May 19/15 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Support Gender Variant Students / DPAC Funding

 P 2 Video of meeting on SD61 website.

Full agenda with attachments here. In Camera meeting 7:00 pm- 7:30 pm before the public meeting. Board meeting May-19-2015-Regular-Packup 1Board meeting May-19-2015-Regular-Packup 2Board meeting May-19-2015-Regular-Packup 3

Board Meeting May 19, 2015 Chair: Loring-Kuhanga  Absent: Leonard

Territory Acknowledgement900 Student Representative: (absent)

  • A different student from the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Group attends Standing Committee and Board meetings each month, from a group of students recommended by their principals or otherwise selected at their school to work with the Superintendent as representatives of the student voice in SD61. These nine students meet every 6 weeks with the Superintendent. [This is probably the best way to establish student engagement in governance and interest in a possible future elected Student Trustee, as student councils have been politically inactive in SD61 and have not run elections.]
  • Selection Process for Student Representatives

Process for Student Representative Selection Jan 14 2015 A. Commencement of Meeting
A 1. Approval of Agenda: Adopted as amended below. a) Watters: Remove C 2 b i and ii as they do not belong on this agenda. The Board is not dealing with the Terms of Reference for the Technology Committee until the entire TOR has been dealt wit at OPPS. We are setting a precedent for process in developing TORs. / Carried unanimously.
b) Loring-Kuhanga:That the Board appoint Katrina Ball, Deputy Secretary-Treasurer, as Acting Secretary Treasurer for this meeting, i the Secretary-Treasurer’s absence./ Carried unanimously.
A2. Approval of the Minutes:
a) Board Meeting April 22/15 Special Board Budget meeting: Approved . Lined Paper report here.

  • Watters: I provided a written report from the Gay Straight Alliance Advisory Committee, and although it did not make it into the agenda on time, it was available to include n the minutes. Is it possible to attach reports submitted by Trustees  to minutes?
  • McNally: That written reports from Trustees be included in meeting minutes.  / Carried.

A 3. Business Arising From Minutes: None
A 4. Student Achievement: Principal Kevin Luchies of Lambrick High School introduced teacher Linda Tate and students Kaitlyn Doherty and Matt Treble, who organized the Love is Love Conference hosted by Lambrick.

  • Mr. Luchies, along with the students offered thanks for support and reflections  on the day.Trustees Jordan Watters was thanked for her championing of inclusiveness, as well as conference opening attendees McNally, Nohr, Superintendent Bell, Associate Superintendent Pinkerton.
  • Civil rights challenges and related progress continue.Conference attracted over 100 participants, with attendees from SMU, St Margaret’s, alternative schools.
  • Would like to see the conference continue and move from District to District.

A.5 District Presentations: None
A.6 Community Presentations a) Brae Carnes: Genducate Our Youth” video you are about to see is my personal story. Attended several schools in SD61. It is our duty to teach about gender identification. The alternative to education include confusion, depression and death. b) Parents of a young child:Gender Identity Specific Policy: Parents of transgender 5 year old. We want a specific gender identification policy, not a policy contained in “Discrimination” [see Regulation 4303 “Discrimination”, Recommendation p3, which was notably progressive in  2002 when passed by this board] . Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc, UBC School of Nursing, focuses on 14-25 year old youth and finds self-harm, suicide, discrimination, sexual harassment, physical assault, and often no family support to be norms in the lives of transgender youth. Acceptance at school varies from school to school and should not. c) Amy Dorais (teacher, Sir James Douglas) and Alyx MacAdams, Gender Identity and Expression in Our Schools

  • Alyx: Identify as genderqueer, no gender identification; transmasculine presentation.We need systemic change regarding gender binaries.Social justice in this context is on a case by case basis now in schools with limited response.Children and youth must e involved in development of Policy.
  • Amy: Grade 4/5 teacher.  M.Ed. thesis on barriers for queer people.The Discrimination Regulation  was ahed of its time at the time, but we need more and an update now. Recognize needs for people who identify with any, all, or none as gender expression.

d) Amy Brunee (in place of Brena Robinson ): Parent Education Fund: Parent at Vic West School, about 200+ students. Many crisis situations every day.Fundraising capactiy is limited. School PAC  gets 2 free passes to Vancouver Island Parent Conference organized by VCPAC. Much appreciated. Trusting parents is the issue in regard to the motion re “Parent Education Fund”. e) Vincenza Grupposo, parent: Parent Education Fund (presented VCPAC budget document in hard copy to trustees) f) Carolina Tudela, parent, Victoria High PAC: Parent Education Fund: In favour of the motion on agenda tonight. With $200 Vic High could, for example,  put on a mindfulness presentation in the fall for hundreds of parents. This fund provides increased opportunities for collaboration amongst PACs. Are there any Policies around the money given to the SD61  DPAC? This DPAC is using the money for political activities, not parent education. The School Act provides equal opportunities for school based PACs and District PACs.

  • Loring-Kuhanga: You need to put questions in the question box to be addressed at that point on the agenda.

B. Trustee Reports
B1. Chair’s Report

  • The last stakeholder to sign the Aboriginal Enhancement agreement, the Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association, did sign this month. the Board has engaged Davies Park  Executive Search to advertise for and short list candidates for Superintendent  of SD61, and Superintendent Sherri Bell is moving from SD61 to a position as President of Camosun College June 30. Trustees will meet with Opposition Education Critic Rob Fleming on May 21. Dr. Malcolm Weinstein is proceeding with activity re the SD61 Strategic Plan, which should be in place by the fall of 2015.

B.2 Trustees

  • McNally:Always interesting and educational to attend school based PACs. Attended Shoreline and Rockheights PACs recently. Tremendous energy around fundraising to provide opportunities for students, which is admirable, but parents should not have to pick up the slack for government underfunding of pubic education. Attended “unveiling” of Rockheights school wall murals, designed by artist-teacher and painted cooperatively by students. The murals showcase  the spirit of the school and the students. Will be honoured to speak at the Lambrick Park High School Graduation Ceremony  in June.
  • Watters: Attended the Aboriginal Education Council. Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement Report 2013-14 examined metrics of success. Awards based on culturally-significant animal qualities of resilience in Enhancement Agreement. Of note, the Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association the last stakeholder to sign the Agreement, did so this month.
Our Enhancement Agreement represents a commitment between the School District of Greater Victoria and the Aboriginal community to communicate and collaborate with the shared goal of improving the quality of education achieved by all Aboriginal students. The Aboriginal voice is further encouraged through the strong relationships that exist between the Aboriginal community and the School District which is represented through the Aboriginal Nations Education Council (ANEC). [See p 4 Enhancement Agreement]
  • Nohr: Attended Bill 11 debate at legislature. Bill 11 will affect School Districts’  procurement processes, Trustee decision making, role of PACs; more than disappointing after the MOU re co-governance signed off by Ministry and BCSTA.Giving NOtice of Motion re a response to Bill 11, along the lines  of letters from Gold Trail, Revelstoke,  Haida Gwaii. Attended 5t Bike to School Week at Willows. Bike lanes may not be enough; might need specific roads designated.

C. Board Committee Reports
C.1 Ed Policy a) Minutes from May 4/15: Information only (will be ratified at next Standing Committee meetings). Lined Paper report here.
b) Recommended Motions (Motions that carried in  Standing Committee)
i. That the Board of Education direct the Chair to task the District Gay Straight Alliance Advisory Committee with developing a draft policy on Gender Identity and Gender Expression (in accordance with Bylaw 9210 the Development of Policy, and Policy 1163 Consultation) to ensure the safety and support of transgender and gender variant students and their families, and present it to the Education Policy Development Committee with recommendations for implementation./ Carried. Unanimous.

  • Watters: Presenters conveyed importance of this motion. Students need to be who they are openly without fear of consequences, treated with dignity and respect. We’ve been told by a colleague that “students get it”. They don’t. Gender identification is so ingrained that young children are policing gender expression amongst peers. There  is discomfort with  learning and growing. Could be life or death issue for some students. A human rights issue.
  • Ferris: An emotional issue. Applaud students, parents and staff.
  • Paynter: Appreciated the education from presenters. As a straight white male, University educated, am realizing the bubble of privilege I live in.In military life, thought I was tough. Kids and parents here tonight have shown what tough is.
  • Orcherton: This is not a new issue. has been around for as long as there has been humans. Still learning. Need to take people above their fears to move toward an inclusive society.
  • John Bird (President SD61 DPAC / VCPAC): Discrimination is difficult for people to see an understand , in systems designed for the mainstream.Look forward to day when children are listened to.
  • Nohr: Every child needs to be able to go to school happy and safe.
  • Superintendent Bell: Don’t generally enter debate on motions but this is an important motion. the presentations were affecting. Attended Brae’s graduation some years ago. This is our commitment. We need to learn more so we can effectively support.

C.2 Operations Policy and Planning Committee
a) Minutes from May 11/15 OPPS: information only (attached to full packup): Lined Paper report here report here.
b) Recommended motions (carried in Committee vote)

i)That the Board send the Needs Budget letter including the additional bullet with all of the signatures. [Sent to local newspapers.] / Carried. For: Ferris, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Watters, Whiteaker  Abstained: Paynter

  • McNally: Will support though reluctantly as the added VCPAC bullet, “systemic and cultural change” has not been explained. The terms are so general and vague as to be almost meaningless. Reluctant to vote in favour of something so unclear. Have heard those terms applied to describe the VCPAC “Classroom  Resources Fund” which has no clear implementation process or source of money, and “systemic change” to refer to to doing away with Ministry of Education Funding  categories for students with special needs on the grounds that the funding categories are “discriminatory”. As well, have heard these terms used to  mean that reinstatement of class size and composition language stripped from the teachers’ contract of employment by the current government – as set out in the Griffin ruling, which has been put forward for consideration of appeal in the Supreme Court – is not desirable . If any of that  is what is meant, I do not support that.
  • Ferris: Didn’t say we were going to edit the letter.
  • Paynter: Am challenged by the development process of the letter and how changes were made and incorporated. Apart from te two added bullets the content was developed from School Planning Council input to the Board,different PACs and education stakeholders. This late int doesn’t fit.Troubled by decision not to distribute to all stakeholders for review of additional points.
  • Watters: All stakeholders are on the same page with this. Acknowledge some flaws in process but we have a win.
  • Orcherton: Agree with Watters re process. Some comments here tonight appear to be a vendetta against the parent group.
  • Watters: Point of order: Speak to the motion.
  • John Bird (President SD61 DPAC / VCPAC): Process was a problem. Allied Specialists added  a point at a previous meeting which was accepted with no questions. [Was a very specific point with no vague references:  “Specialist support such as an increase in speech-language pathologist positions”; VCPAC’s added point is “Additional resources to support cultural and systemic change”, leaving much room for interpretation.]
  • Nohr: Concerned about process. Trustees got input from all School Planning Councils and they have parents on them. VCPAC should have come back to the Committee for further discussion.But will support; thrilled that letter will go in paper as a bold statement.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: The letter with both added points was discussed at OPPS.

ii)That the Board define the purpose of the Technology Stewardship Ad Hoc Committee to be to develop guidelines for the use of technology for students and staff. / Removed from agenda with unanimous consent; should be on OPPS agenda.

iii) That the board appoint one Trustee as a voting member on the Technology Stewardship Committee. / Removed from agenda with unanimous consent;  should be on OPPS agenda.

iv) That the Board create a Parent Education Fund as part of the 2015-16  budget item “Parent Advisory Council Grant” in the amount of $7,000. And further, that the Board create guidelines and a process to access this Parent Education Fund. / Carried. For: McNally, Nohr, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker  Against: Ferris, Loring-Kuhanga, Orcherton

  • Whiteaker: (Presented PowerPoint slides below)  Absolutely trust parents to come together to develop small scale responsive parent education. The VCPAC budget will ultimately, taking other source of funding into account besides the Board grants, diminish by $2000 – 3000. VCPAC has $14,000 in savings. This is not about reducing the parent voice. It’s about validating each parent role in education and is another opportunity for parent education.  It’s a commitment fro SD61 Board to the role of each parent.It’s abut empowering parent communities and supporting engagement in PACs to promote succession in PAC leadership.Some parents can’t attend the District parent Conference.And the tickets that DPAC provides at a cost of $119 each could have been bought for $75.This is a pilot project.
  • Nohr: Clarification on the $4000 that already exists? And the line item for DPAC? This is an innovation. Need to try it for a year and see how it works. Need to bring awareness to parents that it exists.
  • Whiteaker: Referring to Board’s grant for the Operating Fund for DPAC plus the Board’s $4000 grant  for the Conference. DPAC can still apply to the proposed fund for part of the $7000 in the fund.
  • Superintendent: At this time, the $4000 grant is paid every year. The current line  item paid to VCPAC is $12,013 annually plus the $4000 grant.
  • Ferris: Don’t believe this is an attempt to minimize the parent voice.But it’s a budget item Should have been done at budget time. [Some long-time Trustees are  fond of saying “We are always in budget discussion”.] DPAC does an exemplary job. The conference delivers well beyond the scope of the funds provided. Can’t support this as it needs a lot of discussion. Defining how parents should conduct themselves is not a good idea. Do we not like what DPAC is saying to us? Conservatives are reducing funding to the CBC. We need to do this as a stand alone item.
  • Orcherton:  Don’t support this, along with Ferris. Not convinced by Whiteaker’s arguments. Some people want to take away DPAC’s voice. PACs and DPACS can advise the Board according to the School Act. If parents are not happy, they have the democratic ability to attend meetings and change this. [One school , one vote.] It’s odd that the Trustee is taking this stand. I question the veracity of the Trustee’s remarks.
  • McNally: Point of order. Speak to the motion. Trustee Orcherton is questioning the integrity of the mover. Questioning veracity means accusing of lying.

Robert’s Rules of Order 11th Edition: Debate on the Question p 42 / p 43: “Speakers must address their remarks to the Chair. Debate must be confined to the merits of the pending question. ..and…should avoid injecting a personal tone into debate. …they must never attack or make any allusion to the motives of members.” // p 392: “The measure, not the member, is the subject of debate.”

  • Loring-Kuhanga: Carry on, Trustee Orcherton, and confine your remarks to the motion.
  • Orcherton: $7000 is not a lot of money for parents to pull these education opportunities together. This is the wrong message to give to parents and is the wrong thing to do.
  • Paynter: Could never get a straight answer as a parent regarding accurate accounting for Board money; was a spider’s web. We need accurate accounting for the Board’s money. This will provide opportunities for PACs that don’t participate in DPAC. Many meetings don’t achieve quorum [Achieving quorum of the 1/3 of schools in SD61 – about 15 school reps who hold the vote card – has been a recurring issue at DPAC meetings.] We need an open District-wide mechanism for furthering parent education. The School Act doesn’t speak to parent education or provide any reference to funding DPACs. I have been a strong advocate for Trustees’ delving deeper into the budget but have not had the opportunity to take that forward.

[ School Act, British Columbia: District parents’ advisory council 8.4 (1) A parents’ advisory council, through its elected officers, may apply to the board for the establishment of a district parents’ advisory council.(2) On receipt of an application under subsection (1), the board must establish a district parents’ advisory council for the school district consisting of representatives elected to the council under subsection (3).(3) Each parents’ advisory council in a school district may elect annually one of its members to be its representative on the district parents’ advisory council for a term of not more than one year. (4) There must be only one district parents’ advisory council for each school district. Purpose and operation of district parents’ advisory council 8.5(1) Subject to section 67 (5.1), the district parents’ advisory council may advise the board on any matter relating to education in the school district. 2) A district parents’ advisory council must make bylaws governing its meetings and the business and conduct of its affairs, including bylaws governing the dissolution of the council. (3) A superintendent of schools for the school district, a designate of the superintendent or a trustee of the school district may attend any meeting of the district parents’ advisory council. Part 6 — Boards of Education Division 1 — Corporate Status and Meetings: Meetings and chair : 67 (5) A board must establish procedures governing the conduct of its meetings and must permit any person to inspect those procedures. (5.1) Without limiting subsection (5), a board may establish procedures respecting the provision of advice by a district parents’ advisory council to the board.]

  • Bird: Financial information and parent conference information has always been open. financial commitments have been made with Sooke participants, 8-9 people. The reference to $119 is not accurate. The $4000 is for the keynote speaker. The DPAC Executive is elected every year. Who is elected is the result of members having spoken.
1.Any Parent of a child registered in SD61 is eligible to be nominated to be an Executive member. No employee of any public Board of Education will be eligible to hold an Executive position with VCPAC. 2. Call for nominations will be made at the meeting in February. Nominations will come from PACs. [Not any parent can bring forward a nomination; has to be by majority vote at the school PAC level, and then  the school PAC rep makes  the nomination.]  3. Elections will be conducted by the Nominating Committee chairperson by secret ballot. Scrutineers will be appointed as required by the Nominations Committee chairperson at the time of the elections.
4.Subsequent to the election of the nine permanent Executive members, the
membership may elect to add up to an additional three (3) temporary
Executive positions only from those individuals nominated [by school PAC reps] prior to the election of the permanent directors.5. If an Executive position becomes vacant, the membership [members are school PACs, not individual parents] will elect a replacement at the next General Meeting. 6.To be successful a candidate will require a majority vote from the membership present at the meeting. No Executive positions will be filled by acclamation. ]  [Quorum is about 15 members (schools) so 8 + or – members (votes) could constitute a majority to elect representatives of parents of 19,500 students in SD61. ]
  • Whiteaker:  Will respond to comments from Orcherton. [Referred to a letter from COPAC and attacking DPAC using that .] The letter was about denying parents a voice. My motion is not doing that. The solution was intervention and parent education.Each event cost $2000. Events don’t need to be costly to be effective. The School Act only says Boards must listen to DPACs.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Mixed feelings about this motion.Worried about financial impact . It’s up to parents to make the change. [It’s also up to the Board to decide how to disburse Board money as there is nothing in the School Act that mandates fudiung DPACs. Some Districts don’t.]

Examples of DPAC funding by BC Boards: 1.  Does not fund DPAC at all, but does supply a room for DPAC monthly meetings.   2.  Does not fund but the DPAC applies for and receives and receive the gaming grant [ all DPACs receive that funding. ].  3. provides $8,000. 4.  provides $5000. 6.  provides $4,000. 7. provides $30,000 to DPAC; district with 149 schools. 8. Before this motion carried, SD61 provided about $16,400 annually. SD61 provides an office in the Tolmie building and school libraries for meetings. [Some think Board line item budgets are non-public documents. That is why District names aren’t attached.However, the Public Interest Override applies; they are public documents. ]   SD61 DPAC VCPAC budget handout 1SD61 DPAC VCPAC budget handout 2

  •  [Trustee Ann Whiteaker [former PAC Chair, and former BCCPAC President] presented  her PowerPoint analysis as her rationale for the motion, as she was the original mover at the May 11 OPPS meeting. [The OPPS presentation had 14 slides, presentation constructed by Trustee Whiteaker, posted on page 5 here.]

Slide1Slide2Slide3Slide5Slide6Slide7   D. District Leadership Team Reports D.1 Superintendent’s Report a) Board and Standing Committee Meeting Dates: Recommended motion {Recommended by Superintendent] That the Board approve the 2015/16 Board and Standing Committee meeting dates. [Attached to full packup] / Carried as amended: Instead of combining Ed Policy and OPPS in September, there will be 2 separate Standing Committee meetings.

  • Nohr: That the Ed Policy and OPPs meetings take place on separate Mondays in September, and that September 14th, 21, 28 be the meeting dates. / Carried. For: Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker Against: Ferris, McNally, Orcherton

b) Superintendent: Video recording: [McNally’s motion at previous meeting] The District  asks for public appearance and photo  permission at the time student sign up. If we do have a student who doesn’t want to be recorded at a Board meeting of course we’d respect that. Parents would probably be pleased to be able to see their children on the SD61 Board videos. Will start recording all the way through the meeting next month. D.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: None E. Question Period  One question submitted: What is the process for a PAC to access funding? [The wording of the question made it seem as if the questioner was asking how to access the new fund, but it was not abut that, hence the answers below. ]

  • Superintendent: The board will have to create the guidelines at OPPS. There are none at this time.
  • Bird: “440 b funding”  [from the Ministry in the past]  was pennies per student, dollars per school. Appealed for an increase and was given that.   [This funding was from the Ministry, and was eliminated by the government, so many DPACs lost that funding amount.  It appears that SD61 continued to fund to the same formula, with x pennies per student to school PACs, and $x per school to the DPAC, both for operations and parent education. In SD61, reportedly at some point school PACs  pooled  their school based DPAC funding portion and allocated that money to the SD61 DPAC. The 440b funding amount was increased by 3% after the DPAC appeal to the Board. As well, SD61 at some point added the $4000 amount annually for the Parent Conference.]

F. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None [There may have been a motion / motions, and there may have been a vote / votes to report out on some items, and that motion / those motions failed, or there may not have been a motion or motions to report out. If there were, any report out needs a majority vote in camera.] G. New Business / Notice of Motions [ Notice of motion is not the same thing as making a motion from the floor.] G. 1 New Business: None G.2 Notice of Motion: None H. Adjournment: 9:50 pm

Last All Bands Concert Night old Oak Bay High Theatre

Last All Bands Concert Night old Oak Bay High Theatre

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