Month: July 2018

The BCSTA – Ministry of Education Memorandum of Understanding supposedly enshrines a “co-governance” relationship. The bottom line is, the Ministry is in charge. Under the previous provincial government that was very clear. I had hoped for better this time. And all the extra teachers? Thank  the BCTF.  But how will the new funding formula affect […]

    The K-12 public education landscape in SD61 today is complex with many factors and issues to consider. Please let me know what you see as priorities. Contact me at, Facebook at Diane McNally SD61 Greater Victoria School Trustee, and Twitter at @McNallySD61BC. I’m asking for your support to continue to work on your behalf […]

In  2016 students presented to an Education Policy and Directions meeting specifying  their disappointment with the changes Transit had made to student pass purchase. The cancellation of the $35-a-month youth pass, which could be bought for six or 12 months at a time, was among a number of changes announced by B.C. Transit in March. […]