Nov 9/15: OPPS: The Record Off the Record: Ad Hoc Committees

P1: Disclaimer / Backgrounder
P2: Operations Policy and Planning  Standing Committee Report
P3: SD61 Applicable Bylaws / Standing Committees / BC School Boards Letters Link
P4: District PAC (aka DPAC, VCPAC) Constitution excerpts / School Act re DPACs

Next Meetings
Mon Nov 16/15 7:30 pm Board
Mon Dec 7/15 7 pm Ed Policy/OPPS Standing Committees combined
Mon Dec 14 7:30 pm Board
Mon Nov 16 7:30 pm Board

Winter Break Dec 19-Jan 3

Meeting agendas posted on SD61 website Friday before the meeting.

Links for more info /sources in blue.

The Record Off The Record is  my personal record of and  commentary on SD61 Board and  Standing Committee meetings.

Robert’s Rules of Order 11th Edition: Debate on the Question p 42 / p 43: “Speakers must address their remarks to the Chair. Debate must be confined to the merits of the pending question. ..and…should avoid injecting a personal tone into debate. …they must never attack or make any allusion to the motives of members.” // p 392: “The measure, not the member, is the subject of debate.”

Trustees  are assigned by the Chair as members of one of the two standing committees, Education  Policy and Operations Policy and Planning. Agenda setting is the prerogative of the Chair, with input from senior administration.

OPPS: Chair Leonard; McNally, Paynter, Whiteaker (ex officio Loring-Kuhanga – vote but not counted for quorum)
Ed Policy: Chair Nohr; Ferris, Orcherton, Watters (ex officio Loring-Kuhanga – vote but not counted for quorum)

Trustees don’t “have to”  attend Standing Committee if not assigned.

Standing  Committee structure operates on  less formal   Rules of Order, which means no need for a seconder for a motion, and a mb er can speak as many times as the Chair allows. It doesn’t mean “no rules” or “Board traditions”.

External Trustee Liaison assignments are made by  the Board Chair to groups which replied “yes” to last year’s  District query re their desire to have a Trustee liaison, so there are fewer than for the 2012-2015  Board term, and for many years before that.

Trustees and student representatives are referred to by last name only for brevity; “The Board of Education of SD No. 61 (Greater Victoria)” is referred to as “the Board”. No audio or video recordings are made of Standing Committee meetings, only of Board meetings.

Motions may be shortened but retain essential wording. Seconders not noted (and not required in Standing Committees).

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