BC School Trustees Association AGM April 20-23 / 17: SD61 Board’s Two Motions

The official report post-AGM here.  Includes disposition of motions.  Since the SD61 Board majority did not  support my motion to leave the BCSTA, clearly it was time for the SD61 Board to get more involved.

From November 28 / 16 Board Meeting: McNally: That the Board instruct the Chair to prepare the necessary documents to effect withdrawal of this Board from the BCSTA as soon as possible. / Postponed until after meeting with BCSTA President Rezansoff (below). [Was later defeated at the Board table.] “The Minister of Education is enshrined in BCSTA Bylaws as the Honourary President . What does that say about BCSTA independence as an advocate for public education?  If this motion is defeated, I will bring a motion to the BCSTA AGM to end the status of the Minister as Honourary President.

Kudos to Trustee Ann Whiteaker who did the background research on the Honourary President motion, and then shepherded it through the BCSTA process to get it on the agenda.

From February 27/17 Board Meeting: Whiteaker: That the board provide the following motion to the BCSTA AGM: “That the BCSTA Board of Directors request the legislative committee (or other ad hoc committee) to review the BCSTA current bylaws to ensure they continue to best serve the membership and the organizational structure and bring any recommendations to the 2017 AGM.” / Carried. Unanimous.

Whiteaker’s motion “That the BCSTA urge government to bring Early Childhood Development and the appropriate for funding under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education was submitted late as an emergent motion, but was not accepted by the BCSTA Legislative Committee.







All motions on the AGM agenda:







All motions were dealt with by the end of Saturday’s session. Provincial Councillors (for SD61, Whiteaker) stay on for a Sunday session.







Two Trustees ran for President. Gordon Swan was elected.




Two candidates were nominated for Vice President, one being SD61 Trustee  Ann Whiteaker. Donna Sargent was elected.


VP Sargent


The Report on Proceedings document includes Branch Reports.

Vancouver Island (VISTA) Branch
2017-2018 Executive Committee:
• Eve Flynn, SD 69 (Qualicum) – Branch President/Treasurer
• Denise Riley, SD 62 – (Sooke) First Vice-President
• Candace Spilsbury, SD 79 (Cowichan Valley) – Second Vice-President
• Pam Craig, SD 70 (Alberni) – Secretary
Rob Paynter, SD 61 (Greater Victoria) – Communications Liaison (newly elected)
Jordan Watters, SD 61 (Greater Victoria) – BCSTA Professional Learning Committee representative (newly elected)
• Candace Spilsbury, SD 79 (Cowichan Valley) – BCSTA First Nations Committee
Since the BCSTA April 2016 Annual General meeting, VISTA Branch members have
participated in two professional development and business meetings.
Our fall 2016 gathering was held in the Sooke School District on September 30 – October
1, 2016. Our hosts featured two brand new secondary schools at Royal Bay and Belmont.
Our professional development programme featured the following:
• Joan Axford outlined assigning our vision with governance and finance
• Kathleen King-Hunt shared the strategies in schools with the Aboriginal
Education Elder Role model programme.
• Bryan Johnston walked through an elementary school wide process to revise/
rewrite their school code of conduct
• Student Support Services presentation on Mental Health Literacy
Our spring VISTA meeting was hosted by SD 70 (Alberni). On the Friday evening we were
honoured to have Don Avison, Ministry of Education and the Government Negotiator in
the First Nation Tripartite Education Agreements to review Aboriginal student success
and the key objectives for school districts to focus on going forward.
VISTA would like to thank Christine Younghusband for her support and participation in
our Branch initiatives. VISTA will continue to advocate for local and provincial issues
related to public education.
SUBMITTED BY: Eve Flynn, Branch President


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