Oct 11/16: The Record Off The Record: Operations Standing Committee: Voted In


Members of OPPS: Chair Leonard; McNally, Paynter, Watters  (ex officio Loring-Kuhanga – vote but not counted for quorum).

Operations Policy and Planning,  September 19, 2016
Chair: Leonard
Not in attendance: Loring-Kuhanga, Orcherton (not at  Ed Policy October 3), Whiteaker

Territory Acknowledgement900

1.Agenda adopted.
2. OPP minutes
  Sept 19/16 approved.
3. Business Arising from the minutes: None.
4. Presentations to the Committee: None.
5. Superintendent’s Report:
A) Superintendent introduced Student Rep Eilidh Morrison,  Reynolds High School.
B) Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee TOR (pp 12-14 agenda)

Recommended motion [by Superintendent]: That the Board approve the Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee TOR./ Carried. Unanimous [Not present: Loring-Kuhanga, Orcherton (missed Ed Policy October 3), Whiteaker ]

  • Paynter: what would you see in the final plan?
  • Katie Hamilton, Manager, Community Engagement and Communications: Transparent process, all input to be put before the Board; anyone can see input and process and how recommendations were developed. Short and long term recommendations will come forward after consultation with all publics. Will come forward at the end of the process . Might require budget considerations.
  • Waters: Necessary to have some way to measure success.
  • Nohr: Hoping parent input will be broadly sought.
  • Superintendent: Will include stakeholder groups that are at the Board table, but will include VCPAC and parents beyond VPAC, a broad parent community.Seeking out the typically disenfranchised.
  • Hamilton: Municipalities have great potential for engagement. Not all have dedicated education liaison, as Oak Bay does.

6. Personnel Items: Medical Accommodation Program: District Principal, [not “Manager” or “Director”]Human Resource Services Colin Roberts

  • McNally: Interesting statistics re employee groups, but would be more meaningful if expressed as percentages of total employee group workforce. Can that be forwarded to Trustees?
  • Roberts: Yes.

7. Finance and Legal Affairs
A. District Jurisdiction Over Rentals (pp 18-33 agenda)
B. 2017-18 Budget Plan (p 34)

  • Secretary-Treasurer: General plan for consultation; more detail later. Not a typical year for SD61 budget. Deficit lowered for this year. Want to allow for broad input.
  • McNally: Could we have partner group input collated by group and frequency of similar comments? Has been done, but recently has  been a hard to work with random listing of many pages, with many repetitive separate comments.

C. 2016-17 Enrolment Update (pp 35-36)
D. Sept 30/16 Quarterly Financial Report
(pp 37-38)

  • Secretary-Treasurer: 3d column mostly over 10 months of operations but Principals and Vice Principals work over the summer.

E. Trustee Pro-D Funds
(p 39)

  • Superintendent: Professional development opportunities haven’t been made available to Trustees. October 15, Ed Camp; October teacher workshop at George jay on working with immigrant students, includes Settlement Workers in Schools presentation; November 18, 19 GAFE Summit.
  • Paynter: Auditor-General suggests good idea to have Trustees with financial expertise.
  • Superintendent: Will bring the issue to Ed policy in the future; learning goals with senior administration and PVP is close to what Paynter is suggesting.
  • David Futter (GVTA 2nd VP, H&S) : February 24 Tri District (61, 62, 63) pro-d event. Inviting Trustees to attend.

F. Policy Sub-Committee Report
(pp 40-45)

Recommended motion [recommended by Policy Sub-Committee]
i) Delete Policy 3313.1 Sale of Merchandise or Services Vending Machines in Secondary Schools. / Carried. Unanimous [Broader than vending machines; some schools have ATMs now.]
ii) Delete Policy 3327 Grants (Fees For Service)./ Carried. Unanimous.
iii. That the Board create Policy 2101 Deputy Superintendent. / Carried. Unanimous.

  • McNally: Some job descriptions are being taken out of Policy and rightly. But this is adding one to Policy.
  • Superintendent: Senior administration positions are in Policy and Regulation but a multitude that were, should be HR job descriptions.
  • Leonard: The Regulation should refer to # 3 “related to teaching and learning”, and #10, “one of the Standing Committees”. [Change will be made.]

8.  Facilities Planning:
A. Facility Plan Update
(pp 46-47)
B. School Enhancement Program
[more just-in-time shingle factory-style ad hoc funding from the BC Libs] : Good news in tentative approval  with correspondence to come – SD61 submitted 4 projects for $2 million, all at Burnside.
C. Community Use of Facilities – Childcare Providers
(pp 48-49)
D. Testing Lead Content in Drinking Water of School Facilities
(pp 50-59)

  • Loveridge: 33% mandated to  be tested on an ongoing basis each year. No funding for this.

9. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None
10. New Business:

A. Paynter: That commencing at the end of the 2015/16 fiscal year [that fiscal year has ended] the Trustee Pro-D fund allocations will be returned to general revenue for allocation in the next fiscal year./ Withdrawn.
B. McNally on behalf of Whiteaker: That the Board amend Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees to remove the words “with votng rights” from Item #4 and Item #5. / Carried. Unanimous.

  • McNally: (for Whiteaker) : If all Trustees attend a SAtandig Committee and vite, that is by definition a meeting of the Board, and that’s not what Standing Committees are  intended to provide.
  • Ferris: In favour. Standing Committees will run more efficiently and Trustees can all vote at the board meeting.

In 2008, when “Board Traditions” (aka “what the Chair decides in the moment”) were the “go to” for meeting order,  in an  egregious disregard for how Standing Committees work according to the Board’s own Bylaws (6. A quorum is a majority of trustee members on the committee ) on more than one occasion when Standing Committee quorum was not achieved a Trustee who was not on the Committee was simply “voted in” to achieve  quorum.Below, only one instance.


C. McNally: That the Board rescind the motion previously passed on January 23, 1989 addressing partner group participation at Board meetings. / Withdrawn. [Ad Hoc Committee has been struck to deal with participation.]

11. (Was “Adjournment” last meeting ) General Announcements: None
12. Adjournment
:8:50 p,

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