June 20/16 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Dress Code, Wellness Program, Policy Updates, New Ministry Directives for Capital Plans

Board Meeting June 20, 2016

Agenda here.

Audio and video on Board website.

104.02        Trustees shall be permitted to debate only upon a motion, as herein provided, and each trustee shall be limited to the opportunity to speak once to any motion, unless the motion has been amended, for a majority vote of the Board.  The proposer of a motion shall be given the opportunity to open and close debate of his motion.  The mover of the principle motion shall have the right to speak for five minutes to the motion and shall be allowed five minutes to conclude the debate on the motion.


Territory Acknowledgement900

Agenda approved with amendment from Ferris to move G.1 a to A.3 a.    Board minutes of May 16 approved. (Official minutes on SD61 website. Lined Paper report here.)

A.3. Business Arising from Minutes
a. Ferris (from G.1 a): That the Board  rescind the motion from December 14, 2015 that moved the annual Trustee elections from the November Board meeting to the June Board meeting./ Carried   For: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr, Orcherton, Watters,Whiteaker  Against: McNally, Paynter [Interestingly, the original motion  carried unanimously.]

[Hasn’t been acted on, so can be rescinded.  Dec 14 / 15 Board: McNally: That the Board amend Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board to add “Each year thereafter during the term of office, the election of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Board representatives to various agencies where the Trustees have regular representation and the appointment of Trustees to  internal and external committees shall take place at the June Board meeting” at the end of Article 2.  / Carried. Unanimous.]

  • Ferris: Doesn’t believe the implications have been thought through.
  • McNally: The school year is September to June, so it makes sense to have consistent Chairs and Committee structure for that time. External Committees such as Healthy Saanich, which I was assigned to for two years, would function fine with a change of trustee in September. The work of those committees is not impacted by our internal elections at all, and generally the work of those committees does not impact SD61. The original motion also give more opportunities for Trustees to chair in the two shorter periods  January – June and one September-December, in a civic election year.
  • Paynter: Aligns better with our primary responsibility.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Original motion results in partial terms.
  • Leonard: Against the original motion now for that reason.

A.4 Trustee Elections:  a) Chair b) Vice Chair c) BCPSEA Rep  d) BCSTA Provincial Councillor  e) Motion to destroy the ballots / Moot – elections did not take place.

A.5 Student Achievement: Lois Bender, Principal, Marigold Elementary School: One
With Nature – Integrating Numeracy and Learning Outdoors (presentation  here)

And let’s not forget local enviro ed champion Lenny Ross, who retired this year.

A.6  District Presentations:
Laurie Bayly, Counsellor,Craigflower Elementary School: not present
Brenda Watson, teacher, Oak Bay High School, with Trevor MacKenzie and student Molly Pearce: First Nations Poetry (Trevor MacKenzie’s detailed blog about the project  here, including several Explain Everything productions by students )

  • Brenda Watson attended First Nations workshop at SJ Willis. Obtained  permission from ANED to take the project forward.With the raising of the Snouyutth Welcome Pole at the school, project is timely.We’re always talking abut what goes on 1000s of miles away – this was about wht is gig on here.Dr. Starla Anderson was poet  in residence for the project.Students used “Explain Everything” app for productions of 3-6 minutes.Using the app avoided anxiety that is stressful for some students with traditional  presentations.

Our first guest was Starla Anderson, a retired English teacher who writes her own poetry. Starla spoke to my classes about the importance of passion and imagination in our poetry. We had read three of Starla’s poems before her visit, so the students were familiar with her work when she spoke about it. She related stories to the classes about where her ideas had come from for her work. Her visit was also the springboard for everyone to begin writing their own poems. She brought in a beautiful painted drum and it was used as a prompt for students to write. She was well-received and the students felt proud of their work.

A.7 Community Presentations
Renay Maurice:   Dress Codes In Our Public Schools (link to slides)

Maurice_SD61_DressCodes_Talking Notes 1Maurice_SD61_DressCodes_Talking Notes 2Maurice_SD61_DressCodes_Talking Notes 3Board-Copy_DressCodes2 2Board-Copy_DressCodes2 3Board-Copy_DressCodes2 4Board-Copy_DressCodes2 5

Board-Copy_DressCodes2 6


Board-Copy_DressCodes2 7Board-Copy_DressCodes2 8Board-Copy_DressCodes2 9Board-Copy_DressCodes2 10

b) Tasha Diamant : School Dress Codes  (slide presentation here)

DressCode 1

DressCode 2

DressCode 3

DressCode 4


DressCode 5

DressCode 7DressCode 8DressCode 6

DressCode 9

DressCode 10

DressCode 11

DressCode 12

DressCode 13

DressCode 14

DressCode 15

DressCode 16

c) Judy Bellis: Victoia Adacemy of Ballet and Out of Prinvce Student Fees: regretsc) DressCode 17

c) Judy Bellis: Victoria Academy of Ballet and Out of Province Student Fees : not present; regrets
d) David Futter, GVTA: District Wellness and Attendance Support program: Statistics referred to in the last Operations meeting need to be put in context. A 1% increase in attendance was mentioned, but what is the context? Aggregate numbers need analysis.Attendance management is simply looking for administrative savings. Asking employees  to go into interviews with administrators in inappropriate. There are mechanisms already in place in contract, and assistance programs already exist, ie EFAP, BCTF support programs.This is a $100,000 boondoggle.

B. Trustee Reports
B. 1 Chair’s Report : Chair Loring-Kuhanga:All Committee assignments except Junior Achievement will continue.The is no longer a need for a rep to Junior Achievement.Ferris’ report on French Immersion Committee: it hasn’t met.Some Trustees have made contact with municipal officials so that is happening.

B.2 Trustee Reports
Orcherton: Healthy Saanich Committee report attached. Participated in BCPSEA / BCSTA conference call May 24/16.
b) McNally: Attended unveiling of Spectrum High School Welcome pole and had the opportunity to speak with Songhees Nation elder Skip Dick; as Chair Loring-Kuhanga was unable to attend, read her speech at the Aboriginal Graduation ceremony at the Songhees Wellness Centre; was honoured to represent the Board with a speech to the Lambrick High School grads at UVic; attended another amazing Rockheights Middle School year end concert; attended Lambrick High School’s second annual Love is Love conference; attended the  Craigflower School year end feast and didn’t with the 50/50 draw or the Dylan Thomas print, again ; attended neighbourhood meetings for My Place Shelter on Yates Street and Choices temporary shelter in View Royal; attended the annual SD61 retirement tea to honour all the individuals who have given so many years of service to SD61 ; as Vice Chair, was called on to give a number of interviews with CBC, CHEK, CFAX regarding stakeholder / partner group participation in discussions at the Board table vs participation at Standing Committees (Education Policy and Directions and Operations Policy and Planning, which are the opportunity for anyone to have input on any topic via dialogue with the Board or presentation to the Board) and the availability of 5 minutes for anyone to present at the Board as well as the question period available at Board meetings, dress codes, water quality in schools and more.
c) Watters:Report as rep to Victoria Youth Justice and Family Court Committee. Committee has representatives from all municipalities and the CRD. Was appointed to the  subcommittee  formed to focus on the to 10 actions coming out of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in regard to Aboriginal youth in the justice system.
d) Whiteaker: Attended Mt Doug High School grad; attended VCPAC awards ceremony; attended Lambrick High School’s Love is Love conference; attended a followup on Well Ahead initiatives from May 2015.
e) Paynter: see video

C. Board Committee Reports

C. 1  Education Policy and Directions
a) Minutes
of June 6/16 info only (to be approved at next Ed Policy&Directions meeting). Lined Paper report here.
b) Recommended motions (motions that have been previously extensively debated and approved in the Ed Policy and Directions Standing Committee)

The previous number of SD61 BAA courses – about 150 at one time – has been considerably diminished after a recent review of relevance and viability.

i) That the Board approve the BAA course Global and Intercultural Studies 12. [Briefing note for course starts on p 24 of agenda.] / Carried. Unanimous.

ii) That the Board approve the BAA course Global and Intercultural Experience 12. [Course outline starts on p 33 of agenda.] / Carried. Unanimous.

  • Jeff Davis, Director, International Student Program: To answer McNally’s question from Education Policy and Directions meeting re Aboriginal languages will count as knowledge of a second language. Aboriginal ways of knowing and learning are embedded. Met  with Aboriginal elders and Chiefs.Do not intend to overlap with existing  Ministry courses and objectives.

iii) That the Board approve Policy 100 Philosophy of Education.[Policy last reviewed October 1985; reviewed and revised June 2016 by Policy Subcommittee.] / Carried. Unanimous.

C.2 Operations Policy and Planning Committee
Minutes of June 13 /16 for information only p 45-51 agenda [will be approved at next OPPS meeting]. Lined Paper report here.

b) Recommended Motions [carried after debate at the June OPPS standing committee meeting]

i) That the Board rescind the motion of May 16/16 directing staff to create a new Interim Capital Plan and further direct staff to prepare a new Capital Plan according to to Ministry instructions for submission in September.

ii) That the Board approve that a) $550,000 of the newly available funding for 2016-17 plus identified budget variances be allocated to fund purchase of mobile devices for teachers and that the previously approved annual expense budget of $250,000 for the cost to lease mobile devices ne released and applied against the structural deficit  b) $200,000 of the newly available funding for 2016-17 be allocated to address water quality issues in schools as well as school security and access issues  c) $77,353 of the newly available funding for 2016-17 be allocated to fund the purchase and / or repair and maintenance of shop equipment following a review by Facilities Services and the administration responsible for Career Programming of the immediate and future needs of District shop facilities. / Carried. Unanimous.

  • McNally: “Mobile devices” are laptops? [Yes.]
  • McNally: Motion to amend: Replace “newly available funding” with “newly returned funding from the Ministry of Education” in all the sections of this motion.  / Carried. Unanimous.
  • Orcherton: This is money we took out of Operations.
  • Associate Secretary-Treasurer Ball: In contact with Ministry, waiting for reply. Allowed after analysis .
  • Orcherton: Want recorded in minutes that the Board had the discussion about Operations money vs Capital projects funding.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Will take the [newly assessed] structural deficit from $5.9 million to $4.5 million.
  • Ferris: (b) is emergent issue but creates  additions to Operations budget. Opposed to adding to Operations budget outside of budget meetings.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Have met with Ministry and hopeful that some funds will come to help with this.

iii) That the Board direct the Policy Subcommittee to include appropriate legislative or policy references as appropriate when providing recommended updates to the Board. / Carried. Unanimous.

iv) That the Board approve Policy 3323 Purchasing Services. [p 66 agenda; had not been reviewed since 1970] / Carried. Unanimous.

v) That the Board accept the recommendations of the Policy Subcommittee that policies 1163 Consultation, 1250  Trustee/School Liaison, and 1311.1 Polling At Schools be considered reviewed with no changes.  / Carried. Unanimous.

vi) That the Board delete Policy 1164 Decision Making Authority and Accountability. [Policy adopted in 1992 and never reviewed.] / Carried. Unanimous.

  • School Act Section 5 addresses principals. What the principal is responsible for will be  a job description, not in Policy. Policies 221 Selection of Princpals and 2213 Vice Principals [last  reviewed in 1992] will be affected in terms of developing job descriptions, which  do not belong in policy..

vii) That the Board delete Policy 1220 Community Advisory Committees. [Policy adopted 1971, never reviewed; no longer structurally relevant] / Carried. Unanimous

viii) That the Board direct the Superintendent to to review Policy 1240 School Volunteers [last reviewed 1991] and its associated regulation and guidelines including consultation with our stakeholders to ensure that the District is encouraging  volunteers in schools while continuing to respect or collective agreement obligations. / Carried.  Abstain: McNally

  • McNally: Volunteers in schools in my analysis generally are dong activities that should be done by CUPE or GVTA. I would like to know which volunteering job would not plausibly be part of CUPE 947 / 38s, or GVTA’s  job description. After 35 years working in public education, I’ve seen the typical “read with kids” to often be an experience  of well meaning individuals who do not know how to teach reading to struggling students (or at all)  either listening to kids making the same mistakes over and over and solidifying that, or attempting to intervene and instruct with something unhelpful like “sound it out”. Reading instruction with struggling students should be the job of a teacher with a year-long course in Reading Recovery for  Grades One and Two. We should not be staffing a public enterprise with volunteers, and there should be no need for volunteers if public education funding were adequate. If parents would like to observe the teacher and the dynamic in their child’s class that opportunity is always there.
  • Leonard: Volunteers come in and read with kindergarten students, help with school fairs, and we don’t have funding  to pay people to do those things.Has been encouraged for 25 years.
  • Orcherton: Need clarification that it’s not doing a job of paid staff.
  • Whiteaker: School Act allows volunteers. We need to encourage parents to be in schools and be engaged.Motion to amend: Add administrators” as part of stakeholders./ Carried.
  • McNally: Motion to amend: Replace “encourage” with “allow. / Defeated.

Vancouver School Board’s application to volunteer here.

School Act: Parent volunteers 7.1  Subject to this Act, the regulations and any rules of a board, a parent of a student may provide volunteer services at or for a school.

ix) That the Board delete Policy 1260 Community Education. [Last reviewed 1995.] / Carried. Unanimous.

x) That the Board amend Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board Section 11 to include a section for correspondence. / Carried. Unanimous.

  • Superintendent: This could be handled as part of a “consent agenda”. [“The consent agenda is a SINGLE ITEM that encompasses all the things the board would normally approve with little comment. The minutes. The financials (yes, the financials!). Program reports or CEO reports. Perfunctory items such as formal approval of a contract that has already been talked to death at past meetings.” ]

xi) That the Board refer Policy 7110.1 to the Policy Subcommittee for review and update  to include the District’s surplus [“surplus”] facilities and leased properties in order to protect our assets on a long term basis. / Carried. Unanimous.

xii) That the Board task the Superintendent with developing Regulations and / or administrative guidelines for the creation, review and enforcement of school dress codes in order to ensure that any dress codes in our District reflect the Board’s commitment to gender equity in both intention and practice, and that they are in alignment with Policy 4303 Discrimination.  / Carried. 

Regulation 4303 here.

  • Orcherton: [Long speech; see video ]
  • Ferris: Point of order: This motion is not about articles of clothing. This is like codes of conduct – should be developed in teh community and not top down. [Why is conduct that is ok in one school possibly not ok in another? Why would wearing something in one school possibly not be ok to wear  in another? Will be interesting conversation going forward.]
  • Superintendent: Developing regulations and guidelines, not writing the dress codes. Just the process re how that will occur.
  • Watters: Motion talking about setting some guidelines for how codes are reviewed and how often.
  • Whiteaker: Have run into related issues more than once; have 12 year old daughter. Dressing appropriately means being prepared for the day.What are our guidelines for ensuring students are dressed appropriately for weather, field trips.
  • Leonard: Intent of the motion is “dressed appropriately”. Will this come back to the Board?
  • Superintendent: Yes.
  • Leonard: Motion to amend: Add “And that the Superintendent will bring proposed administrative guidelines back to the Board“. / Amendment carried.  Unanimous.

Why does SD61 have  different dress codes at different schools? Why would it possibly be ok to  wear a certain item  of clothing at Esquimalt High but not at Oak Bay High?

D. District Leadership Team Reports
D.1 Superintendent
(Monthly report p 86 agenda) : That the Board approve the report as presented. / Carried. Unanimous.

b) Specialty Academy fees : Recommended motion [recommended by senior administration]: That the Board make available to the public via the District website  the schedules of fees that have been approved by the parents’ advisory councils for the school where the Board proposes to offer a specialty academy. / z Unanimous

  • McNally: A reminder that this does not mean I support fees in public schools or the “Academy” concept.
  • Leonard: SD61 has only 4 Academies now?
  • Associate Superintendent Kitchen: Yes, Esquimalt Curling, Rockheights Hockey and the Lacrosse Academies all no longer in operation.

Lambrick Baseball Academy: $1500 / year. Esquimalt Rugby: $1000 / year. Reynolds Soccer: $1000/ year. Spectrum Hockey: $1500 / year. Lined Paper has several posts in “Academies” category. One re the Rugby Academy here, April 2014 at 8. A.   School Act re Academies, Section 82.

c) That the Board approve the 2016/17 Board of Education proposed meeting dates and Standing Committee meeting dates. / Carried as revised.  Unanimous.

d) That the Board approve the proposed Board planning dates for 2016-17. / Carried. Unanimous. [p 93 agenda: August 29, January 30, June 19]

D.2  Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (agenda p 97)
a) That the Board approve the Secretary-Treasurer’s report as presented. / Carried. Unanimous.

b) Recommended [ by Sec-Treas]  motion : That the Board amend the District Facilities Plan Committee TOR to include the membership of [meaning, the representatives from]  the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations./ Carried. Unanimous.

c) Water Safety Update (agenda pp 100 – 105)

  • Leonard: Other Districts have this problem to same degree?
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Can’t see SD61 as being the only District.Now have good information going forward.

See page 53 of agenda for Ministry follow-up letter to the letter below re District Capital Plan.


E. Question Period: 1. If partners can’t comment on the questions and motions at the Board table, what is the int of sitting at the table?  [Submitted by VCPAC President]

  • Watters: Discussion on this is rooted in the Bylaw.
  • McNally: Robert’s Rules define the Board as “the assembly” made up of elected members and a Board meeting is the work of the Board. The Standing Committees are where the extensive comment and debate takes place. Stakeholders commenting on debate at the Board table is not support  ed in SD61 Bylaw or Robert’s Rules and is another  informal chair-discretionary “Board Tradition”.

F. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items :Chair: KPMG will be SD61’s auditors, and have provided an audit planning document.

G. New Business / Notice of Motion
G.1 New Business [Motions to be debated and voted on for the first time at this meeting]

a) Ferris: That the Board rescind the motion from December 14/15 that moved the annual [internal] Trustee elections from November Board meeting to the June Board meeting.[Moved up in agenda.]

b) McNally: That the Board direct the Chair to sign the Choices Neighbourhood agreement as presented. /  Carried. Unanimous.

G.2 Notices of Motion [Advance notice of a motion that will be placed on a future agenda. For heads-up info, or to let everyone know that an issue will be addressed.]

a) Whiteaker: Motion to continue Parent Education fund : for September OPPS. (Report from  Deputy Superintendent Green p 94 agenda.)

H. Adjournment: 10:55 pm


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