Nov 6/17: Education Policy&Directions: Mental Health Services, Elementary School Counsellors

As I was on the ferry Monday night to Vancouver in order to participate in the BCSTA‘s Bylaws Review Committee the next day, I could not attend this Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee meeting. Looking through the agenda, there is a lot to be pleased about.

I’m still not used to hopes  being just hopes (expressed in many advocacy letters over years ). But with a new Minister of Education, and a provincial government in place that values public education,  and a District committed to equity, hopes can manifest –  maybe not all at once, but we’re on a better path for the present and the future now.

Letter of support for the Board and District’s SOGI initiatives. Trustee Jordan Waters has been a lead. (Apologies for the marks on the paper.)





The Board’s Ad Hoc Equity Committee supports the “Base + Model” in the slides below.

Equity Ad Hoc



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