Nov 18/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Coastal Kindergarten / The K-5 WiFi Vote

F.2 Ferris:

That the Board continue to monitor documentation from the Vancouver Island Health Authority [“Island Health” since September 2013, in a kinder, gentler “rebranding” exercise], the Provincial Health Officer, Health Canada and the World Health Organization / Carried. For: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McEvoy, Orcherton    Against: McNally [motion not comprehensive enough] , Nohr

  • Ferris: Board has visited this motion before. We don’t have the expertise to make health decisions. Would rather put it in hands of proper authorities.
  • McNally: Motion to amend:

That the Board continue to monitor documentation from the Vancouver Island Health Authority, the Provincial Health Officer, Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and material provided by Citizens for Safe Technology, Dr. Kerry Crofton and the Advisory Board of Doctors for Safer Schools, and Canadians for Safe Technology [CEO Frank Clegg formerly President of Microsoft Canada].  / Defeated. For: Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr   Against: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, McEvoy, Orcherton

  • McNally: Have concerns re conflicts of interest in the WHO, Health Canada after reading research for more than two years at this point.

The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Suffering FromElectromagnetic Hypersensitivity(EHS).  “In the Supreme Court hearing, when the Government was asked what it would do if a child with EHS attended a school, the attorney for the Government answered: “The WiFi will be turned off in the school.”  This order is the result of an extensive brief written by Attorney Dafna Tachover and submitted to the Court on June 13, 2013.  A 65-page brief, supported by 640 pages of appendices, emphasized the problem of EHS and claimed that it is unreasonable to expose children to WiFi when it is proven to cause sickness.  The brief attempted to prove: (1) EHS is an existing illness, caused by electromagnetic fields; (2) the thermal safety standard was proven false as early as 40 years ago; (3) it is unreasonable to rely on the WHO because it is corrupt; (4) the Government’s evaluation on the issue was unprofessional and negligent; and (5) the industry intentionally misled the public.

  • Nohr: In support of amendment. Who would monitor the information and report back?
  • Orcherton: Staff and / or District leadership Team.
  • Ferris: Don’t see the point of adding those m names; could support “review technology” or something like that. Dr. Kerry Crofton could move to South Africa or something and we’d never hear from    him     again.
Kerry Crofton, PhD

Kerry Crofton, PhD


  • [Ferris, con’t] Need to go with recognized authorities. Implications have been made that schools can’t turn off a switch. Children in classrooms understand that you turn the thing off if you’re not using it. [Is WiFi access to be available at specific times only for the whole class / school, and not at others?] Original motion is adequate.
  • McEvoy: The amendment is contrary to the spirit of it. It’s not appropriate that the additional names be in the motion. Original names are recognized health authorities. WiFi opponents aren’t taking science into account.The authorities will transmit the science.Against the amendment.
  • Leonard: In favour of bodies mentioned in original motion; the others can make representations to the Board.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Strong debate in WiFi world. Is Health Canada’s Sfety Code 6 strong enough?

Back to amendment vote: Defeated.  Back to main motion:

  • Nohr: This is being pushed through too fast. We haven’t had any information on how we’re addressing safety for staff and students, and we don’t know the costs for installation.

Nohr: Motion to table main motion. / Defeated. For: McNally, Nohr Against: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, Lorng-Kuhanga, McEvoy, Orcherton    Back to main motion.

  • McNally: The main motion isn’t comprehensive enough.
  • Alpha: In favour of main motion, but WHO classified WiFi as  2b carcinogen; want updates
  • Orcherton: As things change those authorities may also be changing. We will be doing annual reviews. There have been no reviews as there was a moratorium. Coffee is a 2b carcinogen.

Main motion carried.

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