March 3/14: The Record Off the Record: Ed Policy/OPPS Combo: Is Getting Extra Attention From an Accredited Teacher “Discrimination”?

A few audio files below from the Esquimalt Secondary music program’s annual Music By The Dockyard event (which has outgrown the school cafeteria and was held at Norway House this February) featuring Keaton on vocals and keyboard in “Don’t Get Around Much Any More”, with the Esquimalt Senior Jazz Band. The band has a standing gig every Thursday at 5 at Hermann’s.Jazz Club.

Folk ensemble:
R&B ensemble:
Give this one a chance through the noise at the tables. Powerful vocals. Freedom!  

Apologies to the bands for the quality of the recordings. You deserve better!

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The Report of the SD61 Committee on Public Engagement is posted on the SD61 website. It’s under the Board of Education category, in “subcommittees” in the drop-down menu. Have a look at the potential restrictions on asking a question at a Board meeting if you’re a member of the public. This proposed policy revision is being debated  in detail at every OPPS meeting, generally the second Monday of each month, and the restrictions have changed somewhat. Operations Planning and Policy Standing Committee  minutes have a record of the changes as does Lined Paper. The final draft will come to OPPs for debate, discussion and vote – OPPS as a Standing Committee has opportunities for  questions from the public during the meeting – and then  will go to the Board for a final debate and vote.

Sundance School Proposed Program Closure Vote will take place  Thursday March 27, 6:30 pm, SD61 Board Room, Tolmie Building

SD61 Budget for 2014-15  meeting dates below. [SD61 projects $1.9 million structural deficit after this year’s annual “one-time only  cost savings”. The School Act stipulates that Districts must submit a balanced budget, while offloads from the Province increase, and underfunding continues.Members of the BC Association of School Business Officials estimate the system is hundreds of million of dollars behind where it was a decade ago. Funding has not kept pace with cost pressures, new and old. We spend almost $1,000 less per child for public education in BC than the national average.” (John Malcomson and Bill Bruneau, Public Education Network Society, Vancouver Sun )

February Budget meeting update

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