at Frank Hobbs School.  In this March 2012 video Nella  talks about her work at Camosun College, and her work with community partners.

Nella received  the Representative for Children and Youth’s Award of Excellence in Cultural Heritage and Diversity from Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond: “Nella is a passionate and compassionate leader working on behalf of Aboriginal children and youth in the Greater Victoria School District, building culture, caring and community.”

A.6. Community Presentations: None
A.7. Trustees’ Reports:
School Groups’ Trustee Liaisons  (assigned by Chair annually for Secondary Schools, and associated middle and K-5 schools)

  • Esquimalt: Leonard / McNally:
  • Mt Doug: Nohr
  • Oak Bay: McEvoy
  • Vic High: Ferris
  • Reynolds: Horsman
  • Lambrick: Orcherton
  • Spectrum: Alpha / Loring-Kuhanga

McNally: Attended the South Island Gifted Children’s Association of BC mini conference at James Bay Community School On October 5. “The South Island GCABC is delighted to be presenting our first mini-conference for parents, educators, and other supporters of children with exceptional learning needs. The focus was on education for children designated “gifted / learning disabled“, parental advocacy in schools, and parenting. “…Speakers will discuss gifted, LD, anxiety, and other special needs issues. Keynote speaker Monique Gray-Smith, author of the recent novel Tilly, will read excerpts from her work and discuss education and fostering resilience for First Nations children. ” Attendees had an opportunity to participate in an Odyssey of the Mind activity, highly recommended if you ever get the chance! Rachel, Catherine and Diane worked on the Battery Booster activity, which involved spatial analysis, team dynamics and cooperation, and general process of creative problem solving in order to construct a structure that woudl hold as many batteries as possible and be as tall as possible. Each table was given batteries, tape, and pre-cut paper. Awesome factor high for Team RCD:

Battery Booster Team RCD

Battery Booster Team RCD

Loring-Kuhanga: Attended  South Island GCABC mini conference; notable  presentation on anxiety by Dr. Magali Brunot. Attended several school start-up / “welcome back” events in the Spectrum group of schools.

Horsman: Attended Reynolds Cops for Cancer event. Reynolds Secondary  always brings in a high total in fundraising and this year raised $75,518.

Nohr:Intended to make an announcement but based on advice, will postpone comments.

B. Chair’s Report:  Chair Orcherton reported on a variety of activities undertaken as Chair, among them attendance at SD61 Culture and Community Committee (a report will be coming to the Board from this Committee -see page 9 of Student Achievement Report – in the near future),  VCPAC event, a Vancouver Island School Trustees’ Association event (no website), work on BC School Trustees Association business, and notifying Minister of Education Peter Fassbender on behalf of the Board that “Our district is carrying a structural deficit estimated to be $9.8 million for the 2014/2015 school year due to the impact of declining enrolment and the fact that funding increases provided by the Ministry have not kept pace with cost pressures.”

SD61 Board Letter to Minister of Education

SD61 Board Letter to Minister of Education

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