McNally Motions January 2012 – January 2021


2021 January 4 Ed Policy and Directions

2021 January 11 Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee

H.NEW BUSINESS : McNally: That the Board  direct theSuperintendent to direct the Information Technology Department to set up submenus under the “Our District” menu, between “Provincial SchoolAct” and “Trustee Elections”, AND FURTHER That the Superintendent develop a protocol by the end of November2020 with staff that will ensure all public reports are placed in theappropriate file, following approval / receipt by the Board, the day after the meeting that approves / receives the report. // Defeated.

 Emergent Motion: McNally: That the Board direct the Superintendent to add the following to the District’s COVID plan: All students and staff are required to wear non-medical masks when physical distancing is not possible, with exemptions for those who are unable to wear them,and FURTHER, that the Board direct the Board Chair to write a letterto Dr. Henry expressing support for a broadened mask mandate for schools. // The Superintendent spoke against (see video record). GVTA Vice President Howe spoke in favour. // Defeated. For: Duncan, McNally, Paynter, Whitekaer   Against: Ferris, Hentze, Leonard, Painter, Watters

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