Month: May 2015

That the Board of Education direct the Chair to task the District Gay Straight Alliance Advisory Committee wit developing a drat policy on Gender Identity and Gender Expression (in accordance with Bylaw 9210 the Development of Policy, and Policy 1163 Consultation) to ensure the safety ad suport of transgender and gender variant students and their families, and present it to the Education Policy Development Committee with recommendations for implementation. / Carried. Unanimous.

“104.02 Trustees shall be permitted to debate only upon a motion, as herein provided, and each trustee shall be limited to the opportunity to speak once to any motion, unless the motion has been amended, for a majority vote of the Board. The proposer of a motion shall be given the opportunity to open and close debate of his motion. The mover of the principle motion shall have the right to speak for five minutes to the motion and shall be allowed five minutes to conclude the debate on the motion.”