April 10/17: Operations Policy & Planning: Partner Groups Have Voice at Board Table


Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee
April 10, 2017

Members of OPP: Chair Watters; Leonard, McNally, Paynter (ex officio Loring-Kuhanga – vote but not counted for quorum
Present: Watters (Committee Chair), McNally, Leonard, Paynter, & Loring-Kuhanga, Whiteaker
Members of Standing Committee Not Present: All present
Not present : Ferris, Nohr, Orcherton

Territory Acknowledgement900

1.Agenda: Adopted
2. Ed Policy and OPP minutes combined: March 6/17 : Approved. SD61 minutes here; Lined Paper blog post here.
3. Business Arising from the minutes: None
4. Presentations to the Committee:  [Your chance to present  to the committee and engage in related dialogue with members of the Committee and other Trustees who choose to attend, as important information is presented at Standing Committees]
A. Susan Abells, Anomura Housing Society: Anomura evolved out of Microhousing Victoria.

  • McNally: That the Board authorize senior administration to engage with the Anomura Housing society to develop a feasibility study of land use with respect to proposal for temporary housing. / Carried. For: McNally, Paynter, Watters  Against: Leonard [Leonard’s motion to “table” defeated 3-1.]
  • Anomura presentation:  SD61 – April 10, 2017

B. Lise Richard, Active and Safe Routes to School Project : Presentation here.

5. Superintendent’s Report:
A) Superintendent introduced Student Rep    Justin Lo, Mount Douglas  Secondary School

6. Personnel Items:
A.Procedure For Responding To Parental Concerns: Director of Human Resources: Pp 7-8 agenda

  • Paynter: When investigation of a teacher is concluded, parents don’t get information on the result? This is a black hole of information. Want legal background on this practice.
  • Whiteaker: Some complaints are addressed again and again, annually, in regard to the same teacher.How can this go on without discipline or some directive to improve?Losing an opportunity to support teachers. Is it up to school administration whether this comes to HR or not?
  • Director  of HR: yes. If more serious would use investigation process.
  • Paynter: Regulation 1155 should be revised  to compel contact with HR.

7. Finance and Legal Affairs
Budget 2017-18: Pp 9-22 agenda
Public Budget Information 2017-18: Pp 23-24 agenda
March 31/17 Quarterly Financial Report: Pp25-26 agenda

Report of the Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee: Pp 27-35

Recommended motion:
i. That the Board approve revised Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board to reflect the opportunity for stakeholder partners to comment (but not vote) on agenda items at Board of Education meetings. / Carried.

Committee agreed to move ii and ii to Board meeting as they are actions of the Board.
ii. That the Board agree to give all 3 readings of Bylaw 9360 at this meeting.
iii. All 3 readings

iv. That the Board direct the Superintendent to enhance the information available to the public and stakeholders about their role and voiced at meetings, the ability to address the Board ad participate at Standing  Committees, as well as update the agenda package and inform the meeting itself, improve the District website and develop an orientation program on governance for partner representatives and Trustees. / Carried as amended below. For: Leonard,McNally, Watters Against: Paynter

  • Watters: Amendment: Delete “and develop an orientation program on governance for partner representatives and Trustees”./ Carried. For: Leonard, McNally, Watters Against: Paynter

v. That the Board direct the Superintendent to extend the timeline of the Public Engagement and Communications Committee to include the 2017-18 school year. / Carried.

E. BC Transit Update: Students continue to have concerns about Transit’s decision  to discontinue one youth program. Possibility of District selling student bus passes at schools. Updates to come.

F. Policy Sub-committee Report: Recommended motions:/ All carried unanimously.
i. That the Board delete Policy 2123.040 Manager Building Operations.
[Many job descriptions have incorrectly been place in Policy over the years, and many of these jobs are no longer the same / called the same thing.]
ii. TTB delete Policy 2123.045 Supervisor of Maintenance.
iii. TTB delete policy 2123.046 Supervisor of Construction.

G. Student Learning Grant: Superintendent (Pp41-42 agenda): One time only Student Learning Grant from province. Total $27 million. SD61 gets $955,761. Will provide equitable access to student technology.

  • Whiteaker: Confused about Central Middle School discussions about eliminating technology. [ PAC meeting discussed in March the possibility of limiting student access to phones during the school day.]
  • Superintendent: Discussion around phones and iPads – phones in  schools. Some research at Uvic. All research conducted in schools needs to come through me. So will wait to see. Students have access to iPads and Chromebooks in any case.

8. Facilities Planning: None

9. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None
10. New Business: None

11. Notices of Motion [Notice from the floor for a motion for an an agenda of an upcoming meeting; not necessary but an opportunity for a heads-up, and public record of intent to bring a motion forward.]
i. McNally : That the Board approve allocating the one-time operating budget surplus of $1.4million as follows: Support for Student Tech $3400K, Student Breakout Rooms $400K, Environmental Upgrades $200L, Shop Upgrades $400K.

12. General Announcements: None
13. Adjournment: 10:15 pm



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