April 22/14: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Budget Vote; Professional Development; Rethink Closing Sundance (Last Chance)

McNally: That all personnel accounted for (in addition to the proposed reduction in clerical support and reduction in Learning Mentor FTE) under “Learning Initiatives” be reassigned to appropriate positions in SD61, and the department “Learning Initiatives” be closed. / Defeated. Rationale: According to the information trustees were given at orientation (the Department’s budget for 2011-12) this department’s budget is, or was pre-Learning Mentors cuts, approximately $1,088,181. There is no need for an in-house professional development consultancy.

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1. Audio record of meeting/ Next meeting dates
2. SD61 Board Question Period:  Progress of Discussion
3. Budget Vote and Budget Bylaw Vote / Disclaimer
4. Board Bylaws / Robert’s Rules
5. Meeting agenda /  A.1 Meeting Opening – A.6 District Presentations
6. A.7 Trustees’ Reports / B. Chair’s Report  C. Committee Reports (Ed Policy and OPPS: recommended motions )
7.  D. District Leadership Team Reports  E. Reports from Trustee Representatives
8. F. New Business (Motions to be debated and voted on ) and Notice of Motions (for upcoming meetings)
9. G. Communications / H. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items / I. Adjournment / Photo Therapy

Audio files:

140422_001   A.1, A.2. A.3
140422_002  A.5, A.6 Glitch =  no record of rest of meeting

Next meetings:  
Monday May 5 7pm: Education Policy: Monterey Middle School [no policy on agenda]
Monday May 12 7:30 pm: Operations Planning and Policy, Tolmie Bldg Board Room
Monday May 20 7:30 pm: Board Meeting, Tolmie Board Room