Dec 17/18: Board Meeting: Spectrum School Field, ADHD Designation, Esquimalt High Field, Promotional Material in Schools

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Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records  January 2012 – June 2018. Motions may be shortened but retain essential information. Separate post lists my motions.

SD61 Board of Education: Duncan (2018), Leonard (1996), Ferris (1999),  Hentze (2018), McNally (2011), Painter (2018), Paynter (2014),  Watters (2014), Whiteaker (2014)

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Board Meeting  Dec 17 /18
Chair: Watters

Territory Acknowledgement900

My question from Trustee Questions October Board meetingQ: Could the Board have a reporting chart of administrative positions including Superintendent, Associates, Superintendents of anything and Directors of anything? (Got one of most senior admin by roles but that’s about 6 people.) A: (Superintendent): I’ll try.Reporting org chart November 2 2018 Trustee Memo

Meeting video here.

A. Agenda adopted with addition at A.6 c    Minutes Nov 26  approved. Lined Paper record here. Business arising: None. Student Achievement Presentation: None.District Presentations: None.

A. 6. Community Presentations
Dean Fortin, Pacifica Housing: Positive remarks about Pacifica Housing project partnership with SD61 (video)
b) Audrey Smith, Spectrum Community School PAC [see 4.A here]
c) Jed Hyde, parent: Potential Closure of Arbutus Program; Request to keep it open. His son Noah would benefit. Noah has Dravet Syndrome.Mr. Hyde told the Board that his son’s inclusion was not really difficult at Oaklands for K-5,  but as peers grew older the gap widened  and Noah dreaded going to school.  Mr. Hyde asks for the program to remain open as it would be the best option for Noah, with a good ratio of staff: students, a program that includes swimming, music therapy, life skills, and which provides a home base with familiar peers. Not looking forward to high school with an assortment of EAs, no home base. This will not be a benefit for Noah. Asking for reinstatement of programs that have been cut.[Second parent from that program requesting this option, and other parents of children and youth in District programs serving students with low incidence designations have asked that programs not be closed; most have been.]

Dravet syndrome is a rare, catastrophic, lifelong form of epilepsy that begins in the first year of life with frequent and/or prolonged seizures. Previously known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), it affects 1:15,700 individuals, 80% of whom have a mutation in their SCN1A gene [1]. While seizures persist, other comorbidities such as developmental delay and abnormal EEGs are often not evident until the second or third year of life.

B: Correspondence:None

C. Chair’s Report, Trustee Reports, Trustee Assignments:
C.1 Chair’s Report
(on video): Correction by Duncan – was present at Dec 4 Finances orientation  meeting.(P 14 agenda)
C.2 Trustees’ Reports

November 2018  Trustee Report
Diane McNally, Trustee, SD61 Greater Victoria Board of Education

Community Liaison Assignments: Met with View Royal Mayor David Screech. Yet to meet with Highlands mayor.
Ad Hoc Committees: Policy Committee met December 10 to set priorities.
Motions: My motion to develop Policy on the care of animals in classrooms has been referred back to the Policy Committee by Board motion for another review of the policy that was developed, in the context of the invited recent stakeholder feedback.
Schools:  Dec 5 Arbutus Middle School Poinsettia concert / Dec 17 Campus View classroom event / Dec 19 Campus View primary winter concert / Dec 20 Frank Hobbs winter concert
Aboriginal Nations Education Committee: The Committee met November 19. Several new members, many former members. ANEC has developed its own TOR, a long term project,  but  because of other issues to be discussed, did not have time to address the TOR. Next meeting January 21, Victoria Native Friendship Centre Board Room 3:30 – 5.
Trustee Professional Development / Community:

  • Attended staff-developed orientation sessions (not compulsory; not all Trustees attended) for all, especially new, Trustees: Nov 17 all day, general orientation / Nov 20 5-6:30 Strategic Plan , Operational Plans, Board work outline / Dec 4 5 – 6:30 Finance / Dec 8 9-noon Facilities Review, Seismic, Boundary Review / Tues Dec 11 5-6:30 Human Resources. (Last presentation Jan 8 506:30 Education Update)
  • Nov 28 AVI AGM and harm reduction presentation by Mary Lou Gagnon, UVic Nursing
  • Attended BCSTA Academy November 29 – Dec 1, Vancouver / VISTA meeting.
  • Dec 4 Yates Street “My Place” 2.0 version transitional home community meeting across street from Central Middle School. Continues to serve homeless people in transition to housing; 16 emergency weather protocol mats on top floor.
  • Dec 11 Therapeutic Recovery Community, View Royal, Talcott Road near Eagleview School: Attended Community Advisory meeting Dec 11. Committee will meet every 2 months now that the facility is operational with 10 residents and recovery program is underway. No community issues. Will gradually increase intake to full capacity.
  • Dec 18 South Island Consortium of Overdose Responders Network: special presentation on legalization, Scott Bernstein, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

C.3 Trustee Representative Reports
Duncan: BCSTA (Pp 16-24 agenda)

D. Board Committee Reports:
D.1: Ed Policy:
Minutes Dec 3/18, information only [to be approved at next Ed Policy meeting]; Lined Paper report here.
b) Recommended motion (recommended by the Committee as it carried by majority vote in that meeting): (Painter) That the Board direct the Chair to write a letter to the Minister of Education requesting a timeline on when the Minister will add ADHD as a stand-alone designation i special education in order to streamline receiving accommodations and IEPs. [See B. a) and C.6 here] / Carried. For: Duncan, Hentze, McNally, Painter, Paynter  Against: Ferris, Leonard, Watters, Whiteaker

  • Painter: ADHD is a mental condition not behavioral. Have heard from Sandra Goth , a parent, this evening. Hoping this request to the Minister will move beyond SD61.Helping these students get IEPs and a stand alone designation doesn’t preclude help for other students with eg FASD. Our job is to be advocates.
  • Ferris: Sympathetic but this isn’t aligned with our strategic plan.
  • Whiteaker: Agree with Ferris. A stand alone designation won’t help. Can get an IEP without a designation. BCCPAC has brought a motion for the Minister to review all designations. ADHD is often see as a North American problem – in other places [which other places?] people with ADHD aren’t seen as that, it’s just who they are. This will pull support from kids who have real medical diagnoses.I love these people and don’t want to change them.
  • McNally: Supporting vulnerable students is certainly part of our strategic plan. And the idea is that the Ministry will add funding to support students, as clearly that is needed – it’s apparent in every school. We’ve heard from many parents, teachers and EAs who have made that case.
  • Leonard: Not clear what would be gained from this motion.Confusing what we’re asking the Minister to do. Singling out one condition? Maybe a review of all designations.
  • Paynter: Straightforward request – mystified how that goes to an overhaul of the Manual of Special Education. ADHD is classified under Learning Disabilities . Some familiarity with testing for LD. ADHD different from LD. LD not attentional but is a processing issue.This is an existing commitment. Only question is, what is the timeline for implementation? Providing an IEP is not changing how the student behaves or changing who the student is.
  • Painter: A commitment has been made; this is a simple request.Correlation between not providing support to students with ADHD while in school and prison – 26% of prison population reported to have ADHD. [Could be higher than 26%.]
  • Gammon (GVTA): Perhaps reconsider some of the content of the letter of support this Board sent to the Ministry in support of profile funding, in light of passing this motion.

D.2 Operations Policy and Planning Committee
a) Minutes Dec 10/18 information only [to be approved at next Ed Policy meeting]; Lined Paper report here.
Recommended motions (recommended by the Committee as it carried by majority vote in that meeting):

i.Board approve feasibility study for all -weather turf field and pop-up ice rink at the Spectrum Community School site by the school’s STAR committee at not cost to the Board. / Carried. For: Duncan, Hentze, McNally, Painter, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker  Against: Ferris, Leonard

  • Leonard: Saanich doing a feasibility study for a rink and will be done by march. Mayor said “expensive to run a rink”. Will Saanich even support this? Move to postpone the Spectrum feasibility study until Saanich’s results are in, after March OPPS.
  • Painter: Hentze and Painter meeting soon with Saanich mayor as Board municipal reps. Will bring up this rink then. Trust the work and intentions of the Spectrum committee; proceed with that study.
  • Whiteaker: This group wants to do feasibility study and will find out about Sanich’s position as they proceed.
  • Motion to postpone:/  Defeated. For: Ferris, Leonard  Against: Duncan, Hentze, McNally, Painter, Paynter, Watters, Whiteaker
  • Ferris: Amendment: Separate the two parts, field and ice rink./ Defeated.

ii. Board approve revised theatre rental rates./ Carried. Unanimous.

iii. Board direct the Superintendent to engage wit the appropriate partners to create a draft Memorandum of Understanding for the Esquimalt High Turf Field that may be included in a a joint grant application submission for funds for the project and that a final agreement be brought back to the Board for approval following the success of the funding application./ Carried. Unanimous.

E. District Leadership Team Reports
E.1 Superintendent’s Report:
a) Board receive Superintendent’s Report as presented. / Carried. Unanimous.
b) Promotional Materials in Schools: Recommended motion (recommended by senior administration): That the Board task the One Learning Community Ad Hoc Committee to review relevant Board Policy, regulations and procedures , recommend appropriate changes, if any, and create a procedure for the Administrative Procedures Manual that will provide guidance on promotional materials within schools.

  • Gammon: A letter was sent to the Board from a teacher in regard to promotional material  in a school. The GVTA sent a letter of retraction. Suggest after “on”, add distribution of racist or stereotypical materials.
  • Duncan: The review was intended to be more general and will include those issues.
  • Painter: Not to Policy subcommittee?
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Policy Committee is more a triage situation- this one will have a lot of consultation before going forward.

c) Trustee Questions:

1.4 questions from Painter: What are hours spent in each of the Victoria and Esquimalt Schools by [Police] Liaison officers? What is the District plan t fill the gap left by absence of PLOs? Do we track children pulled out of school and homeschooled or out into another school program? If we track locally, do we have a method of followup in the event a child isn’t enrolled in homeschooling or some other school program?

  • Gammon: Would like to get PLOs back.
  • Superintendent: Different hours in different schools. There is a plan in schools if they are no longer there, and former liaison officers can come in on request if they have time.We do have followup to new Dist5icts, with some delays. Sometimes students are not registered in another system, or parents may have cancelled any way to contact them; may contact MCFD if previous concerns. It is possible for students to disappear.
  • Whiteaker: How  many days of absence before a check in by the school? We need followup; will likely be recommendations coming out of the RCY report. January supposed to get a statement from Provincial Police Services, so encourage PACs to write to PPS and to VicPD, City of Victoria and Esquimalt.
  • Superintendent: Staff look at patterns of absence and call home if concerns. Can be difficult to make that contact.
  • Paynter: Educational neglect is not an actionable MCFD case / scenario.

2. Paynter: When will we hear back about the Codes of Conduct review?

  • Superintendent: Have asked team to pull in codes of conduct and checking those posted – will bring back in January.

E.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
Board receive as presented. / Carried. Unanimous.

F. Question Period: No questions from the public.
G. Public Disclosure of In Camera Items [Any disclosure needs a motion supported by a majority vote]: None

H. New Business / Notices of Motion
H.1 New Business
a) Painter: Board direct Chair to appoint a school trustee rep to the Committee to Promote Cost-Effective Prevention Interventions. / Withdrawn.

  • Painter: Committee came about from consultation with an economist n Oak Bay – action is to reinstate funding for local action teams – Doctors of BC.
  • Whiteaker: Many of us sit on committees an not as appointed by Board – if you are speaking for the Board then need to be appointed, but does this one need an official appointment?
  • McNally: Bring to a standing committee with more information and meanwhile just attend on your own interest if you want to.

H.2 Notices of Motion [for future meeting] : None
I. Adjournment : 9:03 pm


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