April 22/14: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Budget Vote; Professional Development; Rethink Closing Sundance (Last Chance)


A.7. Trustees’ Reports: School Groups’ Trustee Liaison  (assigned by Chair annually to Secondary Schools and associated middle and K-5 schools):  Esquimalt: Leonard / McNally   Mt Doug: Nohr   Oak Bay: McEvoy   Vic High: Ferris   Reynolds: Horsman   Spectrum: Alpha / Loring-Kuhanga   Lambrick: Orcherton

  • McNally: Observing Moe the Mouse program at Craigflower and assisting with implementation [not Trustee work; community based] at Songhees after school care / preschool.  “Moe the Mouse® Curriculum Box is an innovative early speech and language resource that uses Aboriginal toys and stories to enhance language development in children ages 3–5.  The activities and materials in the curriculum box help parents and educators provide opportunities for children to practise language skills in natural settings.  Doing these activities helps children develop: social language use, comprehension of spoken words, vocabulary, discrimination of speech sounds, ability to pronounce speech sounds, knowledge of preposition words (e.g. above, beside), and the ability to express feelings and ideas.  These activities become part of the regular early learning and child care program curriculum and do not require specialized clinicians nor do they need to take place in clinical settings. ” Attended former SD61 Superintendent John Gaiptman’s retirement event at Ocean Pointe.
  • Horsman at Rogers
  • Loring-Kuhanga at Strawberry Vale, McKenzie
  • Nohr: Regional Science Fair at UVic

B. Chair’s Report:

Now in its second year [2013-2014] , the committee is working to create a statement of beliefs promoting a positive and nurturing district culture. The committee continues to meet monthly with representatives of all stakeholder groups providing input. The addition of the student voice to the conversation is a valued next step in the committee’s journey. The committee is committed to presenting a policy proposal to the Board of Education in January.” [There has been no report to this point.]

  • March 28 attended John Gaiptman’s farewell / recognition event as Superintendent of SD61; April 10 Lambrick/ Lakehill softball; April 15 sent letter on behalf of Board to Minister of Education 
  • A trustee email [Who, me? Possibly. ] “called into question the integrity of the Chair and the integrity or the Board” re special meetings provision Bylaw 9360: “The Chair, the Secretary-Treasurer or any three trustees, may call a special general meeting of the Board , in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board , upon not less than fortyeight hours’ notice in writing to all trustees.” A special meeting would not have affected the vote which was taken via poll vote. [That wasn’t my point; the point was, the least we could do is have a public meeting with public votes for the final vote to close a school, which four Trustees  felt justified a special meeting. Bylaw 9011, Poll Votes sets out the only reasons a poll vote can be called – see below.]
  • Reminder re Policy 8251 Trustee Code of Ethics [which encourages free speech at D.2, discourages “unjustified criticism” and encourages “respectful criticism” at D.5. Who’s going to decide what’s “unjustified” or “justified criticism”? Criticism based on facts might fit the “justified”  descriptor.]

bylaw9011 Poll Votepol8251 Trustee C of Epol8251 Trustee C of E 2pol8251 Trustee C of E 3


C. Board Committee Reports
C.1 Education Policy Development Chair Alpha
a) Minutes: From April 14, 2014 (for information only, attached to full agenda packup)  [Official minutes are posted on the SD61 website  after this Standing Committee approves them at its next meeting.] Lined Paper record here.
b) Recommended Motions: [Motions are recommended to the Board  if debated and and carried at a Standing Committee meeting, or if they come from senior administration. ]  Alpha moved acceptance of recommended motion:

That the Board approve the Rugby Academy at Esquimalt High School / Carried. For: Alpha, Ferris, Horsman, McEvoy, Leonard, , Orcherton, Against: McNally, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr

  • McNally:   Puplic-Private Partnership (P3)  Winter Sports School is starting up in Whistler.    Have spoken at length on Academies in general and on this specific Academy in many previous meetings, two being Ed Policy Oct 7/13  and Ed Policy February 3/14.  At one time the ideal was a free universal public education accessible to all. [Former Trustee John Young made that case throughout his long career as a Trustee.]  The province’s Welcome BC website says “Public schools are free for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and refugees. ”  Free, except for fees for supplies, miscellaneous fees like yearbooks, fees for sports academies… Some of the students in Academies are subsidized, but equipment costs for hockey are so great that a poor family is stopped from participation at that point, never mind the extra fees. And a subsidy means a parent who is already struggling has to go in and ask for charity one more time. The proliferation of specialty academies, enshrined the the School Act in 2008 sets up public schools in retailing / advertising competition against one another to attract the student and the $6,900 per pupil funding that comes with each customer. School District 61 now has 7 fee-based sports Academies. Private business approached he District regarding establishing the Lambrick baseball Academy; hockey coaches are hired from the private sector for the hockey academies; Rugby Canada coaches are to be paid honoraria to coach in this Academy. Apprehensions about more P3 partnerships developing in public schools. This is not model for a public good, a truly free universal education.
  • Horsman: Has been a strong affirmation that financial support would be available. Any notion of P3 in regard to this program is off base.
  • McEvoy: P3 here means school, parents, community., and is supported by the majority of the Board. Don’t often bring politics to the table, but watch how people vote on this. Watch the vote. [ Apr 23 Watch how I vote as school trustee, not watch whether the botox kicked in or whatever. Got that? Thought so. ]
  • Alpha: The proposal says no student will be denied the opportunity to join the Academy due to financial considerations.

C.2 Operations Planning and Policy Committee: Chair Leonard
a) Minutes from April 14, 2014: Information only. Lined Paper record here.

[One of several motions at that meeting: McNally: That SD61 delay the final vote on the SD61 budget for 2014-15 to the May 20 Board meeting, and in the interim convene the Budget Advisory  Committee in the week of April 28 (adding more meetings as needed via vote of any three Trustees) with expanded attendance to include all interested Trustees. /Defeated. For: Alpha, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally  Against: Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, McEvoy, Nohr, Orcherton ]


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