June 2/14: Ed Policy: The Record Off The Record: Culture and Community, French Immersion, Achievement Contract


F. Updates: Superintendent

  1. Suicide prevention: In Middle Schools, several used Need2 this year. Those that didn’t had a Need2 presentation last year.
  2. Cyberbullying: Acting Associate Superintendent Pitre reported that Janine Roy, Ted Pennel [District IT Director] , and John Fawcett [Student Services] have been reviewing codes of conduct.
  3. Student Trustee: Student representatives / student advisory committee will meet with the Superintendent this Friday (June 6).

G. Notice of Motions  for Board meeting June 16.

a) Alpha: That the board direct senior administration to consult with school communities to explore the possibility of an elementary school site that could be designated wifi free so the rents requesting accommodation for tier children will have a public school option that meets their needs.

b) Alpha: That the Board provide a written rationale of the Board’s decision regarding designating an elementary school site as wifi free to the parents requesting accommodation for their children after the board has made that decision.

9. Adjournment: 8:55

Turbo and friends on the line at George Jay Elementary

Turbo and friends on the line at George Jay Elementary



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