March 13/17: Board Meeting: One Learning Community Committee

Trustee salaries (aka “stipend): $20,486/year effective Dec 1/14. Chair and vice-chair receive an extra $3,000 and $1,500, respectively.

Board Meeting March 13/17
Chair: Loring-Kuhanga
Ferris (elected 1999), Leonard (elected 1996), Loring-Kuhanga (elected 2011), McNally (elected 2011), Nohr (elected 2011), Orcherton (elected 1999), Paynter (elected 2014), Watters (elected 2014),  Whiteaker (elected 2014)
Board work plan here.
Agenda  here.


Territory Acknowledgement900

A.1 Agenda: Adopted with additions:  At C.2 , add Whiteaker, Nohr; at H.1, Whiteaker
A.2 Approval of Minutes: Board minutes Feb 27/17  here; approved.  Lined Paper report here.
A.3. Business Arising From Minutes: None (amended)
A.4 Student Achievement: Lynda Whittam Principal,  and Katie Simmonds, VP, Northridge Elementary School: Presentation here.
A.5 District Presentations: None
A.6 Community Presentations:  [5 minutes each
for members of the public / partner groups to present. The Chair must remind you at  the 5 minute limit  so please rehearse. Get your name on the agenda by Thursday noon, but it is possible to present after that. Email the Chairs of the Committees and the Board: Ed Policy&Directions; Operations Policy and Planning; Board ]
Fred Schmidt, President, CUPE 382: Speech to the Board objecting to plans for custodial position changes


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C.1 Chair’s Report:
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C.2 Trustees’ Reports
(on video)

  • ANED / ANEC assigned liaison:  1.March reading  from ANED library: Goodbye Buffalo Bay (Larry Loyie)  2. February 28  regular Choices Transitional Home community meeting: March 21 7 pm, Don Evans (Our Place)  will present a vision for a Therapeutic Recovery Community to View Royal Council and Community. Choices occupies the former YDC at the end of Talcott Rd, a long block from Eagleview Elementary School.  Another Choices community meeting March 28. 3. March 2 attended South Park PAC : screen time parent education 4. March 6, March 13  ongoing Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee meetings with Trustee Orcherton, SD61 Superintendent, and Community Engagement and Communications Officer .  5. Attended monthly My Place Transitional Shelter community meeting: My Place Transitional Shelter March 7 closing May 31. 6. March 7 attended Central Middle School PAC : Student phone / screen  time parent discussion  7. Saanich Arts and Culture: No meeting in March   8. March 9 attended Quadra Elementary  Student Mental Health Extravaganza, a very affecting and informative evening :

Peter Monk, Children and Youth Mental Health team leader, and Quadra School are pleased to present an evening of information by experts and parents on children’s mental health.  Topics include: depression, anxiety, attention deficit, and conduct. Mental health is an important issue to discuss at any age, even in elementary school.“A lot of the information we know now” explains Quadra Elementary School vice principal Cheryl Rolston “says that if we find problems that are existing children that are young, and treat them, then they won’t exist when people are adults, so we know at this age, it’s a really important age to start.” And that’s why Rolston, along with Quadra parent Lesley Valour, are spearheading a mental health information night, at Victoria’s Quadra Elementary School. “All the speakers come from Child and Youth Mental Health Victoria” says Rolston, “and they’ll be speaking about the most common things that occur with children at this age, so anxiety difficulties, attention difficulties, conduct difficulties, and a little bit where we start to see some mood problems occurring.” Lesley Valour says that “mental health awareness is really important, and I’d like to help reduce the stigma around it.” Valour and her son were in two car accidents – neither of them her fault – in a six month period. “My son ended up pulling out half of his hair in two weeks, due to the trauma of it. He started having panic attacks in the car, not able to cope with me sort of normally driving, and when the panic attacks occurred, I’d have to pull over instantly, and hold him.” It took a year of therapy, but Valour’s son, who just turned nine, is now fine. And Valour says that “had I had more information, and been more aware, I would have gotten him help sooner.” That’s why she’s helping organize the evening. “Often people don’t think that mental health issues arise in kids so young” says Valour, “but this is where the first signs start to show, and so I think it’s really important to identify the problems, and to get help as soon as possible.” “Parents are really the best advocates for their children” Rolston points out. “We need them to know the information about mental health issues, and know that it’s ok to seek help – even just to ask questions.“We’d love for it to be as normal to go for help for a mental health problem as it is to go for a physical health problem, and for nobody to be scared of that.”

Trustee Watters’ description of the composition of and the work of  ANEC during the time she was assigned: [summarized]:

The Aboriginal Nations Education Council (ANEC) is made up of a diverse group of individuals who provide perspectives from a variety of backgrounds.
The Council is chaired by Janice Simcoe of Camosun College, and includes members of Aboriginal communities, organizations, families, Elders and students. Representing the school district are administrators, teachers and Aboriginal Nations Education Division (ANED) staff, and a trustee. The Council meets monthly [at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre] and is engaged in a variety of activities.

b) Whiteaker:  Motions carried at VISTA [Vancouver Island School Trustees Association] will come to the BCSTA AGM. Looking for nominations to VISTA Executive. Supporting Aboriginal dancers to come to the AGM. Middle School committee started on March 9. Central Middle School Faces of Victoria project.
Nohr: Visited schools in Reynolds group, and Lansdowne  Middle School [Vic High group] as well.  Have seen the value of Settlement Workers in schools.

SD61 Board Bylaw 9368, Article 104.01 stipulates  considerations of motions from a committee as a group, unless a Trustee requests one to be severed from the group for consideration.

D.1 Combined Education Policy and Directions Committee & Operations Policy and Planning Committee
Minutes March 6/17  info only Pp 13-16 agenda (will be reviewed and   amended / adopted next Ed Policy meeting). Lined Paper report for that meeting here.
b) Recommended motions (recommended because they carried at the Standing Committee meeting. For exact wording see agenda.)

i) That the Board support the Day of Mourning, April 28, 2017 and communicate support to all employees. / Carried. Unanimous.

E.1 Superintendent’s Report (P 17 agenda)

  • Orcherton: Is there a Plan B for any situations at the border? [ for the few trips to the US that are going ahead]
  • Superintendent: At one school, one student potentially affected. Teacher visited student’s home; decision was to add additional chaperone.

a) That the Board receive the Superintendent’s report  as presented./ Carried. Unanimous.
b) One Learning Community Ad Hoc Committee : That the Board approve the terms of reference for the One Learning Community Ad Hoc Committee./ Carried unanimously as amended below. [Superintendent: The Code of conduct is in it second iteration and will come forward to the Board.]

  • Leonard: Unusual in that it didn’t come from Trustees.Ongoing committee? Advisory?
  • Superintendent: To be determined by the Board.
  • Whiteaker: See it as probably Ad Hoc, dissolved by the Board when work is done.
  • Orcherton: Concerned with ore reps from GVTA and PVPA, with 1 CUPE, 2 Trustees – all other groups have 3. Make it all 3 reps or all 1 rep.
  • Watters: Look at membership. Need students, members of broader community.Would like to see invitation come through GSA.
  • McNally: We just heard from CUPE 382 and the work of Terry at Northridge (custodian); we need CUPE 382 represented. Where is ASA? Why are Executive members from the GVTA specified when not Executive of other groups / unions? Not the executive. The unions can decide how to send reps. And why the variations in numbers, some groups 3, some 1?
  • Watters: Motion to amend: Add to “membership”: reps from Allied Specialists Association, CUPE 382, Songhees and Esquimalt Nations,  Principals and vice Principals Association, student voice, and GVTA 1 rep each from elementary, middle and high school . / Carried.  Unanimous.


one learning community tor

c) Trustee Questions:

  1. Paynter: Uplands arson attempt? / Attempted arson; failed.
  2. Whiteaker: Bylaw 9360– motion carried to add partner group reports to the Board agenda. When? / April OPP committee wu ill bring recommendations re representation at the table and process regarding that. Committee is receptive to voices of stakeholders.
  3. Whiteaker: Parent complaint process – when will we get clarification? / Will be presentation at April OPP from HR department

E.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (P 21)
a) TTB receive  the Secretary-Treasurer’s report as presented./ Carried. Unanimous.

  • David Loveridge, Director of Facilities : Thanks to CUPE 382 for presentation. Taking a detailed look at all cleaning runs. Initial review completed, entering data. Now looking at comparisons with provincial averages for square  foot cleaning and more. Been 17 years since cleaning runs were reviewed; this  is not just to reduce runs – more complex – where resources need to go. Discussion continues with staff on the proposed 16 runs. Not just trying to add work.Will bring back the plan. Open for ongoing conversations.

F. QUESTION PERIOD: (Written, submitted in the meeting questions from the public / stakeholders): None

(report out after an in camera motion and majority vote in favour, to disclose to the public): None

H.1 New Business

a) Whiteaker: Motion from last meeting re BCSTA withdrawn. [Whiteaker: That the Board provide the following motion to the BCSTA AGM: “that the BCSTA urge government to bring Early Childhood Development and the appropriate for funding under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.”/ Withdrawn with consent of the meeting.] Was carried unanimously by VISTA. [So looks like it’s back on the table.] / Carried at this meeting. Unanimous.

  • Paynter: MCFD is crisis oriented.
  • Leonard: Space? Could displace daycares. Full funding is important.
  • Whiteaker: Not implying we will shut down daycares.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Early Childhood Education needs to be more holistic.What about broader social determinants of health? Infants and toddlers need staff of 1:8. Space concerns.But overall better suited to Ministry of Education than MCFD.
  • Whiteaker: [to close]: Have read citations for licensing information and and space; the motion is not the plan. The plan will be developed . Leads to $10 a day child care.

H.2 Notices of Motion [Heads up re motions coming to a following meeting; for 2012 -2014 term this  was a way to get motions on the public record as the then-Chair(s) often refused to accept  motions for the agenda,  and many perfectly in order motions were arbitrarily ruled “out of order”. That seems to have been cleared up now.]: None

I. Adjournment: 9:10 pm.

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