Education Policy January 3, 2014: The Record Off The Record: New Oak Bay High School

No In Camera meeting before the public meeting.

Education Policy Development Committee: January 6, 2014: Chair: Alpha
Absent:  Leonard

Recognition of Songhees and Esquimalt Nations’ traditional territories.

1. Approval of Agenda: Adopted 

2. Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of December 2, 2013 [attached to agenda, p1-4] /Approved. Lined Paper post link here.

3. Business Arising From the  Minutes :  None

4. Public Request to the Committee: None

5. Correspondence Referred to the Committee: None.

6.  Motions Referred to the Committee: None

7. General Announcements: None

8. New Business:

A.  The New Oak Bay High School: Updates from Superintended John Gaiptman, SD61 Director of Facilities Seamus Howley, Project Manager Darryl Condon,  Architect Adam Fawkes, Supervisor of Building Projects SD61 Jim Soles,  L’Ecole Secondaire Oak Bay High School Principal Dave Thomson

A time lapse video on the Oak Bay high School website shows the  construction project from beginning to the present and is  updated monthly.

The HCMA (Hughes Condon Marler Architects)  website shows a few artists’ renderings of the new building and states “The new, 1300 student school will replace two existing school buildings on the existing site. Designed to address 21st Century Learning principles, it includes flexible learning environments, informal collaborative spaces, visual connections between spaces, and generous natural light and ventilation. The design also incorporates the changing technology used in teaching and provides for future flexibility. It will also include a state-of-the-art performing arts facility and a neighbourhood learning centre to host teens’ programs, daycare and other programs for the community.”

Presentation and question and answer points:

  • September 2015 opening
  • Striving for LEED Gold standard
  • Mr. Thomson reported that the Oak Bay community / alumni have donated $1,000,000 to the project, and Bays United Football Club donated a quarter million for the soccer / rugby pitch [Bays United Facebook page September 10, 2012::”Bays is working as a partner to help build a turf field. “ /  March 28, 2011 SD61 Board Minutes: “Secretary-Treasurer Ambeault stated that the Bays United Football Club has approached the district with respect to providing $85,000 towards an artificial turf field at the new Oak  Bay High School. Administration received direction to pursue this opportunity and  $85,000 will be held by the district. In the event that either i)construction of the new high  school does not proceed,  or 2) that an acceptable joint use agreement is not signed by the  parties upon completion of the field, the $85,000 held by the district shall be returned to  the Bays United Football Club.”]
  • 1300 students
  • 420 seat theatre
  • 2 new gyms, one standard size, one with 500 seats
  • Oak Bay Parks and Recreation will run community programs in a centre for this purpose (daycare / Early Childhood Education, teen program)
  • Nella Nelson,  Aboriginal Nations Education Division Coordinator for SD 61 is guiding development of Aboriginal cultural aspects of the building, with the involvement of Clarence Dick and Butch Dick.
  • SD61’s last new high school built in 1976 (Spectrum Community School); this one will serve the community for 75 – 100 years
  • Tradition of “the Crossing” from one building to the other (high school presently in two buildings), which provides an outdoor transition, will be maintained in a 3 story atrium / public space
  • Saving the sequoia tree [planted by Alexis Casanave in 1862].
  • Special attention to preservation of Cranmore Street oak trees, Bowker Creek and restoration of habitat
  • Stormwater runoff filtering (although hard surface entry driveway)
  • Increased bicycle parking and provision of cycle routes through the grounds
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Photovoltaic lighting for parking; student project could  be revived for some indoor photovotaics
  • “Social sustainability”: civic spaces create and maintain community: entry plaza, student plaza, two other greenways

Addressing 4 Pillars of Excellence: Academics, Athletics, Arts, Citizenship, along with “21st Century learning”:

  • Learning happens outside and within classrooms:  large amount of space is devoted to spaces that provide for collaborative work; study spaces for groups and individuals; removable dividers between classrooms; “garage doors” open classrooms to larger space; half height lockers
  • Arts: dedicated rooms in arts wing for dance, band, choir, drama, set production;  dedicated space for 2D and 3D photo and multimedia;  computer labs
  • “This being Oak Bay”, tech ed directed more toward the arts component: shop, woodwork, automotive, foods and textiles

9. Adjournment: Approximately 8:30

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