Jan 16/17: Operations Policy and Planning: The Record Off The Record: Long Term Facilities Planning is Exciting!

Members of OPPS: Chair Watters; Leonard, McNally, Paynter (ex officio Loring-Kuhanga – votes but not counted for quorum).

Operations Policy and Planning, November 14, 2016
Present:McNally, Paynter, Nohr
Members Not Present: Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga
Not present: Ferris, Nohr,  Orcherton, Whiteaker

Territory Acknowledgement900

1.Agenda adopted
2. OPP minutes Dec 5/16  approved. SD61 minutes here; Lined Paper blog post here.
3. Business Arising from the minutes:None
4. Presentations to the Committee: None  [Your chance to present for 5 minutes to the committee and engage in dialogue with members of the Committee and other Trustees who choose to attend]
5. Superintendent’s Report:
A) Superintendent introduced Student Rep Eilidh Morrison, Reynolds Secondary

6. Personnel Items:
A.Teacher Qualifications (P 9 agenda) : Colin Roberts, Director, Human Resources:
PowerPoint slides here.
7. Finance and Legal Affairs
A. 2016/17 Funding Update:
Figures from December calculations, based on September 30 student count.Enrolment increased by 180. In February will give exact information in regard to projected budget.
B. Dec 31/16 Quarterly Report
(P 12 agenda)



C.2017/18 Partner Group Budget Input Summary (Pp 13-17 agenda):

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Questionnaire (Pp15-16 agenda) provided to all schools, all partner groups. Will gather more information before February.Difficult to plan since no one knows what the outcome of the BCTF Supreme court win will be.
  • McNally: Was the questionnaire provided to VCPAC to distribute to PACs or to all parents? Parents at several SD61 schools  have chosen not to organize a PAC.
  • Katie Hamilton (Manager, Community Engagement and Communications): Reaching out with broad strategy to reach broader audience; main focus to d simplify and clarify budget and presentations so people can understand without having to come to meetings.
  • Superintendent: Developing graphic presentation.
  • Watters: An analysis of which requests come from which groups woudl be valuable.Will need to respond to input we get.
  • Paynter: Questions on questionnaire are too generic. Might want to ask instead of #1 as it stands (“What areas shoudl be given priority in order to support success for all students?”), “What would make a difference for my child?“.


D. Policy SubCommittee Report: Policies and Regulations for deletion (Pp 13-17 agenda)
Motions recommended:
i. Delete Policy 4135.4 Teacher Staff Grievance Procedure. [Outdated; not in line with Collective Agreement.]/ Carried. Unanimous.
ii. Delete Policy 5126 Awards and Recognition.  [ Was possibly enshrined to deal with a specific incident in the past; Teacher Code of Ethic and various other  documents address this.] / Carried. Unanimous.
iii. Delete Policy 5127 Recognition Ceremonies./ Carried. Unanimous.
E. School Calendars 2017/18 and 2018/19: / Greg Kitchen, Associate Superintendent: Post calendars on SD61 website for 1 month. / Carried. Unanimous. (Winter break and spring break line up for 3 South Island Districts, as do many but not all pro-d days.)

F. Update on Public Engagement and Communication Plan (P 28 agenda) [At issue is partner group speakers on motions at Board meetings.  Robert’s Rules stipulate that debate on motions at  Board meetings is the work of the Assembly and the Assembly is elected officials – in this case, Trustees.Ample opportunities are available to partner gorps and the public for dialogue at Standing Committees, though past iterations of the SD61 Board have informally encouraged input at Board meetings, and now, without going through the required process to change the applicable Bylaws, the practice has become enshrined, until recently when objection was raised.By me.]

8. Facilities Planning

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Finding space for itinerant work space, teacher work space, work space for students with diverse needs [“special needs” obviously out of favour all over as an education term now] ./ Demonstration of Baragar projection system capabilities.
  • McNally: Baragar analysis of catchment area movement is a rational response to marketization of “school choice”. Very exciting!
  • Paynter: Would be interesting to know reasons for going out of catchment.
  • Superintendent: Data challenges assumptions.If all students went to catchment schools SD61 would have enough space. Transfer Committee is working on this and related issues.
  • Waters: What is the cost of this? Ongoing cost?
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Costly but worth it.
  • McNally: Would like actual cost figure soon. Looks absolutely worth it.

9. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None
10. New Business: None

11. Notices of Motion [Notice from the floor for a motion for an an agenda of an upcoming meeting; not necessary but an opportunity for a heads-up, and public record of intent to bring a motion forward.] None.

12. General Announcements: None
13. Adjournment: 8:55  pm

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