Sept 8/14: Combined Ed Policy/Operations: The Record Off The Record: Preconditions

Page 1: Upcoming Meetings / In Camera Meetings
Page 2:  Related Bylaws, Robert’s Rules, Public Engagement / Question Period
Page 3: Meeting agenda / Meeting / Adjournment

Welcome back. This school year starts with BC public school K-12 teachers on strike. Lancaster House Labour Law has a concise summary of the background to the situation here. Award-wining journalist Rob Wipond goes past the presenting problems in his March 2014 Focus magazine Article “To Safeguard Against Tyranny”.

Sticky posts:  United SD61 Coalition, and Motions/ Vote Records to June 2014. (Will be continuously updated as voting records will be useful for the November 15 civic election.)

Next Meetings: (District Calendar here)

Monday September 15, 7:30 pm: Board Meeting (no question period for the public yet; Loring-Kuhanga first brought the motion in February 2012, leading to 2 1/2 years of angst, and not done yet): Goward House)
Monday October 6, 7 pm: Education Policy Development Committee: TBA
Tuesday October 14, 7:30 pm Operations Policy & Planning Committee: Tolmie Board Room (if strike settled)
Monday October 20, 7:30 pm: Board Meeting, Tolmie Board Room

In Camera (non public) meetings starting at 6 or 6:30 often precede the open public meetings.

Will you ever find out what happened in those in camera meetings? You could try. It’s complicated. From the Ministry of Technology, Innovation, and Citizen’s Services:  “FOIPPA covers all provincial government public bodies, including government ministries and most government agencies, boards, commissions and Crown corporations. FOIPPA also covers what is referred to as local public bodies such as municipalities, universities, colleges and school boards, hospitals and health boards as well as designated self-governing bodies of professional organizations such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Law Society of British Columbia, etc.”

School Act-required reports from In Camera meetings are posted on the Board meeting page as “Section 72 Reports”. “Section 72” refers to Section 72 (3) of the BC School Act which states “ A board must prepare a record containing a general statement as to the nature of the matters discussed and the general nature of the decisions reached at a meeting from which persons other than trustees or officers of the board, or both, were excluded, and the record must be open for inspection at all reasonable times by any person, who may make copies and extracts on payment of a fee set by the board.” Key word: “general”. Any report beyond the basic one required must be done by an in camera motion to report out to the public carried by majority vote.

SD61 Bylaw 9360.1 states: In-camera items that may be discussed confidentially include legal, property, personnel and privacy matters as defined by provincial legislation. [Note, not “are limited to”.] The BC School Act states “ 69.2:  If, in the opinion of the board, the public interest so requires, persons other than trustees may be excluded from a meeting.“ Lots of discretion there if a majority of the 9 Trustees concurs.

Civic governments are bound by the Community Charter and go into in camera meetings by public motion. School Boards set in camera meetings before public meetings. That’s why the doors are usually closed and locked when you arrive.

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