April 22/14: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Budget Vote; Professional Development; Rethink Closing Sundance (Last Chance)

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Pagination (at bottom of each page):
1. Audio record of meeting/ Next meeting dates
2. SD61 Board Question Period:  Progress of Discussion
3. Budget Vote and Budget Bylaw Vote / Disclaimer
4. Board Bylaws / Robert’s Rules
5. Meeting agenda /  A.1 Meeting Opening – A.6 District Presentations
6. A.7 Trustees’ Reports / B. Chair’s Report  C. Committee Reports (Ed Policy and OPPS: recommended motions )
7.  D. District Leadership Team Reports  E. Reports from Trustee Representatives
8. F. New Business (Motions to be debated and voted on ) and Notice of Motions (for upcoming meetings)
9. G. Communications / H. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items / I. Adjournment / Photo Therapy

Audio files:

140422_001   A.1, A.2. A.3
140422_002  A.5, A.6 Glitch =  no record of rest of meeting

Next meetings:  
Monday May 5 7pm: Education Policy: Monterey Middle School [no policy on agenda]
Monday May 12 7:30 pm: Operations Planning and Policy, Tolmie Bldg Board Room
Monday May 20 7:30 pm: Board Meeting, Tolmie Board Room

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