Nov 18/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Coastal Kindergarten / The K-5 WiFi Vote

ii. That the Board approve addition of French Immersion at George Jay Elementary, beginning September 2014 with introduction of a kindergarten class. / Carried / Unanimous

  • Alpha: This initiative makes it possible for students to attend their neighbourhood school in a French Immersion program.
  • McNally: Rationale for voting to approve yet another Program of Choice after voting against Coastal Kindergarten, in post “French Immersion: It’s Complicated“. Canada is officially a bilingual country; French Immersion should be available in every school. Establishing this program at George Jay will enhance the neighbourhood attendance, as a significant number of catchment area students travel to Sir James Douglas for the Immersion program there, and this will bring students back to their neighbourhood school.

C.2 Operations Policy and Planning Committee
a) Minutes: November 12, 2013 for information only (p 19-23 of agenda packup). [Official minutes  posted on the SD61 website after this Standing Committee  approves them at its next meeting.]

D. District Leadership Team Reports: 
D.1 Superintendent’s Report: None
D.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report:

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