BC Public School Board Letters #7

BC School Board letters October 8, 2014 – November 17, 2014.

Some of these letters address the September 19 teacher pay issue arising from  Collective Agreement language in 13 School Districts that have Collective Agreements that calculate pay on days not worked rather than days worked (that’s my understanding after lots of arcane-to-me math explanation).

Those Districts are listed below.

The North Vancouver School District 44  announced October 3 that teachers in SD44  will be paid for working September 19. Okanagan-Skaha SD67, West Vancouver SD45, and Coquitlam SD43 Have made motions at the Board table to pay teachers regardless of the Collective Agreement language, in order to comply with the back to work agreement signed by the BCTF and BCPSEA.. In order to direct a District Superintendent to make the pay for September 19 available to teachers in the Districts with Collective Agreements language that don’t fit with the signed agreement, Trustees have to support a motion to do that. SD61 Greater Victoria has a motion coming forward in January 2015, after a notice of motion from Trustee Nohr in November.

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