Nov 16/15: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Board Elections / Provincial Framework


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 Bylaw 9368 Procedure

“104.02 Trustees shall be permitted to debate only upon a motion, as herein provided, and each trustee shall be limited to the opportunity to speak once to any motion,…

If Trustees want to have an opportunity to speak more than  once someone can move that the meeting  go into Quasi Committee of the Whole for the whole meeting or for one motion:

Quasi Committee of the Whole:

“As if in” committee of the whole. The entire assembly acts as a committee to discuss a motion or issue more informally. Unlike the committee of the whole, the presiding officer remains in the chair.

Committee of the whole:

The entire assembly acts as a committee to discuss a motion or issue more informally. The presiding officer vacates the chair and another member is appointed to serve as chairman. This motion is usually reserved for large assemblies, particularly legislative bodies.

Motions carried at June /15 Board meeting:

McNally: That the Board approve that all Trustees appointed by the Chair to an external body be required to submit a written report to the Board via the Chair [“in December and June of each year ” was amended to “once a year”; disappointing]  once each school year as part of the Trustee Report agenda item, reports to be included as part of the Board agenda packup, beginning December 2015.

Some external appointment have never in institutional memory resulted in a report to the Board.

McNally: That the Board approve that all Trustees appointed to internal committees – the Needs Budget Advisory Committee, District Culture and Community Committee, District Gay Straight Alliance, Aboriginal Nations Education Committee and the French Immersion Advisory Committeebe required to submit a written report to the Board via the Chair in December and June of each school year as part of the Trustee Report agenda item, reports to be included as part of the Board agenda packup, beginning December 2015.

Video of meeting on SD61 website. Audio files below.

Full agenda with attachments here.
Preceded by In Camera meeting at 6:45

Regular Agenda November 16 2015 1Regular Agenda November 16 2015 2Regular Agenda November 16 2015 3Regular Agenda November 16 2015 4


Board Meeting November 16, 2015
Chair: Loring-Kuhanga

Student Representative for October: Solomon Lindsay, Vic High

Process for Student Representative Selection Jan 14 2015

A. Commencement of Meeting 

Territory Acknowledgement900

A 1. Approval of Agenda:Approved as amended – additions at A.3, B.2, G.2
A2. Approval of the Minutes:
a) Board Meeting Oct 19/15 : Approved. Lined Paper report here.
A 3. Business Arising From Minutes:
a) Orcherton: (VILRA comments on audio file)

  • McNally: Since January 2012, and particularly since being elected as VILRA rep in December 2014, have tried,  along with SD61 administrative assistants,  to find a contact person for the Vancouver Island Labour  Relations Association, without success. Have had varying feedback on what it was from community and colleagues. What is clear is that it has not met for years although Ferris  had been assigned to it for many years. There is no website, no membership, no meetings. This assignment will be left off the next external assignments round.

A 4. Trustee Elections: Secretary-Treasurer as Chair for this part of the meeting. Chair Loring-Kuhanga will be out of the country  in December so all Trustees agreed to hold elections a month early. Secret ballot.

a) Election of Chair:  Nominated: Loring-Kuhanga, Whiteaker (declined). / Acclaimed: Loring-Kuhanga
b) Vice Chair: Nominated: Leonard (declined), McNally (accepted), Nohr (declined), Watters (declined) / Acclaimed: McNally

  • I have worked and will continue to work to make the process at this Board table comprehensible and clear to anyone who reads the SD61 Bylaws , Polices and Regulations, and who understands even the rudiments of Robert’s Rules of Order. I don’t want people to go away from a Board or Standing Committee meeting – as I often did prior to being elected, and often in my first term as Trustee — asking “What just happened there?”  There are firm guidelines for conduct here that make process clear and understandable and that keep innuendo and personalities out of the business of the Board, and if they are adhered to and enforced consistently and impartially, everyone at the table and in the public seats understands the parameters and process for discussion and debate. There is a lot at stake here – we indirectly influence the future and we certainly influence the present, for many adults, youth, and children. We are part of a progressive cultural shift in SD61. I am  be honoured to work for public education in another term as the SD61 Board vice chair.c) BCPSEA Rep: [The BCPSEA Trustee Representative is specifically referenced in the BCPSEA Bylaws and continues to serve as a key conduit between the employers’ association and board of education…The  liaison and communications conduit between Boards of Education and BCPSEA on human resources matters, including distribution of BCPSEA communications to board members while ensuring their board’s voice is heard by BCPSEA …  Trustee Representatives represent their Board for BCPSEA business by attending the BCPSEA Annual General Meeting and Representative Council meetings where they exercise their Board’s voting authority]: Nominated: Nohr (declined), Orcherton (accepted), Whiteaker (declined), Watters (declined) / Acclaimed: Orchertond) BCSTA Provincial Councillor: Nominated: Ferris (declined), Paynter (declined), Whiteaker (accepted), Watters (declined): Acclaimed: Whiteaker
    e) Motion to destroy the ballots:
    Ballots destroyed.

A.5 Student Achievement: No presentation due to elections
A.6 District Presentations: None
A.7  Community Presentations:  None

B. Trustee Reports
B1. Chair’s Report: None (acceptance speech earlier)

B.2 Trustee Reports (on audio file / Board video)

a) Orcherton: BCPSEA Rep report on pp 13-14 of agenda. Attended Tillicum seismic upgrade completion event with Superintendent, Watters, Ferris, Minister of Education. Students did the tour and were poised,  confident, and cared about their  school. Also attended Tillicum Remembrance Day ceremony.

b) McNally: Attended First Annual Education Liaison Meeting October 21 , and a Board Chairs meeting the next day  as Chair could not attend.

  • First Annual led by Dave Byng, Deputy Minister, Ministry Staff and Teresa Rezansoff, BCSTA President: 1.New Curriculum Plan and Pro-D Announcement /  Presentation by Abbotsford SD on
    implementation, asking “how can we support administrators in the
    curriculum transformation?” Surveyed teachers, parents .

    Used Thought Exchange, Synevoice and Explorzone. 2. Framework for Enhancing Student Learning : Guidelines to come; flexibility in how and when plans developed. / Presentation by Delta School District :  School Planning Working Group of partners using Spiral of Inquiry methodology. 3. Capital Planning: thoughts about  increasing  Capital Budget over next 3 years. Ministry wants to make guidelines more specific and visit Districts. 4. Financial Health School Districts have  $254 million dollars in reserves. [Need to define “reserves” – often  savings for projects or items that are not affordable with one years budget.]  BCSTA and Ministry working toward common meanings of “reserve funds” or “surpluses”. 5. MyEducationBC failures: Problem discussed. Working on fixing problems. Fujitsu had a fixed cost contract and is expected to fix this. 6. Themes:  Aboriginal student success / Importance of leadership /Focus on each student

  • Board Chairs meeting October 23: Presentation from Office of Attorney General: Referenced several reports. The majority of OAG reports and resources can be found here. Of interest: (5 and 6 were specifically referenced in some detail by the presenters):

1.Understanding Canadian Public Sector Financial Statements
2. Guidelines for Managing Risk of Fraud in Government
3. Guide for Developing Relevant Key Performance Indicators for Public Sector Reporting
4. Public Sector Governance – A Guide to the Principles of Good Practice
5. Guidelines: Information use by the boards of public sector organizations
6. School District Board Governance Examinations – April 2013

c) Watters:Attended  No Stone Left Alone – Rockheights (audio)
d) Whiteaker (audio)
e) Nohr: (audio)

C. Board Committee Reports
C.1 Education  Policy

I did not attend this month’s Ed Policy meeting as the District’s Well Ahead Ideation event was held at the same time. SD61 is one of 6 BC School Districts participating in this 6 year initiative. An all day session was held on Tuesday November 3 by invitation., to more fully explore the ideas generated. I did not attend.

The ideas have been  posted here . Comments are requested.

ideation jam well ahead

a) Minutes:   Nov 2 /15 Information only (pp 15-17  full agenda packup – will be approved  at next Ed Policy meeting). Lined Paper report here.

b) Recommended motions (carried at Ed Policy Nov 2) :

That the Board approve the Board Authority Authorized Course : Introduction to Aviation12. / Carried. For: Ferris, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr,  Orcherton, Paynter, Whiteaker, Watters    Against: McNally   Abstained: Leonard

  • Whiteaker: What is the cost for the instructor? Cost for student? One-off or sustainable?
  • Associate Superintendent Kitchen: No cost to student. 5th course of credit. Ministry funds it. No cost to the District for instructor. Career area shows growth in the field.
  • Nohr: Students go to Mt Doug – is there a transportation plan? How will all students be invited to apply?
  • Associate Superintendent: Course will start at Mt Doug but students will need to get to work sites. We can look at transportation… transportation will be provided for  ground school component. In ideal world would have more advertisement. This is 1st year, short startup time. Career centre staffs in high schools ae making students aware.
  • Orcherton: AnnaLisa Bond does a lot of work to make sure the courses are sustainable. How is this connected to 2 other courses at Mt Doug?
  • Associate Superintendent: Part of aviation career program – could receive #2 metal work aviation sheet metal, #3 engineering, #4 work experience; this would be the 5th.
  • McNally: The School Act says Boards “may”, not “must” develop such courses. SD61 has 155 BAA courses already, meaning students have still  more reasons to abandon catchment area neighbourhood schools  and drive to courses scattered in high schools over 6 municipalities. For those who don’t have their own vehicles, taking the bus can be a barrier in cost and scheduling. SD61 has many Academies and now a special  kindergarten “program of choice” that draws students out of catchment area neighbourhood schools. Until BAA courses come with a Youth Bus Pass  with no need to plead poverty,  these courses, along with all boutique  programs have equity issues which are ignored under the supposed pure good of “choice”.  [Senior administration will bring a report on the existing BAA courses to the Board asap.]
  • Associate Superintendent: Only Special Education has bus passes. District has a hardship policy; funding can be accessed from Principals’ discretionary funds.
  • Leonard: Do students transfer to Mt Doug? Is there a minimum number to run the course?
  • Associate Superintendent: Course work at Mt Doug but also other locations. Will be cross-enrolled in District as a career student. Still going through signup phase. Hoping for around 15 students. Currently 12 who have expressed interest. Some have completed the application.
  • Orcherton: Pilot project costs are a cost of higher education. It’s a problem for all students.
  • Paynter: Will there be a break even point of enrolment at which the District does not need to subsidize these courses? Problem with courses that don’t have full enrolment. Costs the District.
  • Watters: Point of order: Motion is on the floor;  Bylaw directs Trustees to  speak to it only once. [Bylaw 9368 Procedure, Article 104.02] . As labour market analyst, understand that aviation careers are a growth area.

C.2 Operations Policy and Planning Committee

a) Minutes Nov 9/15 Information only  (pp 26-30 full agenda packup – will be approved  at next OPPS meeting).  Lined Paper report  here.
b) Recommended motions (previously debated and carried in Committee vote):

i) That the Board approve Regulation 3548, School District Signing Authority. [pp 31-33 full agenda ] / Carried. For: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Watters, Whiteaker  Against: Paynter

  • Paynter: Want more structure around dollar value of signoffs – Regulations could specify who could sign off on how much.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: All legal documents and contracts come before the Board for authorization.

ii) That the Board agree to the Policy 1325 Partnership ad Attachment Ad Hoc Committee Terms of Reference. / Carried. Unanimous.

Partnership TOR

iii) That the Board agree to the Needs Budget Ad Hoc Committee Terms of Reference.   / Carried. Unanimous.

Needs Budget Ad Hoc TOR

iv) That the Board, per Bylaw 0 9010 Bylaws of the Board, accept the attached as replacement  for the current Board Bylaw 9140 Ad Hoc Committee of the Board. [Pp 41-42 full agenda]/ Carried as amended below.  For: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Watters, Whiteaker  Against: Paynter

Bylaw 9140 Ad Hoc Cttee revision

  • Waters: Motion to amend Article 7:  Eliminate “ex officio” and state “The Chairperson of the Board shall be a member of all Ad Hoc Committees without voting rights”.  Ex officio is defined in Robert’s Rules as having a vote. Although Bylaw 9368 Article 100 states that Board Bylaws overrule Robert’s in case of conflict why would  we set up a conflict when there is an simple fix? / Amendment carried. Unanimous.

That the Board agree to give all 3 readings to Bylaw 9140, Ad Hoc Committee of the Board at then meeting of November 16, 2015. Motion to be carried unanimously.    / Carried. Unanimous.

That Bylaw 9140 Ad Hoc Committee of the Board be read a 1st, 2nd and 3d time, passed and adopted. / Carried. Unanimous.

v) That the Board conduct a review of external committee appointments by instructing:
a) trustees currently appointed to external committees to provide the Chair with recommendations and rationale regarding SD61’s continued involvement on the committee to which they are appointed,

Community Appts JAN.15

b) the Chair to send correspondence to all external committees to which the Board makes appointments and inquire if a SD61 representative continues to be valuable.
c) the Chair to send correspondence to all District municipalities and First Nations partners expressing the Board’s interest in building relationships and being involved in areas of mutual interest and inquire if there are any committees upon which SD61’s presence would be valuable.
d) the Chair to make recommendations to the Board, based on the above correspondence, for any change to the list of external committees that receive appointments. / Carried as amended below.  For: Ferris, Leoanrd, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Paynter, Whiteaker, Watters   Abstain: Orcherton

  • Paynter: Motion to amend: End item “c” after ‘areas of mutual interest”. / Carried after debate below.  For:  Ferris, Leonard,  Loring-Kuhanga, Paynter, Whiteaker     Against: McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Watters
  • McNally: Against amendment. Leaves the motion too vague.
  • Whiteaker: In favour of amendment. Should not be requesting that we  be on other organizations’ committees. the relationship piece will allow that conversation.
  • Watters: This is a review of external committees. The Chair can handle this diplomatically. Are there places we should be, that we’re not? Against amendment.
  • Student Rep Lindsay: Important for the  District  to reach out.Don’t have to inquire. If this is truck, have to find a way to reach out. Board seems to be a bit isolated.
  • Paynter: In favour of broader effort at engagement and more. We have all provincial ministries here in Victoria  and we don’t discuss anything but education. Premature to talk about  committees. Start initial dialogue and then mutually decide how to do it. First letter shouldn’t be focussed on that.

D. District Leadership Team Reports
D.1 Superintendent’s Report: 

a) Superintendent’s Report: On audio and video files, and P 44 of full agenda.
b) Revised 2015/16 School Year Calendar: Recommend motion:

That the Board approve the revised 2015/16 School Year Calendar. / Carried. Unanimous.

The BC Ministry of Education has revised curriculum for K-9 and is currently revising grades 10-12.  In order to implement these changes, the minimum number of instructional hours has been reduced by two days for the current 2015-2016 school year. This announcement was made after Districts had approved calendars for the year. The new non-instructional time will be used for the purpose of enabling teachers to participate in discussions and activities related to implementation of the new BC curriculum. In addition to this year, the minimum number of instructional hours for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years will be reduced by one day each for the same purpose.  The District calendar must now be amended  to accommodate this subsequent change.

  • Nohr: Ministry announcement ha a different tone – seems respectful and collaborative.
  • Paynter: Rollout for K12?
  • Superintendent: K-9, September 2016. September 2017 implementation for  10-12. High school teachers will provide feedback on draft curriculum.

D.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: None

E. Question Period  None.
F. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None
G. New Business / Notice of Motions

G.1 New Business

  • Orcherton: How was meeting time changed from 7:30 to 7 pm for OPPS? It was simply announced. Would have expected some discussion.
  • Secretary_Treasurer: Chair Leonard and I made the decision
  • McNally: I noticed it but assumed it was the Chair’s decision- that would not have got by Chair Leonard.
  • Orcherton: Some stakeholders might have been inconvenienced.

G.2 Notices of Motion:

a) McNally: Notice for December OPPS, December 7:

That the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) amend Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board Article 2 to include the words:   Each year thereafter during the term of office, the election of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Board representatives to various agencies where the Trustees have regular representation and the appointment of Trustees to internal and external committees shall take place at the June Board meeting.

H. Adjournment: 9:50  pm

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