McNally Motions January 2012 – June end 2021

Civic elections for BC to be held October 20, 2018.

September 10 2018 Education Policy and Directions

  • McNally: That the Board direct the Superintendent to provide a monthly report to Trustees on students with special needs that specifies the number of incidents, as per each point: 1. Being asked to stay home 2. Being sent home 3. Being dropped off late and / or picked up early by busing services 4. Being excluded from field trips 5. Being sent out of the regular classroom  to the resource room, sensory / isolation room, or other space, if no breakout room is available./ Carried. Unanimous
    Rationale: These points have been developed by BC Ed Access, a  group of parents of children with special needs, with a membership of 1400 parents across province.(Their annual provincial conference is coming up in October and I will attend; you might want to as well. BC Ed access parents do say”special needs”, not “diverse learners”,  a term that  flattens the conversation.) These concerns are part of a survey to parents from that provincial parent group. Parents are having difficulty across the province getting information on these aspects of their children’s school day experiences and their overall education. Parents have also told me that their children are recorded as present for the day even if the student is sent home part way through the day or even soon after arrival at school. Parents are keeping these records even if districts and schools aren’t. Parents have also told me of their concerns that the special bus schedules curtail their child school day and contravene the minutes for education mandated in the School Act. Parents of children with special needs across BC fight for their children’s well being every day. They are exhausted. They want real information about their children’s experiences and have a hard time getting that they tell me. For anyone thinking “micromanagement”, adhering  to cockpit management concepts as presented to newbie trustees in the first BCSTA Academy I ever attended in 2012 – and that I never bought into – makes Trustees irrelevant . Current on twitter: Valerie Irvine, UVic Prof at TIE lab: ”  Sep 10 Replying to  : Wonderful news. Also, as a 61 parent, I have been forced to homeschool twice. There should be a mechanism to report and log within district when system is breaching human rights.”
    Trustees get data on school suspensions;  if we are not collecting this data for students with special needs we need  to start. Really, most of it is already in  schools. It’s  essential that trustees have access to our own District’s data to guide our decision making in regard to supports for inclusion – space, EA support, minutes of instruction, and provision of the most enabling learning environment for each student, in order to have fact based conversations with parents and the wider community, and in order to make informed decisions during budget deliberations regarding resource and money allocation. 

September 24 2018 Board meeting

  • McNally : That the Board of Education direct the Superintendent to distribute the BC Ed Access parent questionnaire for Trustees in a manner that does not create more than 2 hours work for any individual staff person and that the answers to the questions be provided to all Trustees at the October 22 Board meeting. (Orcherton: These questions are from the BCTF!) : The majority of Trustees wanted these questions to be part of a New Trustee Orientation. At least they’re on the record of the Board meeting.
    I welcome Tracy Humphreys of BC Ed Access, who developed these questions. They are all pertinent to our work in providing the best education experience for all our students. I tried to answer them all, and found I could not, so appealed to the Superintendent for answers as required by Bylaw 9222. Developing the answers will likely take more than 2 hours for one person, but if distributed, could come in under two hours for any one staff person. Some of the questions are obviously about individual philosophy of provision of education 7, 25, 26) and I would not expect staff to answer those.  These are questions that or community and parents have, and we should be able to answer them.  This is not “micromanaging”. Good governance is not possible with only abstract information. As well, if we are not currently tracking the information need to answer these questions, It’s likely that we should be. BC Ed Access suggests asking some of these questions of Trustees individually or at all candidates meetings. At this point I will have to say to quite a few of them, I’ve asked staff and am waiting for a reply. I am hoping that although the answers probably won’t be ready from staff in time for all candidates meetings – Oct 11 Vic High – at least I and all of us can say “the answers will be presented at the October Board meeting and will be on the public record”.

Oct 1/18 Ed Policy and Directions

  • No motions; presentation on counseling supports in SD61

Oct 9/18 Operations Policy and Planning
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  • Motion postponed from Sept 17/18: McNally: That the Board direct the Board Chair to write a letter of support to the City of Victoria for the Topaz Park Bike Skills Park. / Carried. Unanimous.

Oct 22/18 Board

  • (McNally) That the Board direct the Board Chair to write a letter of support to the City of Victoria for the Topaz Park Bike Skills Park.
  • McNally: That the Board direct the Superintendent to provide a report on #1 and #2 from the Nov 27, 2017 Ed Policy and Directions Committee meeting recommended motion (at D on that agenda) 1. The Whole School Service Delivery Model and a list of the schools that are participating   2. The status of and explanation of profile funding for students with Severe Behaviour and Mental Health designation Category H, along with provision of the district wide number for students in that category as a baseline for the 201819 school year.

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