March 10/16: Inaugural Student Town Hall

This was  Town Hall #1, an initiative of Jaya Scott, Student Rep to the Board.The Esquimalt High School auditorium was full, and the discussion afterward was lively!

Town Hall

SD61 has an active, articulate and engaged student body, with the  Representative Advisory Council of Students being notable examples. This Council came about after my motion of October 7, 2013 (8b on agenda) to establish a Student Trustee at the Board table, as is the case in SD39 Vancouver. The most was drastically amended and revised, but with these students representing their peers at the board, it’s turned out better than I hoped for!

The existence of this Council has revived student politics in SD61. Exciting!

Slides below were the basis for District presentations. Students asked a variety of questions , the most memorable one for me being in regard to a recent adjudicated music event at which the Esquimalt musicians did very well:

“Our music  needed chimes and we don’t have any, although we still did well. Why does another SD61 high school band that  entered this event have chimes, while Esquimalt music does not?”

Good question. My answer: Parent Advisory Councils have been reduced to fundraising groups  all across BC, trying to fill  in the ongoing  gaps in K-12 public education funding shortfalls. Some PACs can raise more money than others.

Trustees Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr, Whiteaker and I attended. I look forward to the next student Town Hall.

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