Month: January 2019

There is concern being expressed about changes being made that impact current students and their ability to reach their goals. While we appreciate the effort of The Board of Education and District staff to include a consultation process in many things it appears that some changes with less students affected do not seem to getting the same level of consultation or community input.

      Directed to remove post. Done. McNally: (For Monday Jan 29 8 Board meeting agenda, new business.   That the Superintendent provide a report to the Education Policy and Directions Committee on February 4 that clarifies a)which District programs have been closed,   b) which are still open,  c) the 2019-2020 future of any district program still […]

Yvonne Blomer is a parent of a 12 year old boy with exceptional needs for support who attends school in School District 61 Greater Victoria . Yvonne is a former poet laureate of the City of Victoria. Article reprinted with permission from Yvonne and Island Parent, where you can find the article in the January […]

For those who have read this blog since I started it in 2012, thanks for your interest in public education and in SD61 Greater Victoria. Board processes are much more transparent and understandable now than when I started this blog as a new trustee. Votes are now recorded for accountability to you. Bringing that change […]