February 17/14 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Don’t Even Say “Academy”

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  1. Question period, Sundance “program closure”, budget meetings
  2. Disclaimer, Ad Hoc Committees
  3. Bylaw 9368, Procedure of Board Meetings; Robert’s Rules “session”, “Point of Order”
  4. Meeting agenda and audio files
  5. Student / school presentation, public presentations (3), Trustee reports, Chair’s report
  6. “C” on agenda: Board Committee Reports: Ed Policy and OPPS motions and debate
  7. “D”: Superintendent’s Report, Secrtary-Treasurer’s Report (Amended Budget and more in debate), Trustee Reps to outside agencies reports
  8. “F”: New Business (motions) and Notice of motions to come; voted-on disclosure from In Camera meeting, next meeting dates

The Report of the SD61 Committee on Public Engagement is posted on the SD61 website. It’s under the Board of Education category, in “subcommittees” in the drop-down menu. Have a look at the 14 restrictions on asking a question at a Board meeting if you’re a member of the public. This proposed policy revision is being debated  in detail at every OPPS meeting, generally the second Monday of each month.

Sundance School Proposed Program Closure: The date for final deliberation has been changed from March 4 to March 27, after the public budget meeting on March 26.  Second meeting with parents February 18. Present: Alpha, Horsman, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Orcherton, Nohr. Absent: Ferris, McEvoy.

February Budget meeting update

Partner Group Budget Input 2014/2015:Responses to November 15, 2013 Input Request From School Planning Councils and Education Partner Groups here. 

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