April 24/17 Board Meeting: Facilities Reorganization


Board Meeting April 24/17 (video here)
Chair: Loring-Kuhanga
Ferris (elected 1999), Leonard (elected 1996), Loring-Kuhanga (elected 2011), McNally (elected 2011), Nohr (elected 2011), Orcherton (elected 1999), Paynter (elected 2014), Watters (elected 2014),  Whiteaker (elected 2014)
Board work plan here.
Agenda  here.

Territory Acknowledgement900

A.1 Agenda:
A.2 Approval of Minutes: Board minutes March 13/17:   Adopted.  Lined Paper report here.
A.3. Business Arising From Minutes: None
A.4 Student Achievement: No presentation.

A.5 District Presentations:
a) Lindsay Ross: Teacher Librarian, Gordon Head Middle School receives Val Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award

A.6 Community Presentations:  [5 minutes each for members of the public / partner groups to present. The Chair must remind you at  the 5 minute limit  so please rehearse. Get your name on the agenda by Thursday noon, but it is possible to present after that. Email the Chairs of the Committees and the Board: Ed Policy&Directions  awhiteaeker@sd61.bc.ca; Operations Policy and Planning jwatters@sd61.bc.ca; Board eloring@sd61.bc.ca ]
Dave Emerson, CUPE 382: Facilities reorganization concerns
Gilles Larose, CUPE 382 Facilities reorganization concerns
Darren Reed, CUPE 382: Facilities reorganization concerns
Larry Layne (Saanich resident): Solar power , school-sited  communitygardens

  • Encouraging solar panels on school roofs. 84 panels on Salt Spring High School. Federal financial grants; seed money from municipalities? Encouraging PACs to think of parts of school grounds as organic neighbourhood gardens. School grounds are natural walkable communities. Custodians of schools part of community; value is beyond cleaning.

e) Carolyn Howe, GVTA and South Park Elementary parent Crystal Hammer: Concerns regarding custodial restructuring plans. Reduction in custodial time in schools gives rise to concerns. There will be more classrooms in School District 61 next year and additional portables. Not clear how this will work. Custodians the time to respond to emerging issues and the school is already on clean enough. Children with not allergies need a very high level of cleaning.

f) 7 others on custodial restructuring plan (on video)

B. CORRESPONDENCE: From Ministry of Education: “Your Kid’s Progress” (P 12 agenda)

(all on video)
C.1 Chair’s Report:
Attended  BCSTA  AGM along with trustees Watters, Paynter, McNally, Whiteaker. 400 attendees. Paynter is now Treasurer for Vancouver Island School Trustees Association, and Watters was elected to VISTA Education Committee.
C.2 Trustees’ Reports
(on video)
Watters: Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee (Pp13-17 agenda)

  • Watters: TRC has 94 recommendations, 7 targeting  education. Would like support from Board to direct the Superintendent to work with Deputy Superintendent to create a synopsis to share at this table. Notice of motion for Education Policy.

b) McNally:

  • March 16: Saanich Arts, Culture and Heritage meeting cancelled. Attended Food Rescue Distribution Centre grand opening, a collaboration between Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria, Thrifty Foods, The Victoria Foundation, and the 40+ members of the Food Share Network .
  • March 21: Attended initial Therapeutic Recovery Community (Our Place) presentation to View Royal Council, in support of timeline extension of Choices Transitional Shelter to December 2017 in former YDC, long block from Eagleview Elementary School.
  • March 22: Attended community meeting re Choices extension to December 2017 (March 2018 contingency time) , and future vision as Therapeutic Recovery Community – 350 invitations hand delivered; about 20 present.
  • April 3: Attended Public Engagement Committee working meeting
  • April 4: Attended  View Royal Council Meeting focusing on Rezoning for Choices until December 2017.
  • April 6: Attended  SJ Willis ANED Showcase and Sharing: “How did we meet our goals for weaving Aboriginal worldviews into the curriculum?”
  • April 10: Attended Aboriginal Nations Education Committee at Victoria Native Friendship Centre. Participated again  in round table review of Education Guide for Teachers, 3 years in development. Suggested ANEC develop a TOR as role has changed since initial coming together to develop LEA.
  • April 11: Attended second to last My Place Transitional Shelter (in old Boys and Girls Club building across from Central Middle School) meeting, chaired by Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Victoria City Councillor. Shelter closing May 31. Has been no further intake for some time;  housing is being found for all current residents. 200 plus or minus a few applications  to enter My Place and Choices outstanding. Hundreds more still on the street.
  • April 12: Attended James Bay Community School PAC.
  • April 13: Tour of Lansdowne Middle School with VP Paul Stevenson.
  • April 18: Tour of George Jay Elementary School with Principal Terri Smith.
  • April 19 : Attended Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee working meeting
  • April 20, 21, 22: Attended BC School Trustees Association  AGM in Richmond.
  • April 26: Scheduled to attend George Jay PAC
  • April 27: Scheduled to attend Saanich Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee, Saanich Municipal Hall.

 Ongoing: ANED reading  list: April, completed They Called Me Number One: Bev Sellars.

Bev Sellars’s bestselling memoir, They Called Me Number One, is a personal account of an important part of the colonial history of British Columbia told from a specific region in the province (Cariboo) and from a perspective uncommon to the general public, an Aboriginal woman who is also a community leader and successful politician. A third-generation Indian Residential School survivor, Sellers poignantly illustrates her personal struggles and those of her family and community, the Xat’sull (Soda Creek) First Nation in Williams Lake, with the structure of the Indian Residential School system and colonialism in general.

Nohr: (On video)
d) Paynter: (On video)

SD61 Board Bylaw 9368, Article 104.01 stipulates  considerations of motions from a committee as a group, unless a Trustee requests one to be severed from the group for consideration.

D.1 Education Policy and Directions Committee
Minutes April 3/17  info only Pp 13-16 agenda (will be reviewed and  amended / adopted next Ed Policy meeting). No quorum so no business decided.  Lined Paper report for that meeting here.

D.2  Operations Policy and Planning Committee
Minutes April 10/17: info only Pp 20-25 agenda (will be reviewed and  amended / adopted next OPP meeting) [P23, 24 my vote recorded incorrectly; will correct at next OPP meeting.]
Recommended motions: (Recommended to the Board because they  carried at the Standing Committee meeting) [Many job descriptions were over the years incorrectly placed in Policy.]

  • Watters: Sever i and iii for discussion.

i.That the Board authorize senior administration to engage with Anomura Housing Society to develop a feasibility study of land use with respect to the proposal for temporary social housing. / Carried. For: Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Paynter, Watters  Against: Ferris, Leonard, Orcherton   Abstain: Whiteaker 

  • Leonard: Motion to refer [postpone!] . district undergoing feasibility study of lands and holdings – wait until that’s done. / Defeated.
  • Paynter: No timeline for the motion; makes sense to move forward while Facilities is focussing on lands.
  • Watters: Timely to do it now, will learn more.
  • McNally: This consideration should be in the mix of variables as the district was forward with the review of lands.

ii. TTB approve the revised Bylaw 9360 Gen. Meeting of the Board to reflect the opportunity for stakeholder partners to comment (but not vote) on agenda items at Board of Education meetings. / Carried. Unanimous.
iii. TTB agree to give all three readings to Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board at this meeting. / Carried. Unanimous.
iv. That Bylaw 9360B read the first time, second time, third time, passed and adopted at this meeting. / Carried. Unanimous.
v. TTB direct the Superintendent to enhance the information available to the public and stakeholders about their role in voice at meetings, the ability to address address the Board and participate at Standing Committees as well as update the agenda package and information at the meeting itself, and improve the District website. / Carried. Unanimous.
vi. TTB direct the Superintendent to extend the timeline of the Public Engagement and Communications Committee to include the 2017 – 18 school year. / Carried. Unanimous. 
vii. TTB delete Policy 2123.040 Manager Building Operations. / Carried. Unanimous. 
viii.TTB  delete  Policy 2123.045 Supervisor of Maintenance. / Carried. Unanimous. 
ix. TTB delete Policy 2123.046 Supervisor of Construction. / Carried. Unanimous. 

E.1 Superintendent’s Report (P 17 agenda): Events, meetings attended. Attended BCSTA Conference, not AGM.
a) That the Board receive the Superintendent’s report  as presented./ Carried. Unanimous.
b) One Learning Community Ad Hoc Committee TOR (P 39 agenda) [Not posted on SD61 yet ]

  • Watters: Purpose is very broad. At meeting on March 13 talked about gender, inclusivity, code of conduct, dress codes – need to be discussed. Regarding membership, hoping students from the GSA will be invited. Important to include the right people at the right time.
  • Superintendent: Yes. Discussing beyond that as well.
  • Paynter:  Term “inclusive learning” not descriptive enough.
  • Superintendent: will add examples, and make the changes.

Consultation on rental fees: Superintendent will contact groups to share information and listen to concerns. Will keep Board updated.
d) Trustee Questions:

  1. Ferris: Would like update on Facilities Plan.
  • Facilities Director: Reorganization underway. CUPE declined participation in analysis of cleaning runs. 15 – 16 years since last review;  is overdue. Completed now. Assessed high or low re-provincial sq ft for cleaning runs. At or below in reference to 2014 report that CUPE mentioned. Reassessing and shifting cleaning, not losing cleaning. Same amount of cleaning into each school. Cleaning schedule is being developed. Standardized training being developed( has not been in place now)  cleaning checklists being developed. Schools to be visibly clean, and healthy clean. No job losses. Adding trades  positions that will be filled by existing facilities workers, preparing facilities for the future. Staff may not have same job but no one will lose their job. Improve Facilities going forward.

2. Paynter: Would like a link to efficiency report. Custodial services, an example of a cleaning run, and how amended.

  • Director of Facilities: Will provide that.

E.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (P 21): BCPSEA, BCTF and Provincial Government Have agreed to reincorporation of language previously struck from BCTF and local collective agreements. Class size and composition language requires additional classrooms in School District 61. In February child cares  located in schools were sent letters and put on notice for possible issues with space. Notice was given to leaseholders that created unusual situations. District is not funded by Ministry of Ed  to provide child care. Provincial agreement brought a few things that that were not  there before, for example  requirement for the best effort on the part of the district. The district has until  Friday to submit a plan to the Ministry. Trying to protect daycares on-site, while having conversations with GVTA re-sharing space.
 TTB receive  the Secretary-Treasurer’s report as presented./ Carried. Unanimous.
b) 2017-18 Capital Bylaw 2017-18 CPSD61-01 Capital Plan 2017/18 : TTB give all 3 readings at this meeting. / Carried. Unanimous. // Read 1st time, 2nd time, 3d time at this meeting. / Carried. Unanimous.
c) Reynolds Secondary Statutory Right of Way : TTB approve a statutory right of way for Telus. / Carried. Unanimous. // TTB agree to give all 3 readings at this meeting. / Carried. Unanimous. // Read 1st, second, 3d time at this meeting. [See agenda for original wording.] / Carried. Unanimous

  • Nohr: Will this be a cell tower?
  • Director of Facilities: The right of way is for Telus to put a peg in the ground for a guy wire.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: SD61 does not know if the structure will be a cell  tower.
  • McNally: Would like to know. the District WiFi committee had extensive discussions about possible dangers of cell towers especially for children and youth.   [All SD61 schools now have wifi.]
  • Director of Facilities: It is just for the existing pole.

F. QUESTION PERIOD: (Written, submitted in the meeting questions from the public / stakeholders): Tracy Frolek from Campus View OSC: Not knowing where decision is is leaving parents frustrated. What stage are we at?

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Once we have submitted plan to Ministry, we will know. Municipalities also have to sign off = extra layer of permissions.

    (report out after an in camera motion and majority vote in favour, to disclose to the public): None

    H.1 New Business

a) Watters: TTB refer all food and nutrition related policies and regulations, including Policy and Regulation 3313 School Meal Program and Policy and Regulation 6164.3 Consumption of Nutritious foods, to the Policy Sub-Committee for update and consolidation./ Carried. Unanimous.

b) Watters: TTB Direct the Superintendent to, in consultation with the Facilities Department, oversee the creation of a draft School Gardens and Landscaping Policy and Regulation that incorporates the existing Facilities Department Guideline Tree Planting, Landscaping, Equipment Placement and ensures that school gardens and landscaping projects are consistently supported across the district, and that the draft policy and regulation be brought back to the Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee. / Carried. For: Ferris, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker  Abstain: Leonard

  • Watters: Directed to Superintendent because more complex than the motion directed to Education Policy.

c) Watters: TTB direct the Superintendent to provide a report to the Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee on current practices and future directions for supporting gifted learners in our district, and recommendations for updating Policy 6142.05 Education of Students or Learners With Gifted Abilities accordingly.

d) Whiteaker: TTB reaffirm their endorsement of the $10 a Day Child Care Plan. / Whiteaker amended: Including early learning and child care to be brought under Ministry of Education, and a letter be written to Ministry of Education, Ministry of Children and Families, urging this change and the necessary capital investment to create childcare spaces on school district property, with the announced $7.5 billion federal funding./ Carried. Unanimous.


H.2 Notices of Motion [Heads up re motions coming to a following meeting; for 2012 -2014 term this  was a way to get motions on the public record as the then-Chair(s) often refused to accept  motions for the agenda,  and many perfectly in order motions were arbitrarily ruled “out of order”. That seems to have been cleared up now.]:

  • Whiteaker: Will bring motion re Trustee Reports.

I. Adjournment: 9:55 pm.

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