October 21/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: 3.5% For CUPE, 10% For Trustees?

F. New Business / Notice of Motion: Notice of Motion 

F.1 New Business: Ferris: That the Trustee remuneration mechanism that was tabled in January 2012 be automatically re-established after the ratification of the CUPE contract takes place. [Moved to the November Board meeting by the Chair at Ferris’ request.]

[ Backgrounder: From the January 2012 Board Minutes: D.2 c,  January 2012 ” Secretary-Treasurer Ambeault explained the motion that was brought forward and passed at a Board of Education meeting on April 25, 2005. [Trustees in 2005 were Mark Walsh (now SD61 Human Resources manager), John Young, Elaine Leonard, Jim Holland, Tom Ferris, Bev Horsman, Charlie Beresford, Michael McEvoy, Peg Orcherton. Votes were not recorded until my motion to do so carried in 2012, after being defeated at a Standing Committee.]. The motion states that Trustee remuneration would be based on the average of five school districts in British Columbia with comparable student population and that the Secretary Treasurer would automatically review this every three years beginning in 2008.  At F.7 on that agenda: Trustee Remuneration: Horsman That the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) refuse any raise in the basic Trustee remuneration rate for the 2011 -2012 school year. Horsman requested all Trustees to support this motion. Trustee McEvoy gave a brief history on Trustee remuneration and asked all Trustees to support the motion given the current economic environment./ Carried. [Recording votes motion had not carried at that time.]

  • With an employee group (CUPE) struggling to achieve a 3.5% raise over two years after four years of no pay increases, to award ourselves a 10% raise seems wrong. The BC Liberal “cooperative gains mandate” for public sector bargaining means that in order for an employee group to gain something they have to give up something. What would we as Trustees give up? Nothing. One argument that has been made in support of a raise is that not allowing it would affect future Trustees elected in the November 2014 election. All a future Board has to do if this motion is defeated is,  if the majority believed they needed a raise,  to bring a Motion To Rescind.

F.2 School Trustee Election Terms: The Union of BC Municipalities recently passed a motion to move the election cycle for civic elections to 4 years from the current 3. The Board passed a motion stating that the SD61 Board’s opinion in the BCSTA discussion on this topic at the BCSTA Provincial Council (Horsman, representative) is that School board elections need to be on the same schedule as municipal elections. Enthusiasm for four-year terms was not universal.

G. Communications: None.
H. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: 1. Election terms for Trustees (see F.2)    2. WorkSafe BC costs to the Board will be presented at the November 12 OPPS meeting.

I. Adjournment: 9:40 pm

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