Nov 5/18: Inaugural Board Meeting SD61

I’m pleased to have been elected Vice Chair of this new Board! The Chair said it all in her acceptance speech, and I will support all she said.  I add that I am honoured that I have your confidence in me for  this position of service to the Board, to the District and our stakeholders and partners, and service to public education, a public good that I highly value.

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5. Swearing In Ceremony: The Honourable Ms. Linda Mrozinski swears in Trustees one by one.

  • The Honourable Ms Lisa Mrozinski: Is it “White Acre” or  “Whitta Ker”?
  • Whiteaker: Either one, doesn’t matter, all the same.
  • Hon. Ms Mrozinski: It does mater for the oath.I have to get it right.
  • Whiteaker: Doesn’t matter.
  • McNally, Watters, others in chorus: It’s “Whitta Ker”!

6. Election of Chair:  secret ballot but when no clear winner, vote numbers read out:

  • Nominated and accepted nomination: Ferris 4, McNally 2, Watters 3. McNally withdraws. Ferris & Watters = Chair  Watters.

7. Election of Vice Chair: 

  • Nominated and all accepted: Ferris 2, McNally 3, Paynter 2, Whiteaker 2. Paynter withdraws. Ferris 2 McNally 4, Whiteaker 3.  Ferris withdraws. McNally & Whiteaker = McNally vice Chair.

8. Election  of BCPSEA representative: Nominated: Whiteaker declined), Paynter,  Painter. Paynter elected.

9. Election of BCSTA representative: Nominated: Whiteaker (declined), Duncan, Painter. Duncan elected.

10. Standing Committee membership approved by motion and  vote (new process):

  • Education Policy and Directions: Duncan, Ferris, McNally, Painter; Chair ex officio, vote but not counted for quorum. Chair: Nominated: Duncan, Painter. Elected by secret ballot (new process): Duncan.
  • Operations Policy and Planning: Hentze, Leonard, Paynter, Whiteaker; Chair ex officio, vote but not counted for quorum. Chair: Nominated: Whiteaker (declined), Paynter, Leonard. Elected by secret ballot: Paynter.

New Board

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