Special Board Meeting Aug 25/14: Trustee Elections Bylaw / Board Letters #5

No pagination as this was a short meeting.


A. Commencement of Meeting

[We thank the Coast Salish people for allowing this meeting on their Territory.]

A.1 Approval of Agenda: Approved unanimously with addition of report by Superintendent at C; move C and D down. [Full packup with Bylaw and changes linked]

B. Bylaw 9005: Trustee Elections and By-Elections

Recommended Motions: [Secretary-Treasurer]: That the Board agree to give all three readings of Bylaw 9005 Trustee Elections and By-Elections at the meeting of August 25, 2014. Motion to be carried unanimously. / Carried unanimously.

That Bylaw 9005, Trustee Elections and By-Elections be read 1st, 2nd, 3d time, passed and adopted this 25th day of August, 2014./ Carried unanimously.

  • McNally: The CRD on the list will confuse voters. What part of the CRD is included in the voting area for SD61 Trustees? Aren’t all the municipalities listed in the CRD?
  • Secretary-Treasurer: This is the way it has to be listed according to electoral areas.

Post-meeting research: Highlands is a separate municipality, so should be listed as Saanich is. SD61 serves only a portion of Saanich, so Highlands can be listed as Saanich is, since SD61 serves only a portion of the Highlands as well. The CRD Juan De Fuca electoral area includes the Esquimalt and Songhees Reserves which are within the Greater Victoria School District. It is those reserves that the “CRD” term refers to. I hope in the final version of this Bylaw that the reserves will be named, at least in parentheses. I will bring a motion to amend (seconded Loring-Kuhanga) to that effect if necessary when the Bylaw is finalized.

C. Superintendent’s Report

  • The Tolmie Building has been behind pickets but schools haven’t, so CUPE and Facilities could go in to do summer work.
  • No pickets with “3d party construction companies” working at Quadra School and Oak Bay Secondary. These companies can get injunctions to allow work to go on.
  • Two person support in place in Tolmie Building (some staff are temporarily working out of the Cecila Street facility): Vicki Hanley, Executive Assistant to Secretary-Treasurer, and Nita McBurney, Legal Executive Assistant to Superintendent of Schools.
  • 470 new International students started orientation today. International student tuition adds teachers and courses in schools that might not be affordable otherwise [page 7 of the 2014-15 budget records “Tuition” at $8,478,083]. Dave Scott, International Education Contact  is developing a contingency plan along with Superintendent. 500 previous International students will be returning; these are full year students, not counting part time students.  [The International School has its own marketing website, which looks like its own school system. There’s a small SD61 logo down in the right bottom The “Programs” drop down menu outlines the various offerings, some as short as one month for $2305 tuition.]
  • At Quadra, some construction will finish after school opens.
  • George Jay School will move to Richmond campus so seismic upgrades can take place.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Noticing lots of ads for private schools. We need to have more presence for SD61 registration and publicize that schools are open for registration.
  • Superintendent: Have been ads in newspaper. Superintendent and Board Chair have been interviewed. Information is on the SD61 website and a letter went home to parents.[Letter below]
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Private schools have 25 foot banners up on fences.
  • Superintendent: Lots of SD61 schools have banners. Teachers on picket lines have been welcoming parents and students.
  • Horsman: Have heard that there will be no extra curricular activities – any truth in that?
  • Orcherton: We don’t know that.

D. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: No in camera meeting preceding.

E. Adjournment:  [As in 99% of meetings, Ferris, and once in the middle of a meeting]  Ferris: Motion to adjourn. / Carried. 7 pm

Letters from School Boards #5

In the BCSTA Back To School Plan below, teacher are asked to lower their expectations for salary and benefits. BC teachers are among the lowest paid in Canada. Beginning teachers in BC are paid the second lowest salary in public schools in Canada, above only Prince Edward Island. The government considers CUPE Education Assistants  for  children with special needs a “benefit” fo teachers, like glasses or massage therapy treatments. Ridiculous? Yes, Duplicitous? Yes. Disrespectful of children with special needs and their parents? Yes.

Although the BCSTA is “my” organization, as an individual Trustee, for the above reasons,  I can’t support the Back To School Plan.


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