April 11/16: Operations Policy&Planning: No Quorum / My Place Temporary Shelter

No business was completed at this meeting as only Trustees present were Leonard, Nohr and Waters. The business of the OPPS meeting will come forward to the Board meeting Monday April 18. There were no speakers  registered to comment on the Budget.

Members of the Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee:
Chair Leonard; McNally, Paynter, Watters  (ex officio Loring-Kuhanga – vote but not counted for quorum).

For OPPs and Ed Policy Standing Committees,  “quorum is a majority of trustee members on the committee”.  However, the relevant Bylaw also says “All members of the Operations Policy and Planning Committee shall be ex officio members of the Education Policy Development Committee with voting rights”. So assigned Trustees are the ones who count for quorum = 3. Nohr is a member of Education Policy and Directions so did not count for quorum.

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McNally and Paynter attended the second City of Victoria Community Meeting regarding the My Place transitional shelter (first meeting notice here), unavoidable called for the same time as the OPPS meeting. Whiteaker, not a member of OPPS, attended as well. The general tone was one of acceptance of the shelter, if staffing levels remain the same as they are now. Expected problems  have not materialized.

Notice of Community Meeting April 11, 2016

As one of the Neighbourhood Agreement reps (attended all but one meeting) I spoke to the School District’s experience, but as there was no vote on the extension at the Board table, I spoke as an individual. Approval of extension of the temporary shelter, first presented  as ending at the end of  April 2016, is out of the Board’s hands as this is ultimately a decision of the Minister of Housing and LNG. (Yes.) One of my points was that, as 200-300 units of low cost housing will not be available for 1 – 2 years, and the RFQ has just gone out for construction of the  new fire hall on the former Boys and Girls Club property,  in my assessment, the shelter will likely remain open for some time past September 30, 2016. The population at Tent City is not diminishing, and as Whiteaker pointed out, who would send people out on to the street again with winter approaching?

B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson has refused a request from the province to issue an injunction ordering the encampment, which began to grow last November, to be dismantled. …  “Ultimately, in determining whether or not to grant an interim injunction at this time, I find that the balance of convenience is overwhelmingly in favour of the defendants, who simply have nowhere to move to.”



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