March 24/14 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Needs Budget Defeated

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1. Audio record of meeting/ Next meeting dates
2. Disclaimer / When Is a Bylaw not a Bylaw (Sundance) / Robert’s Rules side trip / Trustee Assignments
3. Meeting agenda / Meeting  Opening A.1  – A.6 District Presentation
4. A.7 Trustees’ Reports / B. Chair’s Report  C. Committee Reports (Ed Policy and OPPS: recommended motions )  D. District Leadership Team Reports
5. E. Reports from Trustee Representatives
6. F. New Business (Motions to be debated and voted on ) and Notice of Motions (for upcoming meetings)

Greater Victoria is the 6th largest employer in the Capital Regional District with an annual budget of $195.672, 515.00 of your tax dollars (at June 2013).  You pay nine Trustees approximately $1,200.00 a month, each. 

The SD61 Board continues to work through the Report of the Committee on Public Engagement, a major part of which is a question period at Board meetings, in Operations Planning and Policy meetings [last Lined Paper report here].  No Trustees were “allowed” on the Committee,as the majority of Trustees agreed that Trustee presence would likely overpower and intimidate others on the committee; I believe that’s a great overestimation of influence.  I chose to be  a silent observer for several of the meetings.  Recently, Qualicum School District 69 managed to answer 39 questions, with questions and answers provided in the minutes, in one meeting. The current SD61 culture seems extremely fearful of questions and loss of control to all those wild radicals who typically attend School Board meetings.

February Budget meeting update

The School Act requires School District budgets to be submitted by June 30. [Section 8 Finance, Article 113]

Next meetings:  
Wednesday March 26, 7pm [done]: Special Board Meeting, Tolmie Board Room: Public Budget Presentation
Wednesday, April 2, 7 pm [done] : Special Board Meeting SJ Wills Auditorium: Public Input on Budget Presentation
Monday, April 7. 7 pm: Education Policy Shoreline Middle School [agenda posted on SD61website under Board; drop down to “Education Meetings”; my two motions buried in the packup pages – never happened before with a motion from a Trustee..]
Monday April 14, 7:30 pm: Operations Policy and Planning, Board Room: Budget focussed
Tuesday April 22, 7:30 pm: Board Meeting Tolmie board Room
Wednesday April 23 7 pm: Special Board Meeting Tolmie Board Room Final Budget Vote [BC School Act gives School Districts till June 30 to submit whatever it is they are going to submit, a needs budget only and get fired, or a compliance budget and face another year of inventive new ways of underfunding from the Ministry of Education with the SD61 $8 million + structural deficit always in the background]

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