“Co-Governance”: Not So “Co”

The BCSTA – Ministry of Education Memorandum of Understanding supposedly enshrines a “co-governance” relationship. The bottom line is, the Ministry is in charge. Under the previous provincial government that was very clear. I had hoped for better this time.

And all the extra teachers? Thank  the BCTF. 

But how will the new funding formula affect “composition” when every one is a “diverse learner”? “Build capacity” in teachers and EAs in stead of any new funding money? What I hear is teachers and EAs are at “capacity”.

The current funding model isn’t “broken”. It’s underfunded. No new money is coming into the system and the conversations about who needs funding are going to be a lot more difficult.

After three motions from three BC School Districts that carried at the BCSTA AGM asking for a slowdown and more comprehensive consultation on the new funding formula, a letter from  the BCSTA President in support, a letter from SD61 to the Minister (as a result  of my motion), and my personal letter asking for a slowdown on the implementation of the new funding formula as deep understanding across the education sector is lacking regarding the real implications for discussions about student needs and service and school based funding, this letter:

Bawa Loring-Kuhanga outgoing 1

Bawa Loring-Kuhanga outgoing 2


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