April 5/17: Public Budget Meeting: No School Closures, So No Public


The Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria)
Special Board Budget Meeting, Wednesday, April 5, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.
Tolmie Boardroom, 556 Boleskine Road

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Present: Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker
Not present: Ferris, Nohr, Orcherton, or any member of the public

  1. Welcome – Chair Loring-Kuhanga
  1. 2017/2018 Annual Budget Presentation: Secretary-Treasurer
  •  Grant numbers are different for each District because of collective agreement language. Every month have to report to the ministry. Grants don’t increase block funding and in that way avoids sending more money to private schools.
  •   [The SCC BCTF win was for public education, not private schools.]
  • Slide 5: Deficit chart operating fund only; not including “classroom enhancement fund”. Projecting deficit of $4,104,887 for next fiscal year.
  • Slide 6: Local revenue increased from last year (was lowballed last year) to what is actually expected; takes into account International student revenue and Francophone Authority rentals.
  • Slide 7: Per student (1 FTE) funding up slightly: $7,301

The provincial government’s decision to fund school districts based on the number of students isn’t working, according to a growing number of critics. Since 2002, per-pupil funding has comprised the bulk of operations funding for school districts each year.But the BC School Trustees’ Association and parent groups like the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils and Parent Advocacy Network are calling on the government to re-examine the per-pupil funding formula.While supplementary grants are provided to adjust for factors like the number of students learning English or with special needs, most funding is based on how many students show up for schools in September.

  • Slide 9: Downward trend in distributed learning. Student have more options than ever before. Some might have gone to SD63 SIDES distance learning.
  • Slide 10: Local Education Agreements: With Songhees Nation only; Esquimalt Nation does not participate. Still required to report on Administrate Savings [aka the “take away with one hand, give back with the other and call it funding” program. Offshore / Out of Province tuition is up; short term educational stays (6 weeks – 3 months) are up.
  • Slide 16: Communication Officer aligned with Strategic Plan. Professional Learning Support – many schools use this for release time.  .1 positions  were to support tech implementation at first  now supporting literacy  at each school.
  • Slide 17: Leases are going down but not anticipating a loss in rental revenue. Tech packages in schools need upkeep.
  • Superintendent: SD61 received $950,000 from the province for instructional materials. Sought input as required from SD61 DPAC re tech for students. 2250 student devices could be distributed throughout SD61.
  • Whiteaker: Is a Committee working on safe tech use,how to teach safe tech use – mental health and too much screen time – what are we doing to counter all the negatives?
  • Superintendent: Tech plan coming before end of year; includes safety.
  • Whiteaker: Want Policy and Regulations along with that.
  • Slide 19:   Numbers 3, 5 and 6 are local capital dollars. 1. Support for Student Technology is not a capital item. This possibility for the budget is not a multiple year ask – front end loading the initiative. 2. Inclusive Learning Space  // McNally: What exactly are “inclusive learning spaces”? They are breakout rooms for students usually with special needs who are not able to be in the classroom for a time, correct? Let’s call them what they are as “inclusive learning spaces” does not describe them at all. // 3. Environmental upgrades woudl be a 5-10 year payback in savings. Includes distance control of heat and boiler upgrades . 4. Apply to deficit  5. Expansion of tech for learning – to portables 6. Shop upgrades: A consultant’s report was done on health and safety issues –  acting on those. Other organizations have been investing in SD61 shops. The District needs to invest. Shop upgrade plan coming in May. Looking to refocus – Marine engineering, Marine tech.
  • Slide 20: No dental income covers SD61 expenses.  SD61 subsidizes rentals. Policy 1330 and Regulation. Taking steps to establish cost recovery basis.Salaries and Benefits: need an evening manager in Facilities.
  • Slide 21: SD61 24 FTE teachers
  • Slide 22: The question mark means the cost estimate does  not meet SD61 requirements becasue of local collective agreement language re class size ad composition
  • Slide 23: Regret from Loring-Kuhanga; will no be able to attend April 19th final debate.

3. Adjournment

Background Documents

Grants to Districts to Date

17-18-summary-of-grants 117-18-summary-of-grants 217-18-summary-of-grants 317-18-summary-of-grants 4

Estimated Operating Grant Letter

193335 - Estimated Operating Grant Letter 2017-18 1193335 - Estimated Operating Grant Letter 2017-18 2193335 - Estimated Operating Grant Letter 2017-18 3

Classroom Enhancement Fund [AKA Court Ordered Return of Money Stolen Via Illegal Means]



193513 Classroom Enhancement Fund 1



193513 Classroom Enhancement Fund 2


193513 Classroom Enhancement Fund 3

MOE Budget 2017  Overview February 2017


MOE Budget 2017 Overview Feb 2017 1


MOE Budget 2017 Overview Feb 2017 2MOE Budget 2017 Overview Feb 2017 3

MOE Budget 2017 Overview Feb 2017 4

MOE Budget 2017 Overview Feb 2017 5

MOF BC Budget and Fiscal Plan 2017-20


MOF BC Budget and Fiscal Plan 2017-2020 1

MOF BC Budget and Fiscal Plan 2017-2020 2

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