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BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils / BCCPAC


  • 2016 Resolutions here. You will need to check which ones carried at the AGM, if you can find the AGM minutes.
  • There are 200+ Resolutions  ongoing, achieved or pending. Worth a look. Chose “any” to see all of them, though you can narrow  down by category in the dropdown menu. Here’s an interesting one from 1994 still on the books:

“That students have the opportunity to be taught the most commonly held theories on the origins of our universe and life on our planet, or at least be given a list of resources to explore these on their own; And that students be encouraged to discuss the pros and cons of these theories without being criticized for their opinions, in order to promote critical thinking skills; And that students be taught evolution as theory, not fact. ” Status:  Active.

  • New Executive after Spring 2016   AGM here.
    BCCPAC President John Bird, former Victoria DPAC President.
    Former SD61 Superintendent John Gaiptman hired to newly created BCCPAC position “Executive Director”, June 21/16.
  • BCCPAC’s existence is not mandated as part of the BC  School Act, though a 1998 Resolution attempting to change that is active.
  • BCCPAC website states “We represent a membership of the Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), and District Parent Advisory Councils (DPACs) of the BC school districts.” [Each PAC has one DPAC voting rep, and sadly enough, parent participation in most PACs at a schools is a tiny percentage of the parents in that school.]
  • Interesting background reading:  January 2012 letter from former  BCCPAC President Ann Whiteaker (now SD61 Greater Victoria Trustee) to the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils here.
  • More correspondence on the page here.

BCCPAC History

  • On September 8, 1915, the first official parent organization was launched at the oldest school in the province, Craigflower, then on the outskirts of Victoria.

Constitution and Bylaws

  • BCCPAC members approved changes to the Bylaws at the May 2015 AGM.


  • Members are both DPACS and individual school PACS.[Each PAC has one voting rep.]


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