April 23/18: Board Meeting: Dress Code & BC Education Funding Formula Review

Lined Paper is  my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and  Standing Committee meetings. ( Official, approved  minutes are on the SD61 website, one  month after the meeting. ) Motions may be shortened but retain essential info.

SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

District Strategic Plan here.

Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records  January 2012 – December 2017.  Motions may be shortened but retain essential information.

Elected Trustees: Leonard (1996), Ferris (1999), Orcherton (1999), Loring-Kuhanga (2011), McNally (2011), Nohr (2011), Paynter (2014),  Watters (2014), Whiteaker (2014)

P. 1 Backgrounder / Standing Committee Meetings 
P. 2. DPAC Constitution (more interesting than it sounds – each school PAC has its own but they apparently aren’t posted)

District Strategic Plan here.
Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records January 2012 – March 2018. Motions may be shortened but retain essential information.

Agenda here. 

Board Meeting April 23 2 / 18
Chair: Loring-Kuhanga
Present: Ferris (first elected 1999), Leonard (1996), Loring-Kuhanga by call in (2011), McNally (2011), Nohr (2011),  Orcherton (1999), Paynter (2014), Watters (2014), Whiteaker (2014)

Territory Acknowledgement900

A. A. 1 Agenda adopted. [Video of all Board meetings here.] A.2 Minutes March 12/18 and April 12 / 18 approved (here).  Lined Paper record here and here.  A.3 No Business Arising from minutes.
A.4 Student Achievement presentation: Carmen Gauvreau, South Park Family [Program of Choice] School : An Evolving Model of Inclusive Education”: School has Reading Recovery for struggling readers and writers, no grades. Presentation slides here. 

 No District Presentations.
A.6 Community Presentations
Bonnie Smith, Music in the Air / Music Everywhere: Schedule of performances here.  Almost in passing, Bonnie Smith [former music teacher of renown in SD61, now retired] mentioned that she and the co founder of the Cooper Smith Music Library would be handing over stewardship of the Library to Carolyn Howe, music teacher at South Park [also a director of the women’s choir Ensemble Laude].
b) Carolyn Howe, 2nd VP GVTA:

B. Correspondence :
Letter from Minister of Education re funding formula survey (P 14)

  • McNally: The Ministry didn’t ask for more names than the Chair to send this survey to, so only Chairs got it. This is not good enough for a major proposed change like the funding formula review. Re the mentioned participation in the Independent Review panel, only one Trustee was “allowed” to attend.

In the spirit of “it’s never too late”, opinions – and questions – this issue needs lots of questions since  information is scarce, though buzzwords aren’t – here:

  • Reg.Bawa@gov.bc.ca  Assistant Deputy Minister Resource management and Executive Financial Office Division, 250 356-1884
  • k12fundingreview@gov.bc.ca

Funding Model Review Process here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/administration/resource-management/k-12-funding-and-allocation/k-12-public-education-funding-model-review

  • ATA Blue Ribbon Panel Review of how Profile Funding (statistics based projections)  is working in Alberta
  • Wolf Creek School Division Superintendent’s media releases and interviews re actual students vs statistical profile, and funding shortfalls for students with exceptional needs 

b.2 Letter to Minster re Payroll Tax
b.3 Burnside Gorge Community Association Annual Report
b.4 Ministry of Education re 2016/17 Service Delivery Initiative Report : Key “opportunities” like the Attendance Support and Wellness Initiative, BC Education Marketplace, Employment Practices Liability program.

C. Trustee Reports
c.1 Chair’s Report: On video
c.2 McNally

April 2018 Trustee Report
Diane McNally, Trustee, SD61 Greater Victoria Board of Education

Much appreciation to Secretary Treasurer Walsh and Financial Services staff for Trustee information session Budget Background April 10 1-3 pm.
Participated in selection committee for new Associate Superintendent April 13. Congratulations Colin Roberts, currently Director of SD61 HR .

Community Liaison Assignments:


  • March 13 Central Middle School PAC. Presentation on childhood anxiety.
  • March 16 George Jay pole unveiling ceremony.
  • April 6 Vic High noon staff consultation meeting
  • April 7 community open house 12-3 pm
  • April 11 Vic High student open house
  • April 18 2nd Vic High community consultation open house 5-8 pm

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee : April 20 meeting continuing work of the committee
  • Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee: Attended April 4 meeting.

Aboriginal Nations Education Committee : April 12 meeting cancelled due to death of Esquimalt Nation Chief Andy Thomas. Next meeting TBA.

Trustee Professional Development / Related Community:

  • Attended April 5 SICORN (South Island Community Overdose Response Network) planning for Overdose Awareness Day; next meeting April 23
  • .April 10 first of 5 information sessions organized by Umbrella Society (providers of assistance for substance use disorders);l next meeting April 24
  • Yates Street “My Place” 2.0 version transitional home continues with  cohort of people from  First Met mats, which has opened up more mat spaces for people on the street. Community  meeting April 3. Current cohort at My Place expected to move into Mt Edwards approximately end of May when 2nd floor   Our Place seeking City permission to increase numbers to 60 at My Place. Shelter status may be ongoing as city has chosen different location for new Fire Hall.
  • “Choices” closed; residents now living in former Tally Ho.Next step BC Housing application for rezoning to View Royal Council;  if successful  would allow the Our Place Recovery Community plan (14-24 months, no substance use) to move forward. Sited on former YDC building, down Talcott Road from Eagleview School. Never any complaint from school in 2 years of operation as a transitional shelter (opened Feb 23/16) as Choices.

Trustee questions (to be presented in official question periods over the next few meetings)

  • What resources does SD61 have in place for children who are victims of familial sexual abuse? “…childhood sexual abuse was reported by 8% of people in Canada aged 15 and over.” And this is just the reports. A significant number of children don’t report, even as adult survivors. “Prevalence rates are difficult to determine with certainty. They are affected by different definitions of sexual abuse, different methodologies for collecting information (reported versus unreported), and different populations (children versus adult reports of child sexual abuse). “
  • Asking SD61 senior administration to refer to CPF 2009 document re Late Immersion in every discussion so of French Immersion directions in SD61 – Yes? No? [Should actually be the CPF BC and Yukon 2010 publication – my mistake]
  • Could the Parent Education Fund page be updated to show PAC projects for 2017-2018? // It’s there, just a bit hidden:  https://www.sd61.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/91/2018/03/PEF-Grant-Use-by-School.pdf
  • Could presentation material from senior administration be posted on the meeting agenda page before meetings so previewing is possible?

D. Board Committee Reports
D.1 Joint Education Policy & Directions / Operations Policy and Planning Committees : Ed Policy:

a. Minutes April 9 /18 info only (will be approved at next Ed Policy meeting). Lined Paper record of the meeting and debate here.
b. Recommended motions [Carried at Ed Policy meeting]

i. That the Board approve the 3 BAA courses Intro to Electronics/Electrical 10, Into to Auto Body 10, Junior Art Metal./ Carried. Unanimous.

  • McNally: Have not voted in favour of newly created BAA courses, but the infrastructure is set up for these and they have been courses offered as part of the curriculum. Recent provincial curriculum  revisions mean they can’t be part of the curriculum, so BAA is the only way to continue to utilize the infrastructure and to offer these courses. Will vote in favour. (Previous Lined Paper post on BAA here.)ii. That the Board endorse the priority areas of focus identified by the Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee and task that committee with developing action plans on each item to be brought back to a future Ed Policy & Directions meeting. / Carried.

D.2 Operations Planning and Policy Committee

a. Minutes March 16/18 information only [ Pp15-19; will be approved at next Operations meeting]  Lined Paper record of the meeting and debate  here.
b. Recommended motions: [Carried at Operations Standing Committee]

i. That the Board direct the Superintendent to create a report on the feasibility of the Lambrick Park Fieldhouse project and return the findings back to the Operations Policy and Planning Committee upon completion.
ii.That the Board approved Policy 5132 Student Dress Code and accept Regulation 5132 Student Dress Code. (P74-77) / Carried. For: Ferris, McNally, Nohr, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker Against: Leonard, Orcherton

  • Nohr: Doesn’t give any real guidance for parents or students. Distractions will happen.  Brains are not mature until 25. Can’s support. This has been a pre-determined outcome.
  • McNally: There are no parents here tonight. The great majority of parents support this. There has been public discussion and committee discussion over two years; far from pre-determined. It’s not done until the vote.
  • Watters: 16th public meeting on this.
  • Leonard: Children are more worldly now but not more mature.Can’t support this. Hoping the Superintendent will bring back to Board in a year & let Board now how this is working out.
  • Whiteaker: Thanks to all who worked on this and students who brought points of view. Personally was targeted as a young girl and still have feelings from those experiences.
  • Nohr: Seems strange that putting “respect” in the wording is seen as implying values. But it is a value, thinking about one another. What has become clear is conversations with students haven’t always been what we would have hoped. Have observed 90% of students dress ready for learning and presenting themselves as strong an confident, and some were  obviously vulnerable from the way they were dressed – need careful support.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: A bit broader than I had hoped but annual review is positive so can support this.

iii. That the Board approve changes to Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board (pp 78-84 agenda). / Carried. Unanimous
iv. Give all 3 readings of Bylaw 9360 General Meeting of the Board./ Carried. Unanimous.
v.  Bylaw 9360 Read 3 times. / Carried. Unanimous
vi. Support reinvigoration of Greater Victoria Foundation For Learning and support in principle the updated Bylaws of the Foundation./ Referred back for further work

  • Associate Superintendent Kitchen: A few changes have been made to the updated bylaws.
  • Whiteaker: Many questions remain.
  • Orcherton: which staff and costs required for support? Is a nest egg contemplated?
  • Secretary-Treasurer: The Foundation is in place. No vision that more staff would be needed then Superintendent and the two Trustees.
  • Deputy Superintendent: Have had previous experience with such a Foundation which used volunteers and ran well on that basis. At the end of four years was so successful hired a full-time person.
  • McNally: This is not the way a wealthy country like ours should fund critical public goods like hospitals and public education, with reliance on foundations, fund raising activities and philanthropists.
  • Ferris: Will cover serious any qualities that aren’t funded and probably never will be. A lot of interest in this. Will benefit students.
  • Nohr: Governments are dealing with huge deficits, can’t fund everything except in Utopian world.
  • Loring Kuhanga: School board doesn’t really have control over this foundation . Bylaws and regulations are confusing and unclear. Supposed to be under the auspices of SD 61.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Has to be separate from Board because has separate financial statements.
  • Loring-Kuhanga: Moved: Refer back to Superintendent, to bring back to June Operations Planning and Policy Committee. Carried. Against: Leonard Abstain: McNally [Not in favour of the Foundation at all.]

vii. Approve Technology Policy and Regulation (pp 113-145) / Carried unanimously as amended

  • Nohr: Suggest add to Regulation “personal safety as addressed in device manuals and personal safety in internet space“. (p 130) / Unanimous support.

viii.That the Operations Policy and Planning Committee send the draft submission to the Expert Panel on Funding Formula to April 23/18 Regular Board meeting. [“Placeholder” for discussion about sending the letter as is. (Pp 146-154)]

Decision to be made: Board send letter to Expert Panel in support of the funding formula. / Carried as amended below. For: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, Orcherton, Watters, Whiteaker   Against: McNally, Nohr, Paynter

  • McNally:
  • Howe, 2nd VP GVTA: GVTA FF 1


(Top sentence cut off: For years this has been a goal for public education. Targeted funds do not detract from a board’s ….”


  • Watters: Amendment: Accept #s 1,3,4,7,8,9,11 . / Carried. Unanimous.
  • Leonard: Some of the captions / quotes don’t add to the seriousness of the letter.
  • Leonard: #2 re funding private school funding  is a political statement and we should not  be doing that.
  • McNally: We are political . We were elected in a civic election. Political statements are exactly what we should be making.
  • Nohr: Rob [Fleming] made it clear the government would not be addressing this.
  • Orcherton: The Advocacy Committee is addressing this; might be a better place for the discussion.
  • Leave in: For: McNally, Paynter, Watters . Failed. 
  • #5: Pull #5 Support for new funding model
  • Orcherton: Targeted funding is not working
  • Whiteaker: Need changes. Comment by GVTA – expansion of funding categories – put that in. [Profile funding – where this is headed – is intended to do away with all Ministry categories.]
  • Ferris: Keep it in. Current model not working.
  • Deputy Superintendent: A lot of time needed to get designation. Profile funding is more big picture.
  • Nohr: Don’t know enough about it to support it. Which jurisdictions is it in now? Let’s have more long term evaluation.
  • Leonard: Add more categories.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: This model would not allow that, is against the concept.
  • Amendment:  Pull #5: Defeated. For: Leonard, McNally, Nohr  Against: Ferris,  Loring-Kuhanga, Orcherton, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker
  • McNally: Add to #6 :”provide needs based and adequate funding“. Defeated. For: Mcnally, Nohr
  • Watters: Amendment: Strike #10 (Seek Common Provincial Agreement).  / Carried. Against: Ferris

ix. Empower Superintendent to negotiate partnerships with childcare providers to apply for funding from Minister of Children & Families to build purpose built space on our sites with a space guarantee for 10 years less a day./ Carried. Unanimous.

E. District Leadership Team Reports:
a) Superintendent’s monthly report accepted. (P 156 agenda)
b) Amended 2018-19 Calendar
c. Trustee Questions: Television question: Deputy Supereintdent Green reports that schools i which tv is on in classrooms during lunch breaks will review the content being viewed and the practice.

E.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
a. Monthly Report: Accepted (p 159)
b. Capital Bylaw (P 162-163 lists projects at Shoreline & Mt Doug) / Carried. Unanimous.// Read 3 times. / Carried. Unanimous.

F.Question Period: None
G. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: None
H. New Business / Notices of Motion

H.1 New Business :
McNally: Write a letter of response to Ken Hill affirming out support for SOGI-related human rights in our policy and practice, using the SD69 letter as a template./ Withdrawn as SD61 Board letter has been sent (below).

From Ken Hill, Culture Guard supporter[This letter was sent  to all School Trustees in BC] :

At the very start of this email I want to sincerely thank you for your faithful service in the Greater Victoria school district.  Through your service you play a huge role in shaping the lives of our next generation and I know that you do not take this responsibility lightly. I expect that you have heard about SOGI 123, the anti-bullying program/resource that is sweeping across BC’s educational system.  Every responsible citizen wants to end bullying regardless of where it is found but SOGI 123 has a hidden agenda; to undermine the relationship of parents with their children, to undermine societal values, and to sexualize children.  SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) is designed to create societal confusion and upheaval.
What are children being taught?
The BC Teachers’ Federation endorses SOGI Education.  The SOGI Education curriculum section for grade 4/5 reads “This lesson will explore the difference between a person’s biological sex and their gender identity, and that gender roles and expectations are socially constructed, influenced by media and evolve or change over time. It highlights that everyone defines their own gender identity, and that this identity needs to be respected.” (https://bc.sogieducation.org/gender-identity-elementary-2)  Children, as young as those in kindergarten, are being told that gender is fluid.  In other words, your gender is not dependent on what parts you were born with but rather what you feel like in the moment – “There are people who are boys, there are people who are girls, there are people whose gender might be a little bit of both or might even be neither.”   The confusion thus created in young vulnerable minds is a leading factor in “gender identity disorder (gender dysphoria)” and the “remedy” being suggested to young adolescents is gender reassignment starting with puberty blocker medication.  This is a dangerous experiment.
Are parents aware or involved?
The BC School Act states that parents are entitled to be informed of a student’s behaviour and progress in school and that a parent may consult with school staff with respect to the student’s educational program. (www.bclaws.ca/Recon/document/ID/freeside/96412_02#section7)  In spite of these legal privileges that are granted to parents, the SOGI agenda uses “confidentiality” as grounds for not involving parents in this crucial part of their child’s education.   Since SOGI 123 has been brought in by stealth, the vast majority of parents are completely unaware of the SOGI 123 agenda and what children are being taught.  Morgane Oger , a transgender woman and vice-president of the BC NDP party says “Actually, in Canada the parent’s rights are limited and children’s rights are put ahead, so the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.”  SOGI 123 supporters want parents to take a back seat as sex activists steer the child’s education.  Parental rights are being ignored!  Parents and trustees should be alarmed!
SOGI 123 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
SOGI 123 was created by the ARC Foundation in collaboration with the BC Ministry of Education, BC Teachers’ Federation, UBC Faculty of Education, and local, national, and international LGBTQ community organizations.   ARC Foundation is associated with three organizations; Vancouver Queer Film Festival , Out in Schools, and Out on Screen.  All three promote gay porn, even in our school system.  Out in Schools doesn’t disagree that their program is a “guerilla marketing” tactic to get more children/students to attend the Queer Film Festival where they will be exposed to gay porn.
In many situations, gender reassignment is being offered as a “cure” for gender dysphoria, a condition that is being made more prevalent by SOGI 123’s teaching of gender fluidity.  I believe that great damage will be done to children.  If SOGI 123 came into our educational system on your watch and if you did not take a stand and say “No!”, then you could be held legally liable for the damage created in young lives.
Ms McNally, I am trusting that you will rise up, say “No!” to this nonsense, and do your part in protecting the children of our beautiful province.
If what I have presented here is unfamiliar to you or if you are sceptical, I would encourage you to responsibly seek out the truth.  A resource that you will find very informative is “SOGI Backgrounder” which you will find at http://www.cultureguard.com/2017/05/04/sogi-backgrounder/
I would appreciate hearing back from you.  Thank you,  Ken Hill

SD Response to K Hill Culture Guard

2018 04 20 Letter to Ken Hill re SOGIH2. Notices of Motion: None
I. Adjournment : 10:50 pm

I. Adjournment: 8. 50 pm

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