Education Policy January 3, 2014: The Record Off The Record: New Oak Bay High School

Bylaw 9130.1 Education Policy Development Committee

  • Article 4: The Education Policy Development Committee shall meet in accordance with the provisions of Bylaw 9360.2 Meetings of the Standing Committees for the purpose of providing direction to administration on the development of new educational policies and to review Board motions which require translation to educational policy. In addition, the Committee shall, from time to time as it sees fit, make recommendations to the Board in respect of educational policy for the District.

Trustees are assigned as members of the two standing committee, Ed Policy and Operations Policy, and a quorum of members is expected for business to be done, though in 2008 on more than on occasion when that was not achieved, a non-member trustee was simply “…appointed as a voting member for this meeting”.

Senior administration [the Principal of Learning Initiatives, for Ed Policy] set the agendas for Board meetings and Standing Committee meetings, with input from the Chairs.


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