October 22/18: Board Meeting:Aboriginal Education Ad Hoc Ctee; Physical Restraint; Student Ed Fund; “Whole School Delivery Model” & Profile Funding for Category H

Territory Acknowledgement900

Board Meeting  Oct 22 /18
Chair: Loring-Kuhanga
Present: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr,  Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker
Regrets: Orcherton

A. Commencement of Meeting
A. 1 Agenda adopted .  A.2 Minutes June Sept 24/18 approved with correction from Whiteaker: strike first paragraph under greater Victoria Foundation for Learning.    Lined Paper record here . A.3 Business Arising From the Minutes:None
A.4 Student Achievement presentation: Doncaster Elementary: Principal Brenna O’Connor, VP Jana Relf. Delightful video here.
A.5  District Presentations: Superintendent recognizes departing Trustees Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr, Orcherton. All 3 chose not to run in this recent election.
A.6 Community Presentations: None

B. Correspondence: None
C. Trustee Reports
C.1 Chair’s Report: Edith Loring Kuhanga served as the Chair of the SD61 Board of Education for the entire 4 year term 2014-2018. Her final speech is well worth listening to.
C.2 Trustees’ Reports
a) McNally: (verbal):
October 2018  Trustee Report
Diane McNally, Trustee, SD61 Greater Victoria Board of Education

Community Liaison Assignments:

Ad Hoc Committees : Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee : No meeting October. Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee: No meeting October.

Aboriginal Nations Education Committee : No meeting in October.

Trustee Professional Development / Related Community: Yates Street “My Place” 2.0 version transitional home by Central Middle School continues; residents  finding employment, housing, reconnecting with family. Resident  numbers holding at optimum 48.   Therapeutic Recovery Community: Attended Community Open House tour of building October 13. Intakes begin end of October!

D. Board Committee Reports
D.1  Education Policy & Directions
a. Minutes Oct 1 /18 info only (will be approved at next Ed Policy meeting). Lined Paper record of the meeting and debate here.
D.2 Operations Planning and Policy Committee
a. Minutes October 9/18 [information only Pp 21-26 – will be approved at next Operations meeting] . Lined Paper record of the meeting and debate here.
b. Recommended motions: [Carried at Operations Standing Committee]:All carried unanimously.

i.(Superintendent; p 18 agenda) That the Board  establish an Aboriginal Education Ad Hoc Committee for the purpose of developing an operational plan under Goal 2 of the District Strategic Plan to “Address the unique needs and build on the strengths of aboriginal learners”, and direct the Superintendent to recommend the composition of the committee and its terms of reference, with a view to bringing these recommendations to the November 13, 2018 Operations Policy and Planning Committee meeting. 

  • Jason Gammon, GVTA President: Add to TOR  3 representatives from the GVTA – elementary, middle, high school . Concerned with “or” re representative from Metis Nation / Victoria Native Friendship Centre. Those are two distinct entities.

ii. (McNally) That the Board direct the Board Chair to write a letter of support to the City of Victoria for the Topaz Park Bike Skills Park.
iii. (Secretary-Treasurer)That the Board postpone discussion regarding the Greater Victoria Foundation for Learning to the December 10, 2018 Operations Policy and Planning Committee meeting.

E. District Leadership Team Reports:
E.1  a) Superintendent’s monthly report accepted.
b) Regulation 6164.03 Physical Restraint and Seclusion update (P 26-35 agenda ):  Regulations are developed and updated by staff. This fall the Ministry of Education released Provincial  Guidelines for Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings (2015). Boards of Education were directed to refine local policies ad create standards that align with provincial guidelines, to be submitted by October 31/18 and implemented  by December 31/18.

  • McNally: Are there right now appropriate spaces for this in every school? I have a reliable report that at one SD61 school a student  was put in a bathroom – the only space available – and the  door was held closed by two support staff. This is absolutely not okay  in any way. I was recently at the BC Ed Access conference and heard a speaker on the daily retraumatization of students with special needs who are barely coping or not at all coping because of the systemic issue of underfunding which creates lack of support and lack of specifically educated support. When I worked as an Education Assistant supporting students with special needs many years ago I was directed to put a student in seclusion. It was a experience I still remember. It never had the desired result and I am left with upsetting  memories of having complied. We need to do better for students with needs for support.
  • Deb Whitten, Associate Superintendent: Currently doing an inventory of spaces, and will provide an update in November  re spaces and timeline.
  • Nohr: Was this based on language from other Districts?
  • Whitten: Mostly based on the Ministry Guidelines.
  • Nohr: Why is it not required to note in a student’s IEP that restraint has been used before as is the case with seclusion?
  • Whitten: Restraint wouldn’t be part of a plan, would be simply a response to incident. Hopeful that it can be precluded.

c) Trustee Questions

  •  McNally: Is streaming video of Board meetings still under consideration? A: (Director of IT) Yes, but will be last thing implemented as the Board gets used to new meeting recording software and hardware which will be implemented asap.
  • McNally:  Could the Board have a reporting chart of administrative positions including Superintendent, Associates, Superintendents of anything and Directors of anything? (Got one of most senior admin by roles but that’s about 6 people.) A: (Superintendent): I’ll try.
  • Nohr: Schedule for Boundary Review Committee available? A: (Associate Superintendent Roberts): Senior admin meeting 1 or 2x a week, a subcommittee is meeting daily. / Secretary-Treasurer: This will be a standing item on the OPPS agenda until it is done.
  • Paynter: How did District 62 Sooke manage to get EAs 30 hours? Want information on how that was done, and  look into that in SD61.

E.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: 
a) Monthly Report: Accepted.
b) Enrolment Update: 1000 more students than last year. Positive effect overall on structural deficit.

F. (Public) Question Period: None
G. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items: Discussed Police Liaison in Schools report.
H. New Business / Notices of Motion: Leonard:a) referred to OPPS , and b) to Ed Policy and  Directions, November or December. / Referral carried. Unanimous.
Whiteaker: That the Board create a Student Education Fund similar to the Parent Education Fund to  support student led educational events in our district. Further, and [sic] that an Ad Hoc Committee be created to establish the process, criteria and distribution of the fund and report back to the Board for final approval. 
b) McNally: That the Board direct the Superintendent to provide a report on #1 and #2 from the Nov 27, 2017 Ed Policy and Directions Committee meeting recommended motion (at D on that agenda) 1. The Whole School Service Delivery Model and a list of the schools that are participating   2. The status of and explanation of profile funding for students with Severe Behaviour and Mental Health designation Category H, along with provision of the district wide number for students in that category as a baseline for the 201819 school year. [ See D here for Category H descriptors.]

H.2 Notices of Motion: None
I. Adjournment: 8:45 pm

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