September 28/15: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Audited Financial Statements

P 2

Motions carried at June /15 Board meeting:

McNally: That the Board approve that all Trustees appointed by the Chair to an external body be required to submit a written report to the Board via the Chair [“in December and June of” was amended to “once a year”; disappointing]  once each school year as part of the Trustee Report agenda item, reports to be included as part of the Board agenda packup, beginning December 2015.

[Possible revision:  “at least once a year”,  as some external appointment have never in institutional memory resulted in a report to the Board. Some appointees are submitting a written a report every meeting which is helpful and accountable.]

McNally: That the Board approve that all Trustees appointed to internal committees – the Needs Budget Advisory Committee, District Culture and Community Committee, District Gay Straight Alliance, Aboriginal Nations Education Committee and the French Immersion Advisory Committee be required to submit a written report to the Board via the Chair in December and June of each school year as part of the Trustee Report agenda item, reports to be included as part of the Board agenda packup, beginning December 2015.

Video of meeting on SD61 website.

Full agenda with attachments here.

In Camera meeting at 6 pm.

Regular Agenda September 28 2015 1Regular Agenda September 28 2015 2Regular Agenda September 28 2015 3

Board Meeting September 28, 2015
Chair: Loring-Kuhanga

Student Representative: Jonah Van Driesum,, Oak Bay High School

Process for Student Representative Selection Jan 14 2015

A. Commencement of Meeting 

Territory Acknowledgement900A 1. Approval of Agenda:Approved.

McNally: Point of Order: Motion to move to informal consideration of motions. That means Trustees can speak as many tineas as they want to a motion. [Pp 530-541, RRO, 11th Edition] Urging support for this because  Bylaw 9368 Procedure Article 104.02 is never adhered to in Board meetings : “Trustees shall be permitted to debate only upon a motion, as herein provided, and each trustee shall be limited to the opportunity to speak once to any motion,…”

  • This motion did not get a seconder, so in effect the Board agreed  to adhere to the Bylaw (possibly for the first time ever), ie speak once only in debate of any motion.

A2. Approval of the Minutes:
a) Board Meeting  June 15/15 : Approved. Lined Paper report here.
A 3. Business Arising From Minutes:None

A 4. Student Achievement:Reynolds Secondary School Cops For Cancer Fundraising : Tom Aerts, Principal, Dean Norris-Jone, teacher, students Eli, Megan and Dean : Reynolds culture embraces the moral mandate we all have to make the world a better place Eduction is not only academics, but has a social justice aspect as well. (Affecting presentations on audio files above and video on  Board website.)

A.5 District Presentations: None

A.6 Community Presentations

a) Butch Dick, Educator and Master Carver, Songhees First Nation : Speaking to the Lekwungen people’s involvement with the Sno’uyutth welcome pole soon to be raised in front of  Oak Bay High School.  (Full presentation on audio file above and video on SD61 website.)

b) Gerald Smeltzer, Community Association of Oak Bay: Sno’uyutth pole (Full presentation on audio file above and video on SD61 website.)

  • News releases have appeared over the last several months, following the progress of this exciting project undertaken fully by the Community Association of Oak Bay.
  • “The school board is also supportive, already earmarking a green space near Cadboro Bay Road for the pole to stand.“They’re providing us with the land but we need to raise the funds for it,” Price-Douglas said.”
  • The CAOB made application for funding to the District of Oak Bay, listing other targeted funders on the application as requred [and have held several community fundraising events as well. I attended the Vic High R&B Band event at the Oaks Tea Room – memorable!] : “The Community Association of Oak Bay has approached community funders (listed on this grant application that outlines the scope of funding plans) to raise money for the total project costs, including installation and landscaping. SD61  committed to upkeep (some time go in the course of the development of the project by the Oak Bay Community Association) once the pole is raised.”

B. Trustee Reports
B1. Chair’s Report

  • Board Chair Loring-Kuhagna’s initial report to the Board can be accessed on audio and  video files.
  • Welcome to new SD61 Superintendent Piet Langstraat; thanks to Deputy Superintendent Shelley Green for capably taking the helm during the summer after previous Superintendent Bell left for her new position at Camosun College, and before the new Superintendent had come to the District; attendance at the Canadian School Boards Association  August and the Board’s motion regarding a required course on residential schools (dismissed  by the Ministry of Education although also carried by the BCSTA AGM); Ministry of Education data breach; Davies Park Executive Search ( Secretary-Treasurer’s retirement).

B.2 Trustee Reports
McNally: Will be attending Vancouver Island School Trustees  Association meeting October 2 and 3, and Board Chairs / Senior Administration meeting with Minister of Education, and Board Chairs BCSTA meeting October 21 and 22.

VISTA agenda 2015 1VISTA agenda 2015 2

I’m pleased, as Vice Chair of the Board, to recognize on behalf of all of us, the recent honouring of our Board Chair Edith Loring-Kuhanga.
Each year, the First Nations Health Directors Association honours one member from each of five health regions – Interior, Fraser, Vancouver Coastal, Northern and Vancouver Island – with an Inspiration Award at their annual AGM.The Inspiration Award celebrates the achievements of people doing great things and thanks them for a job well done which includes holding to the 7 complex Directives and the Values statement that includes respect, discipline, relationships, culture, excellence, and fairness.
Edith was presented with this significant Inspiration award at the First Nations Health Directors Association AGM on September 16 .
Edith is no stranger to awards and accolades. Edith holds a Masters degree in Education Leadership and in 2002, was awarded the YM/YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award in the Education, Training & Development category recognizing even then her contributions to First Nations education in Canada.
Edith has put her skills, knowledge and passion into service for over 30 years to improve the health and well-being of First Nations people through her own company First Nations Training & Consulting Services which operated for 21 years, providing training and consulting in the areas of education, health, child care, head start early learning, proposal writing, leadership,
governance, administration, policy development and economic development. As well, Edith has been a partner on many local, provincial and national boards, and was elected to represent the Coast Salish Health Directors on the First Nations Health Directors Board from 2012 to 2013.
Edith has served as an elected school trustee beginning in
2008 with the Saanich Board of Education SD#63 and
from 2011 to the present with the Greater Victoria School Board District 61.
Most recently, as well as serving as SD61’s Elected Board Chair, Edith has been the Executive Director of the H’uhl-Etun Health Society which is located on Halalt Traditional Territory, serving Halalt First Nation, Lyackson First Nation, and Malahat First Nation. Edith has implemented a holistic approach that blends
traditional and cultural teachings and practices with modern medicine, including revitalizing the food garden in Halalt along with a program that invites community members to learn about gardening and the budgeting and health benefits of growing your own food. Edith also helped organize a canning program that teaches the community how to preserve the garden’s produce, some of which goes to elders and others in the communities.
Edith has championed the role of culture in the communities’ health and wellness programming and the importance of intergenerational teachings and connections. She helped organize an Elders Advisory Circle, which brought together Elders from the three member Nations to discuss cultural protocol and programming. A recent project that drew on the Elder Advisory Circle’s expertise was the Coming of Age ceremony for 27 young people aged 10-13 from the communities , which recognized the protocols of all three nations. It had been so long since this ceremony had last taken place that some of the Elders were also learning the traditions for the first time.
I was honoured to attend this ceremony on the grounds of the Huhl-Etan Health Society on Saturday. Edith’s leadership and central role was publicly recognized at that event.
Please join me in appreciation of Edith’s most recent achievement. Congratulations on receiving the First Nations Health Directors Association Inspiration Award!

(We gave Edith an orchid as it only requires one ice cube a week for care, and we know ow busy she is! Good luck, Phalaenopsis!)

white phalaenopsis orchid

b)Whiteaker: BCSTA provincial Council Issues Forum (see pp 18, 19 full agenda packup)

  • McNally: Interested in fuller discussion of “potential changes in the collective bargaining structure”.

c) Orcherton:  Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee (appointed position) report (pp 19-20 full agenda packup)

C. Board Committee Reports
C.1 Education  Policy
a) Minutes  Sept 14/15 Information only (pp 21-24 full agenda packup – will be approved  at next Ed Policy meeting). Lined Paper report here.

C.2 Operations Policy and Planning Committee

a) Minutes Sept 21/15 Information only  (pp 25-30 full agenda packup – will be approved  at next OPPS meeting).  Lined Paper report  here.
b) Recommended motions (previously debated and carried in Committee vote)

C 2 b i

  • Leonard: Money from Ministry  to remediate building envelope failure / “leaky condo syndrome” at Esquiimalt High School. / Carried. Unanimous.

C 2 b ii/ Carried. Unanimous.

C 2 b iii/ Carried. Unanimous.

C 2 b iv/ Carried. For: Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Paynter, Watters  Against: Ferris, Leoanrd, Orcherton, Whiteaker

  • Ferris: Didn’t attend the OPPS meeting so not fully cognizant of the reason. [Missed the in-depth Committee debate.] Asking staff to do a lot of work. Would like to hear rationale.
  • Paynter: (Recap of rationale on audio file.)
  • Orcherton: Wasn’t at the OPPS meeting . Don’t support the motion.
  • Leonard: Didn’t support this at the Committee level. Been on OPPS for a lot of years. [SD61 Trustee for 18 years.] Efficiency at OPPS has not been an issue. [After reading ten years of  minutes and attending many OPPS meetings as an observer,  and after 3 years of experience as a Trustee, basically ignoring much of Robert’s Rules in favour of made-up “Board Traditions” was general practice in all meetings. An outstanding  feature of OPPS was motions ruled “out of order” when there was no opportunity to challenge the Chair. All that  could account for some of the efficiency over the years.] Maybe have a subcommittee of OPPS to work on Policy. Might support that.
  • Watters: Support this. There are differing ideas amongst trustees as to the functionality of present Standing Committees. The load is unequal.
  • McNally: OPPS has become the central  Committee where all substantive discussion lands, while Ed Policy has become a discussion group, because of a misplaced comma on the OPPS agenda cover sheets and elsewhere. It is not the “Operations , Policy and Planning Committee”, dealing with Operations, with Policy and with Planning. It is the “Operations Policy and Planning Committee” and should be dealing only with policy and planning related to Operations. This Board needs a clearer focus for Standing Committees.

D. District Leadership Team Reports
D.1 Superintendent’s Report:
On audio and video files

D.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report:

  • Listening to the report on audio or video is highly recommended as Associate Secretary-Treasurer Katrina Ball , followed by current Secretary-Treasurer Debra Laser, led Trustees through the 26 pages of financial statements, and answered questions.
  • When Paynter wanted to ask two questions, Orcherton interrupted saying “Only speak once!” Debate on a motion and a request for more information  are different. See “Request For Information, p 294 RRO 11th Edition.
    D 2 i ii iii iv/All 4 carried. Unanimous.

b) Statement of Financial Information

That the Board approve the schedules a required by the Financial Information Act for the period July 01/14 to June 30/15. / Carried. Unanimous.

  • Pp 84-105 includes statements that deal with remuneration  over $75,000 and expense claims, statement of severance agreements, and payments for goods and services over $25,000.

c) Summer Capital Projects: Director of Facilities Tom Smith: Slide presentation  reviewing summer projects:

  • Central   Middle School NatureScape (PAC funded),  Esquimalt High School  Chem lab upgrade(school funded request), Esquimalt Gym- new  bleachers now motorized and retractable, Esquimalt High new windows and boilers helped with energy saving for District, (windows were single pane from 1959), George Jay seismic (moved George Jay back in, moved Cloverdale out to Richmond campus) to start Cloverdale seismic upgrade, George jay playground (PAC funded), George Jay parking lot upgrade (from gravel), Margaret Jenkins PAC funded playground (school funded requisition), Oak Bay separation of debris and materials according to LEED Gold requirements (Oak Bay sports fields and parking lots being done by contractor), Tillicum playground (PAC funded; PAC hired consultant $23,000 and paid for materials and installation; ground provided personnel and big logs) and final seismic upgrades, Victor School gym floor redone, 7 other major roofing projects, 6 floors.
  • Shear walls in seismic upgrades not always visible, though good if they are – sometimes anchored to rock – shows that  the building has been upgraded.
  • Bowker Creek revitalization – provincial and federal gas tax money.

E. Question Period  None.
F. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None
G. New Business / Notice of Motions: None
H. Adjournment: 9:40 pm

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