Nov 18/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Coastal Kindergarten / The K-5 WiFi Vote

E. Reports From Trustee Representatives:

BCPSEA: Ferris: None
BCSTA: Horsman: Reported on disposition of motions from the recent BCSTA Provincial Council.
Budget Advisory: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, Orcherton: None
Culture and Community: Nohr, Orcherton: None
District Gay-Straight Alliance Council: Alpha, Horsman: None
Aboriginal Nations Education Council: Loring-Kuhanga: None
French Immersion Advisory: Ferris: None
Healthy Schools: Nohr: None
Junior Achievement BC Regional Committee: Ferris: None
Joint Job Evaluation (District): Alpha, Ferris: None
Negotiation Advisory Committees (District)
ASA: Leonard: None
CUPE 382: Ferris; None
CUPE 947: Ferris: None
Exempt: Nohr: None
Vice Principals and Principals Association: Nohr: None
Teachers (local issues):
McNally [see p 1 of post] , Orcherton: None
Saanich Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee : Loring-Kuhanga: None
Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee: McNally:

  • Attended Healthy Saanich Committee, and advocated at the Committee and District level for students to be part of the Community Round Table; minutes online.

Saanich Parks, Trails and Recreation: Loring-Kuhanga None
Success By Six: McEvoy, McNally: None (No meetings last school year) [ The active section of this initiative locally seems to be “100×5”, and I haven’t been assigned to that initiative.]
Swan Lake / Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary: Horsman: None
Vancouver Island Labour Relations Association: Ferris: None [apparently no website exists for VILRA]
Victoria Chamber of Commerce: Nohr: None

F. New Business / Notice of Motions:
F.1 New Business: Ferris:

That the Board table discussion of Trustee re mu ner a tion, including the motion referred from the October 21/13 Board meeting  [That the Trustee mechanism that was tabled in January 2012 be automatically re-established after the ratification of the CUPE contract takes place] until after the Municipal / Trustee elections of November 2014. / Carried. For: Alpha, Ferris, Loring-Kuhanga, McEvoy, McNally, Nohr , Orcherton   Against: Horsman, Leonard 

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