April 1, 2015: Public SD61 Budget Round Table Meeting

Letters from BC School Boards to the Minister of Education, and others on a variety of topics here.  I’ve reformatted (from pdf to jpg) many School Board letters that BC School Boards copy to other Boards and more, on various topics. I’m up to School Board Letters #9 now in the last letters post here. It’s very time consuming, so please click on the “here” to go to the BCSTA page where the letters are posted and archived.  Please check now and then – these letters often come out daily. Board chairs write these letters at the direction of the majority of Trustees on their Board. Wording is fined tuned in Board discussion ; sometimes these letters are ghostwritten by District staff.

Letters from the SD61 Board Chair to the Minister of Education and others are on the SD61 Board Advocacy page. My motion to set up the Advocacy page  carried some time ago, so you can find letters sent by the Chair on various topics related to public education and SD61 in particular, and replies we receive, on that page. The Chair writes these letters following direction of the Board through motions carried by the majority of 9 votes, or consensus on occasion. The Chair cannot originate letters independently on behalf of the Board.On occasion these letters are completely or partially ghostwritten by District staff.

One person attended this Round Table Budget Discussion Meeting at SJ Willis, reportedly a Ministry of Education employee who had one question. The meeting was short.


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