Month: April 2016

School Boards must present a balanced budget to the Ministry of Education by June 30 (School Act, division 2, Section 113). SD61 finalizes next school year’s budget to avoid staffing upheavals over the summer, and at the school level in September, as much as possible. This was the 4th and final budget meeting of 4 […]

There are 200+ BCCPAC Resolutions – ongoing, achieved or pending. Worth a look. Here’s an interesting one from 1994 still on the books: “That students have the opportunity to be taught the most commonly held theories on the origins of our universe and life on our planet, or at least be given a list of resources to explore these on their own; And that students be encouraged to discuss the pros and cons of these theories without being criticized for their opinions, in order to promote critical thinking skills;And that students be taught evolution as theory, not fact. ” Status: Active.

Next Meetings: Mon Apr 11 7:00: Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee and Special Budget Meeting to receive public input: (250) 475-4106 to pre-register for the speakers’ list Mon Apr 18 7:30 pm: Board Meeting Wed Apr 20 7 pm: Final debate and vote on 2016/17 Budget Present: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Paynter, […]