Oct 9/18: Operations Policy&Planning: Thetis Vale Catchment Review; Establish Aboriginal Ed Ad Hoc Committee

P1: Education Policy and Directions  Standing Committee Meeting notes

Elected Trustees: Leonard (1996), Ferris (1999), Orcherton (1999), Loring-Kuhanga (2011), McNally (2011), Nohr (2011), Paynter (2014),  Watters (2014), Whiteaker (2014)

New Board to be sworn in November 5: Preliminary results:

Whiteaker, Ann 23250 ​ Elected
McNally, Diane 22790 Elected
Leonard, Elaine 22676 Elected
Duncan, Nicole 21728 Elected
Watters, Jordan 20315 Elected
Paynter, Rob 20103  Elected
Ferris, Tom 19887 Elected
Painter, Ryan 18678 Elected
Hentze, Angie 16661 Elected

Lined Paper is  my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and  Standing Committee meetings. Official, approved  minutes are on the SD61 website, one  month after the meeting. Board meetings are video’d and audio recorded; Committee meetings are not.

SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

District Strategic Plan here. Soon to be reviewed.

Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records  January 2012 – June 2018. Motions may be shortened but retain essential information.

October 17/16 That the Board amend Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees to remove the words “with voting rights” from Item #4 and Item #5. / Carried. Unanimous.  // Allows  only members of the Standing Committee to vote on motions, though other Trustees, if they attend,  can participate in  the debate, as well as hearing vital information presentations. Some choose not to attend. The Chair of the Board is  ex officio member both Committees, with voting rights. Quorum is a majority of Trustee members on the committee ( ex officio not counted).

BOARD STANDING COMMITTEES 2018 (until November 5)
(Board Chair Loring-Kuhanga member both, ex officio, has vote, not counted for quorum)
Operations Policy&Planning Chair Watters; McNally, Leonard, Paynter
Ed Policy&Development: Chair Nohr; Ferris, Orcherton, Whiteaker

Operations Policy&Planning Standing Committee
Oct 22/18
Members: McNally,  Leonard, Paynter, Watters (chair) Loring-Kuhanga  (ex officio (vote but not counted for quorum)
Present: Leonard, McNally, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker
Not present: Ferris, Loring-Kuhanga,  Nohr, Orcherton

Territory Acknowledgement900

Dialogue with the public is welcome during Standing Committee Meetings.
No student rep yet.

1. Agenda adopted
2. Minutes Sept 17/18 approved with correction to vote at B. Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee: McNally did not support removing “Private School Funding ” as a committee priority.  See SD61 website for official minutes; Lined Paper report here. 
3.  Business Arising: None
4. Presentation to the Committee:
A. Thetis Vale Catchment Review: Ryan Slogotski :

  • Ryan Slogotski: Why can’t the Eagleview / Thetis Vale catchment be finalized as promised?
  • Superintendent: District has apologized. Was Piet’s [previous Superintendent] goal to bring this  to the Board and finalize. Baragar [District uses this software] data is one part of the data. No one boundary can change without looking at the whole. Some municipalities are planning a large builds  for families and have had to take that into account. Realize that the frustration from the Thetis Vale  community. Middle and secondary levels have impacts coming as well. Goal to be done by spring  2019 so all boundaries are finalized
  • Slogotski: Real estate developer; don’t really believe amount of development you’re thinking of  – it’s 5 – 10 x the realistic projection given construction and land costs.
  • Whiteaker: Be bold and decide.
  • Superintendent: The boundary committee put a letter out.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Survey questions are going to the parents this weekend.
  • McNally: What are the actual View Royal planning numbers?
  • Slogotski: Piet [Langstraat – former Superintendent] had those.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: The whole district needs to be considered not just View Royal.
  • Leonard: 20 years ago this would have been easier. I was here. We have to think 30 years out with developing new school buildings. Bigger issues than Thetis Vale.Thought of doing a one off, and found it’s not realistic. I don’t want to have to redo. Could do an arrangement for next year.
  • Paynter: Need  to consider safe routes to school that kids can bike and avoid Colwood Crawl. Should prioritize this.
  • Whiteaker: When is survey going out?
  • Associate Superintendent Roberts: Early November.
  • Watters: Probably won’t change much in regard to what was promised and where the final boundary is. Could do accommodation for elementary.
  • Whiteaker: What about accommodations for middle and high school re busing?

Discussion ended here.

5. Superintendent’s report:   Aboriginal Education Ad Hoc Committee:  (see Pp 8-9)Recommended motion [recommended by Associate Superintendent Roberts]:  That the Board  establish an Aboriginal Education Ad Hoc Committee for the purpose of developing an operational plan under Goal 2 of the District Strategic Plan to “Address the unique needs and build on the strengths of aboriginal learners”, and direct the Superintendent to recommend the composition of the committee and its terms of reference, with a view to bringing these recommendations to the November 13, 2018 Operations Policy and Planning Committee meeting. / Carried. Unanimous.

  • McNally: What are effects of Ministry no longer supporting development of Enhancement Agreements?
  • Superintendent: We still have ours and still use it; ANED supports it. Chair Loring-Kuhanga assisted with developing the Ad Hoc Committee structure. Aboriginal Nations Education Council sees 3 separate “houses”, and has been little communication amongst the houses. Work at this Committee would flow back to the “houses” and back to the Committee.
  • McNally: Parts played / involvement of local Nations and ANEC?
  • Associate Superintendent Roberts: Conversations in / among the 3 groups- a Songhees Nation proposal is much the same – wanted more of the Island nations . Difficult to determine Nation affiliation for many people. No direct meetings with Esquimalt Nation. New education liaison person meeting coming up with ANEC.
  • Paynter: ANEC’s role in influencing ANED?
  • Superintendent: Role of ANEC has changed. Original mandate no longer operational due to  the Ministry’s changes.
  • Robin Toczak, GVTA: TOR in the works looks like ANEC- is this replacing ANEC? [Superintendent: No]  Will a new Enhancement Agreement be created? Should have a teacher on the Committee.
  • McNally: A new Enhancement Agreement could be a task for ANEC.
  • Watters: Enhancement Agreement issue does need examination.
  • Whiteaker: Rep from VCPAC [SD61 DPAC] and student rep concerns me. Strike “VCPAC” and put “parent rep from Aboriginal  parents”” – probably not drawn from VCPAC. And specify Aboriginal student.
  • Leonard: Motion on the floor.
  • McNally: Would like teachers, CUPE 382, CUPE 947 on. 

6. Personnel items: None

7. Finance and Legal Affairs:
A.  Motion postponed from Sept 17/18: McNally: That the Board direct the Board Chair to write a letter of support to the City of Victoria for the Topaz Park Bike Skills Park. / Carried. Unanimous.

B. G-Suite / GAFE Program: Secretary-Treasurer: Information Pp 13-16 agenda: Presentation by SD61 IT Department staff.  G Suite free. [So are social media apps but at what hidden cost to the user?] Wide ranging discussion about privacy, data retention, other apps like Kurzweil, possible monitoring of student and teacher activity within G Suite, development of apps for students who do not consent to use G Suite, positive support from this app for students with executive function issues – parents can look at assignments at home, no more losing the papers –  great help for students catching up after absence, SD 61 IT had a specialty  K-2 company do a privacy audit , non identifiable account name can be provided if parent wants that for child.  IEPs  not done on G Suite. Data stored in US. Would parents readily consent if they knew that? Google can’t sell or use the data, no ads. Will teachers get help with G Suite? Teachers need specific training and support actively offered not just if a problem appears – should be proper inservice for GVTA – and not part of a staff meeting.

We are excited to launch our 4th annual Victoria Google Summit. This year, we are changing the name to better represent the variety of workshops that occur at the summit. This year the summit will be called the Tech for Learning Summit.
What is the Tech for Learning Summit?
On Nov 23rd and 24th, 2018, School District 61, 62 and 63 are co-hosting, along with the EdTechTeam, a Tech for Learning Summit at Oak Bay High School.

C. Recommended motion [recommended by Secretary-Treasurer]: That the Board postpone discussion regarding the Greater Victoria Foundation for Learning to the December 10, 2018 Operations Policy and Planning Committee meeting.

8. Facilities Planning:
A. Shoreline Wellness and Learning Hub : Deputy Superintendent Whitten: Information Pp 19-20

9. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: No In camera meeting preceding.
10. New Business:
A.Trustee Questions  : None
B. Motions:
No new

11. Notices of MotionNone [notice for an upcoming meeting]
12. General Announcements:None
13. Adjournment : 9:30 pm ish

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